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Adam Silvera
“Every universe I’ve created lately, your face keeps popping up in it.”
Adam Silvera, History Is All You Left Me

E.M. Tippetts
“Here's to real heroes, not the ones who carry us off into the sunset but the ones who help us choose our princes." - commentary on Castles on the Sand”
E.M. Tippetts

Cardeno C.
“Did I expect him to think sucking my cock was anything other than disgusting? I‟d never even kissed a girl, and believe me, if someone forced me to take part in some below-the-belt mouth-to-vagina action, I think I‟d probably vomit.”
Cardeno C., Where He Ends and I Begin

Anna Todd
“I bring out the worst in you and you bring out the best in me.”
Anna Todd, After

Shelly Crane
“You know when you’re on a course that you know is the right one. You can’t explain it, you can’t define it, you don’t know how you got there or what all the obstacles will be, you just know the end result will be amazing and it will be worth it.
That was the road I was on.
Full speed ahead, no blinkers or turn signals, just cruise control.”
Shelly Crane, Altered

Cristin Harber
“He was supposed to be the one I loved forever. But he never saw the tears stream down my face. Never knew the hurt and humiliation and anguish. He just disappeared into the night,”
Cristin Harber, Only for Her

Mila Gray
“But it's not Kit's physique that I'm talking about. It's the way he is, the confidence he has that is beyond his years. He speaks softly-I've never seen him lose his temper or shout-and when he walks into a room, It's like he's a magnet and everything, including the air, is drawn to him. Although I know he can strip an automatic weapon in under ten seconds and is trained to lea d men in battle, I've also seen him siniging lullabies to his baby nieces while he cradles them in his arms, and jump off a pier to save a drowning dog.”
Mila Gray, Come Back to Me

Katherine McIntyre
“He’d never forgotten the sweep of her soft mouth against his, the taste of her sweetness, like strawberries, and the way she fired his insides to life.”
Katherine McIntyre, Waking for Winter

Erin Watt
“In the vast void, her kiss tells me I’m not alone. She touches her tongue to mine, and a groan slips out. I think it comes from me. I’m dizzy and breathless and full of strange emotions that I can’t make sense of and don’t want to. I know the gist. I’m happy. This is a high I’ve never been able to achieve through pills or booze or other people.”
Erin Watt, Fallen Heir

Cristin Harber
“We need you to come home.”
Cristin Harber, Sweet One

Josie Riviera
“I intend to be an outstanding mother and provide a stable, nurturing home. I’ve read all the latest parenting books and scoured the websites. I’m prepared.”
Josie Riviera, I Love You More

Josie Riviera
“Seamus, don’t jump!”
Josie Riviera, Oh Danny Boy

Jiffy Kate
“I didn’t even know a piece of me was missing until I had her for the first time.”
Jiffy Kate, Fighting Fire

Melanie Moreland
“But maybe you’d like to ride a different stallion.”
Melanie Moreland, It Started with a Kiss

Melanie Moreland
“Can I keep you, Avery Connor? Will you be mine?”


His smile was brighter than the sun in mid-July. “Good answer.”
Melanie Moreland, It Started with a Kiss

Melanie Moreland
“I wasn’t in love with Daniel. I only met him an hour ago. That was impossible. Wasn’t it?”
Melanie Moreland, It Started with a Kiss

Jennifer Shirk
“B-but I saw my pantyhose on your lampshade.”
Damon’s face colored, and he had the decency to look slightly guilty. “Right. There might have been a very short attempt at a strip tease on your part.”
She raised her hands to her face and groaned into them.
“It was kind of cute. Honestly.”
Cute but only kind of. She groaned louder.”
Jennifer Shirk, Bargaining with the Boss

Jennifer Shirk
“Mr. St.— I mean, Mr. Da— I mean Damon,” she said, quickly standing. She banged her knee against her desk drawer and stars clouded her vision from the pain. More smoothness on her part.

He quirked an eyebrow. “Just Damon is fine. However, if the moment should strike you, I would also respond to ‘number one boss’ or ‘world’s greatest employer.”
Jennifer Shirk, Bargaining with the Boss

Christine Feehan
“I don't want you to go, Lexi. I want you to choose me. Stay with me. I know I'm not much of a prize. I know my faults. I need a commitment from you. I need that, Lexi. Not marriage if you don't want it. If you give me your word, that will be enough. We're always going to have these moments of doubts, but if we both make that commitment, we'll always know the other will stand with us through them. I need to know you'll stand with me. I've got this hole a mile deep inside of me, and only you manage to fill it. No one else. There's never going to be anyone else. Neither of us is perfect, but together I know we can be whole. Give yourself to me. I'll always cherish you.”
Christine Feehan, Earth Bound

Jyoti Arora
“He whispered my name. And there, at that moment, I knew I had never heard a sweeter song of love before.”
Jyoti Arora, You Came Like Hope

Nicole Douglas
“Knowing she was a poor liar under pressure kept him from telling her the truth. He remembered far too many occasions as kids when they had formulated a story to stay out of trouble with their parents and she had blown it within seconds.”
Nicole Douglas, Afraid to Fall

Mindy Michele
“Maybe there was always an invisible tether connecting California to Pennsylvania, and it was simply waiting to be tugged on, waiting for someone to see its existence”
Mindy Michele, Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost

Leo Tolstoy
“you have the sweetest of all music in your soul just now.”
Leo Tolstoy, Family Happiness

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