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Idowu Koyenikan
“Many times, the thought of fear itself is greater than what it is we fear.”
Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

“Even the smallest changes in our daily routine can create incredible ripple effects that expand our vision of what is possible.”
Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

“Before I can become an expert on anything, I must first become an expert on me.”
Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

“Some of our fiercest battles are fought and won in silence.”
Kianu Starr

“Fear is a notification of some weakness that needs to be cleared.”
Aagam Shah

“Fear is the root cause behind most of lies. And many big problems starts from lies, which can be prevented by following a simple rule. Just change Fear into Love!”
Atlas Gondal

“A tonne of faith is easier to carry than a pebble of doubt.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Ken Poirot
“Only by losing everything can you fear nothing.”
Ken Poirot

“When the heart inhales hope, the soul exhales fear.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“When Love alights
Fear falls unsound
Folds into naught
Thus never was
The way Truth taught”
Mark LeClair DeGange, Be Still, Behold and Dance to the Divine: Making Daily Acts a Heartfelt Spiritual Practice

Scott  Perry
“Fear is a compass pointing out just the right direction for you to lean into next.”
Scott Perry, Endeavor: Thrive Through Work Aligned with Your Values, Talents, and Tribe

“It is easier to fight your fears than to harbor your anxieties.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Victoria Moschou
“It is the unknown we fear. The fact that we won't have anyone by our side to help us face whatever it is that generated that fear in the first place. To tell us that it is all right not to be strong and brave and indestructible all the time.”
Victoria Moschou, Guardian of the Auras

Deborah Bravandt
“Fear is like a megaphone in your head that pulses aggression and sadness. Hope is the audio gain adjuster. Happiness is the musical algorithm.”
Deborah Bravandt

Ken Poirot
“No one is born with fear: we learn it, create it, and perpetuate it. Therefore, fear's biggest secret is we also control it.”
Ken Poirot

“Fear is more lethal than your enemies, it strikes you quicker.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“Fear is more lethal than your enemies, it strikes quicker.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

George S. Patton Jr.
“Fear kills more people than death.”
George S Patton Jr

A man might as well face his fears, or let them rule him.
“A man might as well face his fears, or let them rule him.”
Kristen Callihan, Winterblaze

Jiddu Krishnamurti
“Fear is the movement of time”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Deborah Bravandt
“Fear is like black tar that enters your eyes, causing you to crawl on all fours like a cockroach while the parasites who pushed their agenda watch with pleasure. Eradicate all projected thoughts of aggression and reclaim your power, magnificence, and divinity.”
Deborah Bravandt

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