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Michael Robotham
“I know it sounds foolishly old fashioned, but I'm stuck with this idea that there's something dignified and noble about facing your enemy and looking him in the eye before you thrust a saber in his heart.”
Michael Robotham, Lost

Miya Yamanouchi
“Self respect by definition is a confidence and pride in feeling that you are behaving in an honorable and dignified manner. -Respect yourself by respecting others.”
Miya Yamanouchi, Embrace Your Sexual Self: A Practical Guide for Women

Zelda Fitzgerald
“She wished she could help David to seem more legitimate. She wished she could do something to keep everything from being so undignified. Life seemed so uselessly extravagant.”
Zelda Fitzgerald, Save Me the Waltz

Tom Perrotta
“There was no dignified way to answer a question about your underwear.”
Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers

Tegan Quin
“Dignified in what she does, when she sings the smile that she brings to all of you unaware of what's to come, I said tell me what's to come.”
Tegan Quin

“Through their teachings they dignify even the most mundane professions. According to them any profession or work that adds to the common good of man must be respected and it is dignified”
Sunday Adelaja

“To be dignified and distinguished give honor and dignity to others.”
Sunday Adelaja

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“The night sky is a dignified black princess freckled with the stars. Get lost in her beauty to find it in your darkness.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones, Giants At Play: Finding Wisdom, Courage, And Acceptance To Encounter Your Destiny