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Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“When male authors write love stories, the heroine tends to end up dead.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain't She Sweet?

Leigh Bardugo
“If I told you that I’m trying to save the world, would you believe me?”
Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone

Jane Austen
“No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy, would have supposed her born to be a heroine... But from fifteen to seventeen she was in training for a heroine...”
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Lisa Tawn Bergren
“Don't you agree? Swordplay is a dance of sorts, an understanding of the logical, most sophisticated next step. Except that in a fight, one must take the unexpected step. In dance it is all about taking the right, expected step.”
Lisa Tawn Bergren, Waterfall

Catherynne M. Valente
“We like the wrong sorts of girls, they wrote. They are usually the ones worth writing about.”
Catherynne M. Valente, In the Cities of Coin and Spice

Roman Payne
“The day came when she discovered sex, sensuality, and literature; she said, 'I submit! Let my life be henceforth ruled by poetry. Let me reign as the queen of my dreams until I become nothing less than the heroine of God.”
Roman Payne

Roshani Chokshi
“You will never be a hero. You were never meant to be a hero."
Hero. that one word made Aru lift her chin. It made her think of Mini and Boo, her mom, and all the incredible things she herself had done in just nine days. Breaking the lamp hadn't been heroic... but everything else? Fighting for people she cared about and doing everything it took to fix her mistake? That was heroism.
Vajra became a spear in her hand.
"I already am. And it's heroine.”
Roshani Chokshi, Aru Shah and the End of Time

Vera Nazarian
“It does not take a great supernatural heroine or magical hero to save the world.

We all save it every day, and we all destroy it -- in our own small ways -- by every choice we make and every tiniest action resulting from that choice.

The next time you feel useless and impotent, remember what you are in fact doing in this very moment. And then observe your tiny, seemingly meaningless acts and choices coalesce and cascade together into a powerful positive whole.

The world -- if it could -- will thank you for it.

And if it does not... well, a true heroine or hero does not require it.”
Vera Nazarian

Jane Austen
“And now I may dismiss my heroine to the sleepless couch, which is the true heroine's portion - to a pillow strewed with thorns and wet with tears. And lucky may she think herself, if she get another good night's rest in the course of the next three months.”
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

“She was like a heroine in a novel that she herself was writing the character kept protesting that she was too strong for love and yet the narrator went on describing her desire.”
Anna Godbersen, Envy

“The magnificent thing about her [Amelia Earhart] is, in the eyes of the world, she simply never died. Her fear never witnessed, her failure never recorded, her shiny twin-engine Electra never recovered. Earhart's legacy of inspiration is amplified because her adventure is perpetual. We don't think of her as dead; we think of her as missing. She is forever flying, somewhere beyond Lae, over that limitless blue horizon.”
Josh Gates, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Gabrielle Dubois
“Turn the page, your heroine is still there, breathe, relax, life is beautiful: you're in a book!”
Gabrielle Dubois

Germaine Shames
“People who love do the impossible all the time.”
Germaine Shames, You, Fascinating You

L.M. Montgomery
“Make them do as you want them to," she said.
"I can’t," mourned Anne. "Averil is such an unmanageable heroine. She will do and say things I never meant her to. Then that spoils everything that went before and I have to write it all over again.”
Lucy Maud Montgomery

“That was how the heroine of a book would play it and Diana was still writing her own story the best heroines she'd always believed took their fate into their own hands.”
Anna Godbersen, Envy

Dianna Hardy
“The thought of talking about it made Pueblo's gut ache, but then he thought of everything that Amy had been through – not that she'd told him her version yet. She had balls of steel, he thought with a smile. And what did he have? Three pairs of loin cloths going crisp on the radiator.”
Dianna Hardy, The Sands Of Time

David A. Cleinman
“The Coward will run away from danger, only to strike in the dark. The Heroine will run through the dark, even though she knows the coward is waiting to strike.”
David A. Cleinman

