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John Green
“She loved mysteries so much that she became one.”
John Green, Paper Towns

Raymond Chandler
“The girl gave him a look which ought to have stuck at least four inches out of his back.”
Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

Roman Payne
“The ‘Muse’ is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation. The gift are those ideas you think of as you drift to sleep. The giver is that one you think of when you first awake.”
Roman Payne

Noam Chomsky
“Our ignorance can be divided into problems and mysteries. When we face a problem, we may not know its solution, but we have insight, increasing knowledge, and an inkling of what we are looking for. When we face a mystery, however, we can only stare in wonder and bewilderment, not knowing what an explanation would even look like.”
Noam Chomsky

Vera Nazarian
“The desert and the ocean are realms of desolation on the surface.

The desert is a place of bones, where the innards are turned out, to desiccate into dust.

The ocean is a place of skin, rich outer membranes hiding thick juicy insides, laden with the soup of being.

Inside out and outside in. These are worlds of things that implode or explode, and the only catalyst that determines the direction of eco-movement is the balance of water.

Both worlds are deceptive, dangerous. Both, seething with hidden life.

The only veil that stands between perception of what is underneath the desolate surface is your courage.

Dare to breach the surface and sink.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Dorothy L. Sayers
“Nothing goes so well with a hot fire and buttered crumpets as a wet day without and a good dose of comfortable horrors within. The heavier the lashing of the rain and the ghastlier the details, the better the flavour seems to be.”
Dorothy L. Sayers, Strong Poison

Arthur Conan Doyle
“You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Boscombe Valley Mystery - a Sherlock Holmes Short Story

Charlaine Harris
“I am self-educated from genre books.”
Charlaine Harris

Diane Ackerman
“It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between.”
Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of the Senses

Erik Pevernagie
“Life is about taking the time to recognize things that we already know and finding out the mysteries behind the innocence of their appearance. Life is a patient quest for second or third dimensions. (“Just a bit of a chat, please”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Catherynne M. Valente
“It is true that novelists are shameless and obey no decent law, and they are not to be trusted on any account, but some Mysteries even they must honor.”
Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

“The mind of God is a mystery and none can understand it.”
Rae Carson, The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Maria Dahvana Headley
“I'm dark matter. The universe inside of me is full of something, and science can't even shine a light on it. I feel like I'm mostly made of mysteries.”
Maria Dahvana Headley, Magonia

Omar Khayyám
“I can’t reveal the mystery to either saint or sinner; I can’t state at length what I’ve said curtly; I achieve an altered state that I can’t explain; I have a secret that I cannot share.”
Omar Khayyám, Quatrains - Ballades

Mortimer J. Adler
“There are genuine mysteries in the world that mark the limits of human knowing and thinking. Wisdom is fortified, not destroyed, by understanding its limitations. Ignorance does not make a fool as surely as self-deception.”
Mortimer J. Adler, How to Read a Book

Vera Nazarian
“Not every puzzle is intended to be solved. Some are in place to test your limits. Others are, in fact, not puzzles at all...”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Andy Vogt
“Life Is Too Short--So Kiss Slowly,
Laugh Insanely, Love Truly,
And Live With Passion.”
Andy Vogt

Zilpha Keatley Snyder
“Belief in mysteries, any manner of mysteries, is the only lasting luxury in life.”
Zilpha Keatley Snyder, The Witches of Worm

Nancy Springer
“I hope that the kind reader recognises this as a despairing attempt at humour.”
Nancy Springer

Genevieve Cogman
“We have to report this."

Kai sighed deeply in relief. "I was afraid you were going to say that we had to investigate it ourselves."

"Don't be ridiculous," Irene said briskly. "We may collect fiction, but we are not required to imitate the stupider parts of it.”
Genevieve Cogman, The Invisible Library

Kim Edwards
“No one could suspect the intricate mysteries of her heart.”
Kim Edwards, The Memory Keeper's Daughter

“The more doors you open to the mysteries, or sacred knowledge, the smaller you feel. And because you begin to feel smaller and smaller until your ego disappears, the more humble you become. Therefore, any man who behaves arrogantly with what little he knows, or claims to know all, only reveals to all that he really knows nothing. Real greatness does not reside inside those who feel large. The truly wise are meek. Yet being small and meek do not make one weak. Arming oneself with true knowledge generates strong confidence and a bold spirit that makes you a lion of God. The Creator does not want you to suffer, yet we are being conditioned by society to accept suffering, weak and passive dispositions under the belief that such conditions are favorable by God. Weakness is not a virtue praised by God. How could he desire for you to be weak if he tells us to stand by our conscience? Doing so requires strength. However, there is a difference between arrogance when inflating your ego, and confidence when one truly gets closer to God. One feels large, while the other feels small. Why? Because a man of wisdom understands that he is just a small pea in a sea of infinite atoms, and that in the end — we are all connected. And did you not know that the smaller a creature is, the bolder its spirit?”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Libba Bray
“Ain't that a sight? With all the things we know and learn, we still ain't touched the big mysteries -- where we come from, where we go next, why we even her. And when something truly miraculous happens, we run and hide in our caves. We deny.”
Libba Bray, Going Bovine

Dean Koontz
“Holy men tell us life is a mystery.
They embrace that concept happily.
But some mysteries bite and bark
and come to get you in the dark.”
Dean Koontz, Darkfall

Rupert Hart-Davis
“To me, detective stories are a great solace, a sort of mental knitting, where it doesn't matter if you drop a stitch."

[From a letter to George Lyttelton]”
Rupert Hart-Davis, Man of Letters: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Literary Impresario Rupert Hart-Davis

V.S. Naipaul
“I'm the kind of writer that people think other people are reading.”
V.S. Naipaul, The Doom Murders

Ellen Raskin
“Today I have gathered together my nearest and dearest, my sixteen nieces and nephews (Sit down, Grace Windsor Wexler!) to view the body of your Uncle Sam for the last time. Tomorrow its ashes will be scattered to the four winds. I, Samuel W. Westing, hereby swear that I did not die of natural causes. My life was taken from me–by one of you!”
Ellen Raskin, The Westing Game

Neil Gaiman
“The black bird cocked its head to one side, and then said, in a voice like stones being struck, 'You shadow man.'
'I'm Shadow,' said Shadow. The bird hopped up onto the fawn's rump, raised its head, ruffled its crown and neck feathers. It was enormous and its eyes were black beads. There was something intimidating about a bird that size, this close.
'Says he will see you in Kay-ro.' tokked the raven. Shadow wondered which of Odin's ravens this was: Huginn or Munnin, Memory or Thought.
'Kay-ro?' he asked.
'In Egypt.'
'How am I going to go to Egypt?'
'Follow Mississippi. Go south. Find Jackal.'
'Look,' said Shadow, 'I don't want to seem like I'm-- Jesus, look...' he paused. Regrouped. He was cold, standing in a wood, talking to a big black bird who was currently brunching on Bambi. 'Okay. What I'm trying to say is I don't want mysteries.'
'Mysteries,' agreed the bird helpfully.
'What I want is explanations. Jackal in Kay-ro. This does not help me. It's a line from a bad spy thriller.”
Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Wendy Beck
“A cat’s secrets run so deep that even the cat itself is often unaware. Their mysteries are as natural as whiskers.”
Wendy Beck, 9th Life

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