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Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“When male authors write love stories, the heroine tends to end up dead.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain't She Sweet?

Leigh Bardugo
“If I told you that I’m trying to save the world, would you believe me?”
Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone

Jane Austen
“No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy, would have supposed her born to be a heroine... But from fifteen to seventeen she was in training for a heroine...”
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Lisa Tawn Bergren
“Don't you agree? Swordplay is a dance of sorts, an understanding of the logical, most sophisticated next step. Except that in a fight, one must take the unexpected step. In dance it is all about taking the right, expected step.”
Lisa Tawn Bergren, Waterfall

Catherynne M. Valente
“We like the wrong sorts of girls, they wrote. They are usually the ones worth writing about.”
Catherynne M. Valente, In the Cities of Coin and Spice

Roman Payne
“The day came when she discovered sex, sensuality, and literature; she said, 'I submit! Let my life be henceforth ruled by poetry. Let me reign as the queen of my dreams until I become nothing less than the heroine of God.”
Roman Payne

“She was like a heroine in a novel that she herself was writing the character kept protesting that she was too strong for love and yet the narrator went on describing her desire.”
Anna Godbersen, Envy

Vera Nazarian
“It does not take a great supernatural heroine or magical hero to save the world.

We all save it every day, and we all destroy it -- in our own small ways -- by every choice we make and every tiniest action resulting from that choice.

The next time you feel useless and impotent, remember what you are in fact doing in this very moment. And then observe your tiny, seemingly meaningless acts and choices coalesce and cascade together into a powerful positive whole.

The world -- if it could -- will thank you for it.

And if it does not... well, a true heroine or hero does not require it.”
Vera Nazarian

Jane Austen
“And now I may dismiss my heroine to the sleepless couch, which is the true heroine's portion - to a pillow strewed with thorns and wet with tears. And lucky may she think herself, if she get another good night's rest in the course of the next three months.”
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Roshani Chokshi
“You will never be a hero. You were never meant to be a hero."
Hero. that one word made Aru lift her chin. It made her think of Mini and Boo, her mom, and all the incredible things she herself had done in just nine days. Breaking the lamp hadn't been heroic... but everything else? Fighting for people she cared about and doing everything it took to fix her mistake? That was heroism.
Vajra became a spear in her hand.
"I already am. And it's heroine.”
Roshani Chokshi, Aru Shah and the End of Time

“The magnificent thing about her [Amelia Earhart] is, in the eyes of the world, she simply never died. Her fear never witnessed, her failure never recorded, her shiny twin-engine Electra never recovered. Earhart's legacy of inspiration is amplified because her adventure is perpetual. We don't think of her as dead; we think of her as missing. She is forever flying, somewhere beyond Lae, over that limitless blue horizon.”
Josh Gates, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Gabrielle Dubois
“Turn the page, your heroine is still there, breathe, relax, life is beautiful: you're in a book!”
Gabrielle Dubois

Germaine Shames
“People who love do the impossible all the time.”
Germaine Shames, You, Fascinating You

L.M. Montgomery
“Make them do as you want them to," she said.
"I can’t," mourned Anne. "Averil is such an unmanageable heroine. She will do and say things I never meant her to. Then that spoils everything that went before and I have to write it all over again.”
Lucy Maud Montgomery

“That was how the heroine of a book would play it and Diana was still writing her own story the best heroines she'd always believed took their fate into their own hands.”
Anna Godbersen, Envy

Dianna Hardy
“The thought of talking about it made Pueblo's gut ache, but then he thought of everything that Amy had been through – not that she'd told him her version yet. She had balls of steel, he thought with a smile. And what did he have? Three pairs of loin cloths going crisp on the radiator.”
Dianna Hardy, The Sands Of Time

David A. Cleinman
“The Coward will run away from danger, only to strike in the dark. The Heroine will run through the dark, even though she knows the coward is waiting to strike.”
David A. Cleinman

Toni McGee Causey
“At that moment, Bobbie Faye felt an unbridled hatred for every movie heroine who'd ever raced away from he villain in Jimmy Choo shoes, looking perfectly coiffed and ready for an afternoon tea. That was just wrong. When the pain finally got to her, she tossed pride way the hell away and pressed her free arm across her chest to hold her boobs a little steadier. Unfortunately, that shortened her reach and she was unable to block briars and limbs and vines at face-level. Unwilling to admit defeat, Bobbie Faye held her forearm across her breasts while twisting her wrist so that her hand flapped in front of her to help with deflecting the underbrush, all while holding her hair with the other hand. She hadn't quite perfected the coordination of running to flapping when Trevor glanced over his shoulder. As he turned away, she distinctly heard something that sounded a little too much like 'spastic, hobbled penguin.”
Toni McGee Causey, Bobbie Faye's Very (very, very, very) Bad Day

“When the hero is ready, the mentor appears.”
Will Craig, Living the Hero's Journey

“Samurai: I have searched for you a very long time.
Kari: Do not waste breath, kill. It is our way here.
Samurai: Not before I have my say, Corpse-eater.
Kari: No wonder you took so long to find me.

on Valkyrie Kari,, Garden of the Dragons, Vol, iiii”
Douglas Laurent

“Games that are played and always won,
Often bring the tragedy of victory
And songs that must be sung.

Kari, Garden of the Dragons, Vil. III”
Douglas Laurent

“Games that are played and sometimes lost,
Often bring the joy of loss that learns our course.

