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Lauren Oliver
“You can't be happy unless you're unhappy sometimes".”
Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Edgar Allan Poe
“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.”
Edgar Allan Poe

John Steinbeck
“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Neil Gaiman
“Adventures are all very well in their place, but there's a lot to be said for regular meals and freedom from pain.”
Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Sarah Dessen
“But if everything was always smooth and perfect, you'd get too used to that, you know? You have to have a little bit of disorganization now and then. Otherwise, you'll never really enjoy it when things go right.”
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

Jodi Picoult
“You couldn't have strength without weakness, you couldn't have light without dark, you couldn't have love without loss”
Jodi Picoult, The Tenth Circle

Stephenie Meyer
“Perhaps without the lows, the highs could not be reached.”
Stephenie Meyer, The Host

Libba Bray
“Because you don't notice the light without a bit of shadow. Everything has both dark and light. You have to play with it till you get it exactly right.”
Libba Bray, A Great and Terrible Beauty

“It takes darkness to be aware of the light.”
Treasure Tatum

Vera Nazarian
“The desert and the ocean are realms of desolation on the surface.

The desert is a place of bones, where the innards are turned out, to desiccate into dust.

The ocean is a place of skin, rich outer membranes hiding thick juicy insides, laden with the soup of being.

Inside out and outside in. These are worlds of things that implode or explode, and the only catalyst that determines the direction of eco-movement is the balance of water.

Both worlds are deceptive, dangerous. Both, seething with hidden life.

The only veil that stands between perception of what is underneath the desolate surface is your courage.

Dare to breach the surface and sink.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“But I suppose you must touch life in order to spring from it.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night

Sigmund Freud
“We are so constituted that we can gain intense pleasure only from the contrast, and only very little from the condition itself.”
Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

Chris Crutcher
“Nothing exists without its opposite.”
Chris Crutcher, Whale Talk

“Red was ruby, green was fluorescent, yellow was simply incandescent. Color was life. Color was everything.
Color, you see, was the universal sign of magic.”
Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore

Santiago Ramón y Cajal
“Heroes and scholars represent the opposite extremes... The scholar struggles for the benefit of all humanity, sometimes to reduce physical effort, sometimes to reduce pain, and sometimes to postpone death, or at least render it more bearable. In contrast, the patriot sacrifices a rather substantial part of humanity for the sake of his own prestige. His statue is always erected on a pedestal of ruins and corpses... In contrast, all humanity crowns a scholar, love forms the pedestal of his statues, and his triumphs defy the desecration of time and the judgment of history.”
Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Advice for a Young Investigator

Louise Penny
“Normally death came at night, taking a person in their sleep, stopping their heart or tickling them awake, leading them to the bathroom with a splitting headache before pouncing and flooding their brain with blood. It waits in alleys and metro stops. After the sun goes down plugs are pulled by white-clad guardians and death is invited into an antiseptic room.

But in the country death comes, uninvited, during the day. It takes fishermen in their longboats. It grabs children by the ankles as they swim. In winter it calls them down a slope too steep for their budding skills, and crosses their skies at the tips. It waits along the shore where snow met ice not long ago but now, unseen by sparkling eyes, a little water touches the shore, and the skater makes a circle slightly larger than intended. Death stands in the woods with a bow and arrow at dawn and dusk. And it tugs cars off the road in broad daylight, the tires spinning furiously on ice or snow, or bright autumn leaves. ”
Louise Penny, Still Life

“I don't really wanna know what makes you leave, or when you'll be back.
I just wanna know what will make me cry at your arrival.”
Ade Santi

Tom Holland
“I thought, gazing at the beauty of the landscape again, it is as though the fiend has prevailed against the angels, and fixed his throne in a heaven, to rule it as though it were Hell.”
Tom Holland, Lord of the Dead

Nathaniel Hawthorne
“Had there been a Papist among the crowd of Puritans, he might have seen in this beautiful woman, so picturesque in her attire and mien, and with the infant at her bosom, an object to remind him of the image of Divine Maternity, which so many illustrious painters have vied with one another to represent; something which should remind him, indeed, but only by contrast, of that sacred image of sinless motherhood, whose infant was to redeem the world. Here, there was the taint of of deepest sin in the most sacred of quality of human life, working such effect, that the world was only the darker for this woman's beauty, and the more lost for the infant that she had borne.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

“She could see all of Ferenwood from here: the rolling hills, the endless explosion of color cascading down and across the lush landscape. Reds and blues: Maroon and ceruleans. Yellow and tangerine and violet and aquamarine. Every hue held a flavor, a heartbeat, a life. She took a deep breath and drew it all in.”
Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore

Aleister Crowley
“Lisa was thinking, as she climbed the apparently unending staircase, the she had taken pretty long odds. She had not hesitated to buck the Tiger, Life. Simon Iff had warned her that she was acting on impulse. But--on the top of that--he had merely urged her to be true to it. She swore once more that she would stick to her guns. The black mood fell from her. She turned and looked upon the sea, now far below. The sun, a hollow orb of molten glory, hung quivering in the mist of the Mediterranean; and Lisa entered for a moment into a perfect peace of spirit. She became once with Nature, instead of a being eternally at war with it.”
Aleister Crowley, Moonchild

“If you're facing the worst, then your back is certainly towards the best. All that remains is for you to decide whether or not to make that 180-degree turn that will surely bring a sharp contrast to your life.”
Dr. Anhad Kaur Suri

“What a feat to go forward and [backward] at the same time.


Edward Abbey
“Strolling on, it seems to me that the strangeness and wonder of existence are emphasized here, in the desert, by the comparative sparsity of the flora and fauna: life not crowded upon life as in other places but scattered abroad in spareness and simplicity, with a generous gift of space for each herb and brush and tree, each stem of grass, so that the living organism stands out bold and brave and vivid against the lifeless sand and barren rock.”
Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

“The individual is drawn by [at least] two forces. First, the spirits desire of uniting with all spirits. Second, a mixture of survival, fear and mainly ego. Each state or government consists [currently] of individuals who may or may not be aware of their own [inner] imbalance - which directly [influence] within and through most of our efforts.

Moreover, the idea that machines are perfect and only humans make mistakes - who then, creates, the machines. If I am flawed and make mistakes, there is potential for voluntary or involuntary imperfections, exotic or not.

Too much spirituality can lead to inaction, and inaction can lead to devastation, Cosmos is not entirely peaceful, she has her gradients too.


“Reward can bring something good, but what is good is relative to overall [and recent] experience.

Who never knew day, is happy just to see the Sun.”



Sadie Robertson
“What good contrast do you want to make in the world? Do you want to be generous in a world that withholds? Kind in a world that makes fun? Deep in a world that’s shallow? All about relationships in a world that’s all about advancement? Start looking for ways to spend your precious time on activities that educate, expand, and encourage you—things that give you life instead of death. Make little choices today to turn up the contrast.”
Sadie Robertson, Live

Sneha Subramanian Kanta
“The world separates. Night coagulates.”
Sneha Subramanian Kanta

“Her evident self-possession, though, seemed at odds with the sunglasses, the ends of which were chewed and discolored.”
Sharon Bolton

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