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Robert W. Service
“There's a race of men that don't fit in,
A race that can't sit still;
So they break the hearts of kith and kin, And they roam the world at will.
They range the field and rove the flood,
And they climb the mountain's crest; Their's is the curse of the gypsy blood,
And they don't know how to rest.”
Robert Service

Roman Payne
“A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.”
Roman Payne, The Wanderess

Herman Melville
“I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”
Herman Melville, Moby-Dick or, the Whale

Jan-Philipp Sendker
“Only a few days earlier he had explained to her that he did not merely read books but traveled with them, that they took him to other countries and unfamiliar continents, and that with their help he was always getting to know new people, many of whom even became his friends.”
Jan-Philipp Sendker, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

“All of us,' he said, 'have hopes of being poet, artist, discoverer, philospoher, scientist; of possessing the attributes of all these simultaneously. Few are permitted to achieve any of them in daily life. But in travel we attain them all. Then we have our day of glory, when all our dreams come true, when we can be anything we like, as long as we like, and, when we are tired of it, pull up stakes and move on. Travel -- the solitude of the mountains, the emptiness of the desert, the delicacy of the minaret; eternal change, limitless contrast, unending variety.' (Eric Lang)”
Robert Edison Fulton Jr., One Man Caravan

Richie Norton
“A little piece of everywhere I go becomes a big part of everything I do.”
Richie Norton

Kristin S. Kaufman
“Thousands of individuals unknowingly contribute to the creation of our lives. Over the years, these serendipitous exchanges made imprints on my mind and heart and served as catalysts for my ongoing growth and development.”
Kristin S. Kaufman, Is This Seat Taken?: Random Encounters That Change Your Life

Vera Marie Badertscher
“If you have ever been tempted to look up an old girlfriend or boyfriend, you will sympathize with Frederico. If you have doubts about revealing yourself to someone from your past, you’ll understand Emma. Did you ever have the urge to open a bookstore? You’ll love Dreams & Desires, Emma’s bookstore in Milan that specializes in romance.”
Vera Marie Badertscher

Sena Jeter Naslund
“She sat still, I thought, and yet she traveled. And when one stitches, the mind travels, not the way men do, with ax and oxen through the wilderness, but surely our traveling counted too, as motion. And I thought of the patience of the stitches. Writing a book, I thought, which men often do, but women only rarely, has the posture of sewing. One hand leads, and the other hand helps. And books, like quilts, are made, one word at a time, one stitch at a time.”
Sena Jeter Naslund, Ahab's Wife, or The Star-Gazer

“Those who say traveling is expensive, are just ill-informed.”
Maria Angelova

Karl Wiggins
“We took thousands of photos and missed millions of others.”
Karl Wiggins, Wrong Planet - Searching for your Tribe

“As all travellers know, the experience of a foreign country teaches about your own.”
Stephen Fry, Stephen Fry in America

Holly Winter Huppert
“I don't care to duplicate the travels that others have taken”
Holly Winter Huppert, Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer

“Food is an excellent way of learning without judgment and bonding with other cultures.”
Henry Johnson Jr.

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Instead of seeing in which way
you should take on your travels,
observe and examine each day
all the beauty your eye unravels...”
Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

Sally Gardner
“Una volta, il mio capitano disse che nella vita si incontrano persone che, crediamo, diventeranno nostri compagni di viaggio, ma poi le perdiamo per strada. Altre persone da cui non ci aspettiamo molto, invece, scalano montagne insieme a noi. Il mio capitano concludeva - solo quando il bere lo faceva diventare sentimentale- che è meglio non chiedere al destino che cosa ha in serbo per noi, o dove porta la nostra strada.
«Ti basti stare in viaggio per essere felice» diceva. «Tutte le strade portano a una sola destinazione.»”
Sally Gardner, Tinder

“It's not a homeless life for me,
It's just that I'm home less
Than others like to be.”
Akilnathan Logeswaran

Christina Engela
“Captain Harald Biscay rubbed his graying temples, staring deep in thought at the vast star field showing on the large navigation display on the bridge. It had been a pretty rough few days for him. Of all the things he’d seen in his travels through the universe, not many rated worthy of being remembered. Of the few examples of items Captain Biscay rated that highly, when he was a young man, his uncle would often play the bagpipes at strange hours of the night – shortly before being put in a ‘home’. That rated a mention.”
Christina Engela, Dead Man's Hammer

Flavio Santi
“«Guarda che con il friulano si va ovunque.»
La faccia della signora Vendramina non era molto convinta.
«Non ci credi? Ecco un esempio. Fra un po’ semineremo i carciofi, giusto? Gli articjocs. Sai come si chiamano in inglese? Artichoke. E in francese? Artichaut. E in spagnolo? Alcachofa. E in tedesco? Artischoke. Vedi?»
Era il suo asso nella manica. Ci aveva pensato mentre si vestiva. Conosceva sua madre: l’avrebbe impressionata. «Non ti basta? Ti ci metto un bel carico da undici. Restiamo sul tedesco, perché lì devo andare.»
Mentre parlava si era accomodato a tavola per fare colazione. Con la mano sinistra sollevò un lembo della maglia. «La maglietta, le bluse, eh? Pari pari in tedesco: Bluse
E adesso il gran finale gastronomico: «Quando andiamo a mangiare il prosciutto a San Daniele, andiamo sempre all’osteria Ai Bintars, no? Be’, i bintars erano gli operai che passavano l’inverno in Germania, dove “inverno” si dice appunto Winter».”
Flavio Santi, La primavera tarda ad arrivare

