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Robert Fanney
“To all those women -- strong enough to be heroes; fair enough to be ladies. This song is for you.”
Robert Fanney

Roman Payne
“The day came when she discovered sex, sensuality, and literature; she said, 'I submit! Let my life be henceforth ruled by poetry. Let me reign as the queen of my dreams until I become nothing less than the heroine of God.”
Roman Payne

Mur Lafferty
“Strength is taking charge of your own destiny and not waiting on others to do so. You don’t have to swear and drink and beat people up and slay monsters. You’re allowed to cry and take care of children and cook and get your heart broken and dress up and date and get pregnant. But when decisions have to be made, a strong character makes them and doesn’t wait for someone else.”
Mur Lafferty

Lynn Kurland
“(Background: Morgan is a female warrior looking for a fight. Adhémar is your garden variety male.)

A man near the door leered at her. Adhémar immediately stepped in front of her, but Morgan pushed him aside. She looked at the man and smiled pleasantly. Ah, something to take her mind off her coming journey.
"Did you say something?" she asked.
"Aye," he said, "I asked it you were occupied tonight, but I can see you have a collection of lads here to keep you busy—"
Adhémar apparently couldn't control his chivalry. He took the man by the front of the shirt and threw him out the door. The man crawled to his feet and started bellowing. Adhémar planted his fist into the man's face.
The stranger slumped to the ground, senseless. Morgan glared at Adhémar.
"You owe me a brawl," she said.
"What?" he asked incredulously.
"A brawl," Morgan said. "And it had best be a good one."
"With me?" he asked, blinking in surprise.
"I'd prefer someone with more skill, that I might not sleep through it, but you'll do."
Paien laughed out loud and pulled him away.
"Adhémar, my friend, you cannot win this one. Next time, allow Morgan her little pleasures. She cannot help the attention her face attracts, and thus she has opportunities to teach ignorant men manners. In truth, it is a service she offers, bettering our kind wherever she goes.”
Lynn Kurland, Star of the Morning

Jeff Mach
“And lo, at the moment when she needed it most, she found the force within her. She didn't find it in time to avoid having her head bitten off, but she sure did die enlightened.”
Jeff Mach, There and Never, Ever Back Again: Diary of a Dark Lord

Dulce Amor Soriano
“You can’t be the only superhero around here. I can do that too. – Hope Danielles”
Dulce Amor Soriano

Lina J. Potter
“You change the world, but the world changes you, too. There’s no getting around it. I have to survive here, no matter what it costs me.”
Lina J. Potter, The Clearing

“The days became for Christina endless preparation. Ceaseless winds tore through her massing battle ranks, the grey cold sun above marking the timeless date. With skies of blue and cloud overhead, driving, uncompromising time stood still, lingering, as if giving Christina precious eons to perfect her shaving straight razor cuts of mind and sword. She worked alone now, forging the essence of herself in the policies and ways of hammer and anvil, pounding away with the classic, living Japanese blade. Her deft hands spun dervishly, wroughting out the iron of her will, fashioning a blade-mind remade unto her. --Brickley, The Lady and the Samurai”
douglas laurent

“You really are sort of a basic person, aren’t you, except for that blue stratospheric veneer of crust you wrap yourself around. I was going to ask you, with your usual never-ending broadside complaints of lack and wearisome bushwa ‘nonsensical’ humdrum excuses, just exactly what kind of person are you? You must have had it easy growing up. Now, as per your habit, tonight when you hit the hay, percle on this: There are 7even basic types of people—:

1. People who make things happen.
2. People who talk about making things happen.
3. People who start to make things happen but never finish.
4. People who watch things happen.
5. People who wonder what just happened.
6. People who don’t have the faintest idea that anything happened.
7. People who need a stout “clue-by-four” of hickory smacked up alongside their head to make them happen.
— As for an eighth—
—Which one are you? Puzȥle it out. . . .

-- Thomas Kannon, Instructor to Brickley. The Lady and the Samurai”
Douglas M. Laurent

“Even the Empyrean Vaults, the highest of Heavens and the lowest Helks of the Abyss could not contain the Valkyrie’s love, whose a’spiraling ability to end refrains upon the point of her own edged soul out-paced even the stop-clocks of all Nethereternity. And thus, by her own delicate hand, sought to destroy the solitary stalking evil so that multitudes might live.