Toni McGee Causey
“At that moment, Bobbie Faye felt an unbridled hatred for every movie heroine who'd ever raced away from he villain in Jimmy Choo shoes, looking perfectly coiffed and ready for an afternoon tea. That was just wrong. When the pain finally got to her, she tossed pride way the hell away and pressed her free arm across her chest to hold her boobs a little steadier. Unfortunately, that shortened her reach and she was unable to block briars and limbs and vines at face-level. Unwilling to admit defeat, Bobbie Faye held her forearm across her breasts while twisting her wrist so that her hand flapped in front of her to help with deflecting the underbrush, all while holding her hair with the other hand. She hadn't quite perfected the coordination of running to flapping when Trevor glanced over his shoulder. As he turned away, she distinctly heard something that sounded a little too much like 'spastic, hobbled penguin.”
Toni McGee Causey, Bobbie Faye's Very (very, very, very) Bad Day

“When the hero is ready, the mentor appears.”
Will Craig, Living the Hero's Journey

“It is the genius of life that demands of those who partake in it that they are not only the guardians of what was and is, but what will be.

—Thomas Nō Kannon, The Lady and the Samurai +”
douglas laurent, The lady and the samurai

“The perfect battlefield is fought by blind men all their lives during the normal course of everyday affairs.

—Kari, Teenage Valkyrie, Valhallan Midnight Rantdezvous”
douglas laurent

“The Lady and the Samurai

Gibran was right. Love had beckoned her to follow his steep path and had embraced her. And true to his words, “the sword hidden among his pinions” wounded her that she may know the secrets of her heart, “and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.” Thomas was correct as well. Love’s katanainoru “swordpray” was as it should be, fabulously bedaʐᶎling. The Samurai were on board thought she, when they made their seven-fold Code of Bushidō–benevolence, courage, honor, justice, loyalty, politeness and sincere veracity.
She would not be a love void cymbal, a kymbalon that tinkled away in the dark night of her soul anymore. She was whole now, a woman, more, no, “greater than the sum of her makeup” according to Aristotle, and in her completeness she, as Archimedes suggested, was strategically going to secure a lever immense enough to move the world . . .”
douglas laurent

“Garden of the Dragons (The ’Halla, Vol. # 3)
Chapter Ten Excerpt (original editing)

Hachiman, surveys he the woe,
Wipes his brow, hate does flow.
A ruined life, heh, a loss of face,
He must have her now, to his disgrace
(Wed to Kari now, locked in time and place).

Battle over, moon still shines,
Lilies float soft in quiet time.
Scented visions and memories sear remains,
Of this terrible night of what was feigned.

Visuals lithe, of sword and blade,
Disguise the carnage and the pain.
Petals soft, they hide our gaze,
And cover the ground and its grave.

Flowers and moon in water light,
T'winkills the calm of a zen-burst night.
Now to life, the poem to seek repose,
And bury beneath those riddles she holds.

Nectars sweet, precious flowers,
A fragranted grave that allures and empowers.

Heart~beat, heart~beat, tells the way,
Of things long remembered and a far lost day.
How many memories, Kari knew,
That stain with age, being so few.

Samurai remembers - feels it as a man,
Clutches he his fist; wind in hand. . . .

". . .I have searched for you a very long time."
"Do not waste breath, kill. It is our way here."
"Not before I have my say, Corpse-eater."
"No wonder you took so long to find me."

"I have had a lot of time for thought," quietly he,
"- T'is a shame we could not agree."
"No more room for that," forcefully he snapped,
"You dishonored me twice and now, I will take one back."

"- Not enough? Hachi," said cordially she,
"If you are going to - cut the artery, please."
Tilt she her neck, exposed but her vein,
Samurai frowned, decidedly vain.

Looked he at his hands -
"They're already too bloody for today."

"Hummph. Such trite man'ers are atrocious.
For yourself you are much too engaged."

("Yet, a moment and it is done," thought he,
"But to gain it thus, a hollow travesty.
I must face her in all her strength,
The bladed Valkyrie, the one called great").

"I could kill you now, but I'd rather not,
This room is too unbecoming for the proper job."

"Charmed that you still think so highly of me."

"- Only then of your haunted beauty, I shall be free."

Feeling that weight, slowly dropped he his blade,
Time enough - rituals to cleanse and to pray.
Tossed his sword, pined her down -
Smooshed her face to the floor, Pinching it to a frown.
"Oh no, my little angel, you have it all wrong!
I mean only to kill you when you are strong.
Do not fear, I won't let anyone harm you in strife,
In the meantime, try not to flirt with your life.
Stay healthy - then we shall settle our love, unrequite."

