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“And like flowers in the fields, that make wonderful views, when we stand side-by-side in our wonderful hues..

We all make a beauty so wonderfully true.
We are special and different, and just the same, too!

So whenever you look at your beautiful skin, from your wiggling toes to your giggling grin...

Think how lucky you are that the skin you live in, so beautifully holds the "You" who's within.”
Michael Tyler, The Skin You Live In

“Red was ruby, green was fluorescent, yellow was simply incandescent. Color was life. Color was everything.
Color, you see, was the universal sign of magic.”
Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore

“She could see all of Ferenwood from here: the rolling hills, the endless explosion of color cascading down and across the lush landscape. Reds and blues: Maroon and ceruleans. Yellow and tangerine and violet and aquamarine. Every hue held a flavor, a heartbeat, a life. She took a deep breath and drew it all in.”
Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore

Kamand Kojouri
“Let us go where skins are rainbows
Enhanced by every hue.

Where genders are clouds
Weightless and formless through.

Let us go where creeds are stars
Illuminating our view.

Where men and women are one
And the in-between are true.

Let us go where I am free to love
For I cannot unlove you.”
Kamand Kojouri

Munia Khan
“The colour of fear is never dark or black; it has the colour of thunderbolt; usually white, but can appear in different hues depending on how the fear travels through to get inside your heart”
Munia Khan

“Mother Nature is calling you,

To embrace with her green hue!”
Md. Ziaul Haque