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Ken Kesey
“The stars up close to the moon were pale; they got brighter and braver the farther they got out of the circle of light ruled by the giant moon”
Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

“Emotion is ‘recognition’. When treasured moments are identified in the jungle of our personal history during a visual or aural encounter, we capture magic sparks from our past, arousing flashes of insight and revealing an inner flare. These instants of recognition may kindle enthralling emotion and fulfilling inspiration. (“Those journeys of love”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Joshua Foer
“As bad as we are at remembering names and phone numbers and word-for-word instructions from our colleagues, we have really exceptional visual and spatial memories.”
Joshua Foer, Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

Alain de Botton
“[Donald] Keene observed [in a book entitled The Pleasures of Japanese Literature, 1988] that the Japanese sense of beauty has long sharply differed from its Western counterpart: it has been dominated by a love of irregularity rather than symmetry, the impermanent rather than the eternal and the simple rather than the ornate. The reason owes nothing to climate or genetics, added Keene, but is the result of the actions of writers, painters and theorists, who had actively shaped the sense of beauty of their nation.

Contrary to the Romantic belief that we each settle naturally on a fitting idea of beauty, it seems that our visual and emotional faculties in fact need constant external guidance to help them decide what they should take note of and appreciate. 'Culture' is the word we have assigned to the force that assists us in identifying which of our many sensations we should focus on and apportion value to.”
Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

“I am the Constellation of my own”
Oksana Rus

John Updike
“On the single strand of wire strung to bring our house electricity, grackles and starlings neatly punctuated an invisible sentence.”
John Updike

Leigh Bardugo
“Inej cast a meaningful glance at his cane. "Have a long trip down," she said, then leapt onto the banister, sliding from one flight to the next, slick as butter in a pan.”
Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

James Lee Schmidt
“A picture is worth a thousand words, but the way I paint I'm going to need to contact an editor. Even if I were to abstractly paint the phrase "I love you," it would be the visual equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.
-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod Kintz”
James Lee Schmidt, liQUID PROse QUOtes

Sally Gardner
“In another country where the buildings don't stop rising until they pinthe clouds to the sky.”
Sally Gardner, Maggot Moon

Shannon L. Alder
“Your expectations of other people should never be greater than what you expect of God. Why is it that you can patiently wait for him to make your life better, but you won't consider he is patiently waiting for you to be better?”
Shannon L. Alder

Elizabeth Strout
“the tall white windmills that came to her mind. How their skinny long arms all turned, but never together, except for just once in a while two of them would be turning the same way, their arms poised at the same place in the sky.”
Elizabeth Strout, Anything Is Possible

Michael Finkel
“His chief form of entertainment was reading. The last moments he was in a cabin were usually spent scanning bookshelves and nightstands. The life inside a book always felt welcoming to Knight. It pressed no demands on him, while the world of actual human interactions was so complex. Conversations between people can move like tennis games, swift and unpredictable. There are constant subtle visual and verbal cues, there's innuendo, sarcasm, body language, tone. Everyone occasionally fumbles an encounter, a victim of social clumsiness. It's part of being human.
To Knight, it all felt impossible. His engagement with the written word might have been the closest he could come to genuine human encounters. The stretch of days between thieving raids allowed him to tumble into the pages, and if he felt transported he could float in bookworld, undisturbed, for as long as he pleased.”
Michael Finkel, The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Wearing: shorts + a jersey = a visual oxymoron.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Adele Devine
“We know that children with autism like order, that they are often very visual and that they can be quite literal. They deserve beautiful resources and symbols that make sense. If a picture does not explain visually, it is pointless and the child will stop looking to the pictures for information.”
Adele Devine, Colour Coding for Learners with Autism: A Resource Book for Creating Meaning through Colour at Home and School

Douglas R. Hofstadter
“I am a lifelong lover of form–content interplay, and this book is no exception. As with several of my previous books, I have had the chance to typeset it down to the finest level of detail, and my quest for visual elegance on each page has had countless repercussions on how I phrase my ideas. To some this may sound like the tail wagging the dog, but I think that attention to form improves anyone’s writing. I hope that reading this book not only is stimulating intellectually but also is a pleasant visual experience.”
Douglas Hofstadter

“An experiment had students rate lecturing professors with the sound off. Their ratings closely mirrored evaluations of students who went through the courses with the same professors.”
David Urso

Harold Holzer
“I have not done enough for effect." Horace Greeley”
Harold Holzer, Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion

Andrew Holleran
“Never forget that all these people are primarily a visual people. They are designers, window dressers, models, photographers, graphic artists. They design the windows at Saks. Do you understand? They are a visual people, and they value the eye, and their sins, as Saint Augustine said, are the sins of the eye. And being people who live on the surface of the eye, they cannot be expected to have minds or hearts. It sounds absurd but it’s that simple. Everything is beautiful here, and that is all it is: beautiful. Do not expect anything else, do not expect nourishment for anything but your eye—and you will handle it all beautifully. You will know exactly what you are dealing with.”
Andrew Holleran, Dancer from the Dance

“Most people find it difficult to understand purely verbal concepts. [...] We employ visual and spatial metaphors for a great many everyday expressions [...] We are so visually biased that we call our wisest men visionaries!”
McLuhan Marshal

“You know what I'm sick of? Using my brain. All day long it's people and words and stress and meetings and books that you don't remember you're not really into until you open them on the train home and compromise and sometimes I just want to look at a picture of a dress. Followed by a picture of some cupcakes. And then a kitten.”
Robyn Wilder

Eric Jerome Dickey
“The gun was in Mrs. Jones's left hand. She put her right hand behind her, between my legs, then held on to my cock like it was a leash.”
Eric Jerome Dickey, Finding Gideon

Rawi Hage
“The visual and the popular are essential.”
Rawi Hage, Carnival

Anupama Garg
“A strong visual imagination acts as a magnet to draw the visualised into reality.”
Anupama Garg, The Tantric Curse

Brandon Villasenor
“Take things into your own hands,
first off your hypnotic mind gazing back at all that's happened. Unlearn, speak up and
your will is on the line every lifetime.
Don't intrust authority, even your own.”
Brandon Villasenor, Prima Materia

Neil Leckman
“When you ask someone, "Can you see what I'm saying?"
They reply, "Huh?"
They are visually deaf and some adjustment may need to be made. Mother mother believed a good smack against the back of the skull helps. Unsure about that one!!”
Neil Leckman