Olaudah Equiano
“After all, what makes any event important, unless by its observation we become better and wiser, and learn 'to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God'? To those who are possessed of this spirit there is scarcely any book of incident so trifling that does not afford some profit, while to others the experience of ages seems of no use; and even to pour out to them the treasures of wisdom is throwing the jewels of instruction away.”
Olaudah Equiano, Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano 2e Frankenstein 2e

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Avijeet Das
“She told me Pokhara is so beautiful that you will experience a myriad of unforgettable moments. You will never be able to get enough of Pokhara.”
Avijeet Das

Matt Goulding
“He had in his head a scrapbook of the tastes that had impacted him the most during his travels: goat cheese and olive oil in California, the tropical fruits and chilies of South America, everything that had touched his lips in Japan. When Angelo and Paolo talk about their travels, they turn to the memories- the parties, the people, the crazy times had, always with the metronome of mozzarella beating in the background. But what followed Vito were the flavors- the dishes, the ingredients, and techniques unknown to most of Italy.
"When I came back from Japan, there were six kilos of matcha, two kilos of coconut powder, and twelve bottles of Nikka whiskey in my bag. In Rome they stopped me and opened the bag. They thought they had caught me with cocaine. I told the guy to open up the bag and taste."
Vito didn't drink Nikka (he and his brothers rarely drink alcohol); instead, he emptied all twelve bottles into a wooden bucket, where he now soaks blue cheese made from sheep's milk to make what he calls formaggio clandestino. He stirs up a spoon of high-grade matcha powder into Dicecca's fresh goat yogurt and sells it in clear plastic tubs, anxious for anyone- a loyal client, a stranger, a disheveled writer- to taste something new.”
Matt Goulding, Pasta, Pane, Vino: Deep Travels Through Italy's Food Culture

Jean Baudrillard
“All things considered, what we look for in other people is perhaps the same gentle deterritorialization we look for in travel. The temptation of exile in the desire of another and of journey across that desire come to be substituted for one's own desire and for discovery. Often looks and amorous gestures already have the distance of exile, language expatriates itself into words which are afraid to mean, the body is like a hologram, gentle on the eyes and soft to the touch, and can thus easily be striated in all directions by desire like an aerial space. We move circumspectly within our emotions, passing from one to another, on a mental planet made up of convolutions. And we bring back the same transparent memories from our excesses and passions as we do from our travels.

The more advanced life-simulation technology becomes, the more the question of the soul intervenes, perversely, as an accident. Everything becomes transformed into a pure, incessant production of accidents. From the moment we leave the world of substance and come to live in that of accident, perversion becomes normal and constitutive.”
Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories

Anthony T. Hincks
“Footsteps gather dust when you stop on your journey through life.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Steven Magee
“While I have met some of the scum of the USA on my travels, I stay focused on the natural beauty of the USA and the nice people that make up the majority of Americans.”
Steven Magee

“It reminds him that beyond stale predictability lies hidden moments, random and beautiful… Beyond depressing comfort zones of stagnation are happy meadows of growth… Beyond tears are laughs waiting to be laughed and beyond darkness is light waiting to unravel itself… Beyond it all is life waiting to be lived…

Kumbh taught me how to be alone in a swarm of people. To find your little islets of peace amidst a sea of teeming people. How you have to find your way even where there are a million others around you trying to find theirs. How you do not necessarily have to stop and ask each time you feel lost.
Kumbh had planted its magic that was to blossom in the days that followed…”

“Of uncharted roads, unimagined experiences, and strangers less strange than the familiar. To travel anywhere without reservations; of bookings, or otherwise. To happily hop on to the next vehicle that comes along on a deserted road. To sleep in any corner of the world that offers me my six feet of space. To feel at home at every place, even other than home.
Travels that remind you that if life is indeed a journey, it is also best enjoyed if one travels light. Not lugging around unnecessary baggage; of emotions and possessions. Travels that teach you that when in pain, the only place to run to for a solution is within you. And not to magical mountains or ‘mystical savannahs’; if you know what I mean. For, none exist.”

“As darkness spread hesitantly in a clear sky, devoid of neon glows and the pollutants,
Bright celestial light from scattered crystals of sparkling stars
And a moon that shone like a giant white chandelier, guided me on my path ahead,
As I continued to be swept along on this journey,
To a destination, I still am unsure of…”

Francesco Petrarca
“Perhaps I am sated with travel, with rambling through many lands; perhaps my youthful ardor is relaxing and cooling, turning naturally to a love of peace, suitable for my occupations. At any rate I am losing my love of roving.”

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