A biting grin creased Samurai's scarved face,
"Let us fix it properly, according to my r'ace."
"Bushido," mouthed Kari, her voice empty as the word.
"And there will be no running away this time -
Rest assured."

Slowly withdrew he and left the room,
"Bastard," spit Kari, caustic of his doom.
The girl breathing vexiously, then calmly in the dark,
The door closed, silent, the light dribbling out.

Sounds below, drip mute in time,
Reality presses, she makes her fate thind.

And Skuld drinking, contemplates she her sibylline,
It was her hour now, the night of the wolverine.”
douglas laurent

“LaForche for his standing, understood Christina’s seditious intents, and for that, he monitored and hated the rude Vixen of Woe. Innumerable times they had quarresquabbled, sometimes very loudly, both during and after class. Christina’s wit, as fast as her blade, for the most part won the scathingly bitter, single-edged dialogues, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of LaForche. It was no big secret that trying to deal with his Anti-Mr. Spock logic was like trying to cross a baking salt-flat desert mid-summer with nothing to drink or eat except stale crackers and a big jar of out-dated defunct Peter Pan peanut butter, its original “crunch” now being only pasty sand mouth goo. She often asked herself how could you argue against no mind. It was an unassuming study in stupility to say the least.

—Christina Brickley, The Lady and the Samurai”
douglas laurent

“Valley of the Damned (# 1 The 'Halla)

As she sat teary, another story arose,
Young and full of vigor hewed with manymanymany
years of repose.
“Comrades” she brightened, “listen again to my tale,
Of courage and power, and how evil can never prevail.

—Valkyrie Kari, Saint of the Blade
Chapter 15, Valley of the Damned

Footnote: In one form or another, everybody hears but very few listen. It is a lost art. Like developing a taste for classical art, music or fine wine, listening is a skill, a ‘taste’ to develop, an “acquired sound.”

Valley of the Damned et al.”
douglas laurent

“Yellow Hand Running Epic Poem
(The 'Halla # 5)

Kari, the Valkyrie
Yellow Hand Running Epic Poem

Don't you lie to me you damned ghost. I can see right through you.

--Kari, the Valkyrie
Chapter Double Nought Zero”
douglas laurent

“Valley of the Damned (The 'Halla, Vol. # 1)

No force can oppose Love in Earth or Heaven above, No, not even the damned of Hell can stop relentless Love.

—Valkyrie Kari, Chapter Sixteen”
douglas laurent

Anya Seton
“Miranda was curled up against the wall, her pink calico skirts bunched carelessly above her knees in uncharacteristic abandon. A green measuring worm inched himself unchecked across the smooth bodice of her dress. The May breeze, fragrant with apple-blossoms and clover from the adjacent pasture, blew her loosened hair into her eyes. She pushed the strand back impatiently with one hand while the other clutched her book, as Miranda devoured the fascinating pages of The Beautiful Adulteress.
So compelling were the beautiful adulteress's adventures, that even when Miranda's sunbonnet slipped off and hot sunshine fell through the elm trees onto her skin, she did not pause to replace the bonnet. And yet the transparent whiteness of that skin was the envy of her friends and part product of many a tedious treatment with buttermilk and cucumber poultices.”
Anya Seton, Dragonwyck

Emma Theriault
“Back home, she had become something larger than Belle. Whether they knew she broke the curse or not, the people of Aveyon viewed Belle as their savior. Some thought she had rescued them from an inattentive, reclusive prince; far fewer knew she had broken the curse that had been drowning the kingdom for a decade. Everyone wanted her to be their princess, to embrace her new role to the fullest extent.
But she couldn't bring herself to do that, not yet at least.”
Emma Theriault, Rebel Rose

Susan Saxx
“But the winds are stirring.
Clouds are rushing in, and darkness rides the earth.

And when the storm comes, furious, fast, and violent…
will those in its eye, when the pieces fall…

…be left standing?”
Susan Saxx, A Real Man: The First Miracle - The Delta North Team Soldiers Coming Home Small Town Military Romance Series

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