—On Valkyrie Kari, Garden of the Dragons”
douglas m. laurent

“I think of that insecure and fearful little girl, who was not yet aware of her own power.”
Alex Dalton, A View From The Mountain

Laura Chouette
“And all these mistakes she made over the years - they shaped her heart like a wildflower.”
Laura Chouette

“Summer spirit, now she closes book’s end,
Days of youth spent, carefree with friends.
Kari plays now to that what she does not wish,
Lost summers days and angelic youth a’ missed.
Seasons do change and children grow up,
Passing through lives, life never stops.
Endless years, bleak they the mind,
Adventures of youth, throttle in time.
Desires entwine, one grows old,
Love loses her grasp, love slips from her hold.
Bygone dreams, sleep they soundly by,
Hopes for another child, not her soul-self I.
Grasped for never, dreams never learn to fly
(Within one’s dungeon, the darkest place to die).
And Winter’s chill, lays she to rest,
Dreams unobtained, fallen in the quest.
Kari knew she was but a dream, solo in its flight,
Ne’er taking wing again to caress innocence’s light.
And to live and live as she once is and now,
Stands she forever, stranded on time’s fallowed ground.
The love she lost she can never now have,
Graspless eternity plucked burning from her hands.
Love forsaken, the summer, silent and high,
Tears shed for what was once and not now, I.
Dreamless hopes far long spent,
Lie shallow within, deep strength relents.
A hollow traverse of endless life,
Lives she the knowing of eternalness light.
Aye, silent dreams slip they the day’s long night,
To tell of loves once beholden now lost in her sight.
In love’s abandonment, Kari, spills she away,
To dream upon those clouds again on some somber, summer day.
Thus, before evening rusts corrode the golden days,
Before innocence is raped and youth spirited away,
Before night blossoms forth, and day forgets day,
Summer’s love requests of us that we all do stay–
To hear a tale one has long since heard before,
To tell our souls twice over now and forevermore–
Graves are full of those who never lived but could,
Heaven and Hell are packed with those who knew they should,
And eternity, relentless eternity, brims with those that would.
--Garden of the Dragons c h. 23”
douglas laurent

W. Haden Blackman
“I have been played at being a HERO. But I could not bear how FOOLISH I felt every time I spared someone who was determined to kill me." -Elektra (Elektra #1, page 4)”
W. Haden Blackman, Elektra #1

Lina J. Potter
“Lily held onto the edge of her desk to keep herself from screaming. She breathed in and breathed out.
You’re a surgeon. A surgeon never panics during an operation.”
Lina J. Potter, Palace Intrigue

Lina J. Potter
“Her new world had no telephones, internet or indoor plumbing. The customs were bloody and the laws were harsh. A man who tried to hurt a child faced a horrifying death. Women were not allowed to fight, because it wasn’t women’s work. Men were supposed to kill and die. That was what they knew. In the world she had come from, everything was convenient, people felt safe most of the time, and if anyone died protecting a child it was likely to be a woman.
Which world is more honest?”
Lina J. Potter, Palace Intrigue

Lina J. Potter
“An intelligent woman’s gratitude is a thing very much worth having…”
Lina J. Potter, Palace Intrigue

Ellen Stellar
“You are like a panther. You are strong, brave, resolute, graceful and stunningly beautiful, yet cat-like cautious and distrustful.”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

Ellen Stellar
“I melted with his every touch, his every kiss. It seemed like his hands were everywhere and his lips reigned supreme over my body.”
Ellen Stellar, Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter

“Undoubtedly, you are overwrought from re-wroughting hand-wrought iron out right. But I think in time you will iron things out for yourself. Stay holstered and strapped to your side. It is said, ‘when genius matures it goes into hixibn’–“hiding.” You will know of this wisdom one day.
--Thomas Kannon Sword Master, The Lady and the Samurai”
Douglas M. Laurent

“This, then, was the one thing Christina had not figured on–the deadly, far-reaching killer instinct beneath his blank, non-assuming stare. And to make matters worse, LaForche, like Christina, had intrigues and subversions of his own, He was completely normal in all ways except for one detail. He had an insidious delectable kink–an exactingly outrageous idée fixe, a driving monomaniacal purpose behind his ambitious riddling hatred. Very soon, he would turn his warped facilities against her, focusing his vast malignant energies to destroy the ridiculous self-deified woman who abused and humiliated him so. --Felipe LaForche, Villain. The Lady and the Samurai”
Douglas M. Laurent

“The tenacious delicacy of genius is often found in the most obscure corners of the world.

--Thomas Kannon, The Lady and the Samurai”
douglas laurent

“As it would crop up so often during the outpouring of one of Christina’s convulsiving tirades of out-of-touch cross-examining razor manias in the Ockham style school of thought, someone would be damn fool enough to interject a thought disrupting her. Whereupon she would turn her head and politely respond, “Do you mind, I’m not through being evil yet,” and logicalmly carry on with giving them generous shafty portions of her mind pieces, unhasped and undisturbed by extenuating circumstances. She had heard in old Europe certain warrior tribes weaned their children by presenting them with food on the tip of a sword, a good custom she continued in spirit.

--Christina Brickley, The Lady and the Samurai”
Douglas M. Laurent

“The plot of "Suddenly, Paris" novel is fantastic; you have to read it!”
Readers' Favorite

“We held on so long the rising tide didn't lift us;
Only in drowning did we let go.”
Michael Franz

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