Valkyrie Kari, Garden of the Dragons, Vol. iii”
Douglas Laurent

“Chapter Six: Mistress of Red

From underneath from hellish bowels,
She lives the torment she shrieks and howls.
A damned flame of volcanic intent,
Seeks a city where her hatred may vent.

Underneath the bow of vaulted earth,
This spirit breaks from infernoed perch.
Circles the span of inward woe,
From beneath the caverns does she go.

She seeks the city she may destroy,
To lie in ruins for her ploy.
From lofty plume of sordid ash,
She delights to see her cuts and gash.

Vulcania Draconis, spirit of bitter ’ire,
Rings the earth with her dredful fires.
Horrendous demon from Vulcan’s forge,
Lays waste to the earth, her inhabitants engorged.

Mighty Pompeii knew her ways,
Scoffed at her threats and would not pay.
In vindiction’s rage hissed she their doom,
Cast them alive within their tombs.

And Krakatoa and Mycenae,
They would not yield, she laid them waste.
An extortioness, royal supreme,
To conquer or destroy, her consummate dream.

How this evil one sets her pace,
Rings sweet earth in her death’s nec-lace.
Far from below she blasts her smoke,
To cover their eyes until they choke.

At her command cities fall and swell,
Earthquake, tidal wave, gives masses to hell.
This spirit from the blackest pit,
Broods deep on those she kiss.

She comes to seek those to enslave,
To fuel her bowels, her booty in trade.
The pride and ruination of nations and men,
Seeks souls and bodies to ambition her ends.

Now this licking creature of red-hot glow,
Sends her heat to make fumerals.
Damns the many and damns the one,
As empires burn when her rage is done.

A vengeful spirit, Draconis is,
Smiles so pleasant as victims drop in.
Opens her shotted eyes in mirth,
To hear the screams of their heated death lurch.

This diabolic holds much potent sway,
Seeks for victims as ground gives way.
She holds the riddle to the land,
And holds it she must for her time is at hand.

Had learned she now that Kari had come,
That timeless conflict again begun.
“Never did I see one I could not coerce,
But now a convolcation of power, a tour de force.”

Suppressed regret ruminated throughout,
Yet shreds of fear left no doubt.

“I will finish what was started here in mmy land,
Beyond records treatise once we did stand.
Past all memories, hmm, even so,
Before myth began and Rome’s trumpets blowed.

I will shatter her like earthenware because I mmust,
She tasks mme this creature, mmy hate it is just.
Wounded mme she did, her preysence calls,
If nothing else, ha I will hurt her if I faullt.”

On Vulcania Draconis, Kari's Diabolical Enemy
Cold Steel Eternity Vol. ii”
Douglas Laurent

“LaForche's never-was has-never been emaciated spirit was now as it had always been, hole’ up by vapidity and things intangible. Yet it looked so common and ordinary, blenting into the masses using the trogs as a mask to hide itself (later Christina recalled Thomas saying that the sleuth Man said there was nothing unnatural like the common, and the detective was right. “The Fork” was a four-star pronged pointless entity, a spirit without form or life, except now it was evident, his external body displaying to all the leftovers of his empty writhing, splastic visage. Short of sheet and simply put, the girl had out-foiled him—.
With the wolves of humiliation tearing the meat right off of his soul, he continued in his loner power mongering ways. Once formidable, they now reeked of rancid mal-diminishment. This is all he had left–and knew it, an armload of empty conquests, but the prize, the one he had desired and wanted so much, had eluded his hounding dogmatic futile, empty and sterile grasp. The power of powerlessness tonned his shoulders, gashing him and his god of pride apart. He shot a quick glarance toward the wall phone thinking of “The Bix,” Kerta’s # 1 Ace problem solving “mechanic.”
--OnFelipe LaForche , Villain
The lady and the Samurai”
Douglas Laurent

Jane Austen
“No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy would have supposed her born to be a heroine.”
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Jason Medina
“One day he felt ready to give up on life. He overdosed on heroine and woke up a day later at the hospital, where he was diagnosed with cancer. Just perfect, he thought.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

“Don't let them take away the hero or heroine in you!”
Avijeet Das

“This world will not recognize real people and their real struggle. Because the majority are fake here. They have sold their souls to live the life of luxury and comfort.

They deal in the currency of glitz and glamour. They are driven by the pettiness of greed and patheticity of selfishness. They don't recognize honesty, integrity, and real struggle!

But you do not become a cynic. You cannot give up on your idealism and integrity. Lend a hand to the poor and needy. Stand up for the Innocents. Be a voice for the voiceless in this world!

Don't let them take away the real hero or real heroine in you! Believe in yourself. Never doubt your capabilities. Stay real and stay humble.”
Avijeet Das

Irvine Welsh
“Lo he dejado varias veces. Dejarlo y volver a picarse es como ir a la cárcel. Cada vez que vas a la cárcel, disminuye la probabilidad de que alguna vez estés libre de ese tipo de vida. Es igual cada vez que vuelves al caballo. Disminuyes tus posibilidades de ser capaz de prescindir de él algún día.”
Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting

“No force can oppose Love in Earth or Heaven above, No, not even the damned of Hell can stop relentless Love.

—Valkyrie Kari, Chapter Sixteen
Valley of the Damned
Original Quote”
douglas laurent

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