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Rebecca McNutt
“Have you ever noticed how as an adult, all the bright colors go out of your life? Now that I’m not a kid anymore, things always look gray, like a clothesline draped with laundry that’s been washed too many times and left to stand in the wind. I guess that’s what growing up is… it’s a fading photograph.”
Rebecca McNutt, Smog City

William Gibson
“Lost, so small amid that dark, hands grown cold, body image fading down corridors of television sky.”
William Gibson, Neuromancer

Michael Bassey Johnson
“A beautiful woman should always have at the back of her mind that her ravishing appearance is only an ephemeral quality. When she wakes up in the morning, looks into the mirror, and notices that something is fading away, she knows that the time is ripe for marriage. She should be careful of who she takes into her life because the union is gonna be everlasting.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Tahereh Mafi
“I am suspended in the moment. Flickering images faded with age, frozen thoughts hovering precariously in dead space, a whirlwind of memories that slice through my soul.”
Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Dan Brown
“Outside the window, a bank of clouds appeared on the horizon, inching slowly across the sky, finally slipping across the Moon and blocking out its radiant light. As he clicked off his overhead light, he turned his eyes one last time to the heavens. Outside, in the newly fallen darkness, the world had been transformed. The sky had become a glistening tapestry of stars.”
Dan Brown

Michael Bassey Johnson
“A lie can only make a temporary sense. The truth is permanent and lasts forever.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Master of Maxims

Danielle Esplin
“Ever since her diagnosis, she’s been fading like a light bulb with cancer’s hand on the rotary dimmer.”
Danielle Esplin, Give It Back

J.R.R. Tolkien
“Those of the Elven-race that lived still in Middle-earth waned and faded, and Men usurped the sunlight. Then the Quendi wandered in the lonely places of the great lands and the isles, and took to the moonlight and the starlight, and to the woods and caves, becoming as shadows and memories, save those who ever and anon set sail into the West and vanished from Middle-earth.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

Craig Groeschel
“If you pour everything you have into this life, this world, which is temporary and fading, you're jeopardizing your relationship with God, the only thing that's eternal.”
Craig Groeschel, Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

Christina Engela
“You are strong, tempered like steel in the fire and by the blows of the hammer of life. Nothing will break you again, only make you stronger and more whole. Perfection is the pride of those who have not lived, who know not these things in their arrogance. They remain the same - raw and without form. The hammer never touches them, and they lie on the shelf, gathering dust, slowly tarnishing and fading and crumbling. the blows of the hammer in the fire refine us into bright shining glory for the roles we play in life - until we are one with the anvil, becoming immune to the hammer's little knocks, and smile at it.”
Christina Engela, Demonspawn

“He was already fading. I knew that it wouldn't be long until he was just a vague image, however much I tried to cling onto his memory.”
Caroline Green, Dark Ride

Courtney M. Privett
“There are no stars, no moon, only knots, only the promise of death. Drums cry out in the abyss and then fade with everything else. Even the shadows fade and all that is left is death. We are all dead, we just haven't figured it out yet.”
Courtney M. Privett, The Shattered Veil

Hannah Barnaby
“She had never met Caroline's mother, but she knew a thing or two about what happened when someone went far away, how after a time you couldn't see their faces anymore when you closed your eyes or hear exactly how they laughed at a joke, how they seemed less like a real person whom you loved and more like a character in a story. And once that happened, it was easy, too easy, to let them float away like milkweed.”
Hannah Barnaby, Wonder Show

عائشة عبد الرحمن بنت الشاطئ
“اوليتنا كالهنود
يحرقون البدن
ساعة تموت
الروح فية
اذ هو
رماد مبدد
ما ارهقتة غبرة
ولا فاحت منة رائحة
ولا عاث فية دود
.ولا كفنة ظلام

عائشة عبد الرحمن, صور من حياتهن
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Christina Engela
“The survivor spoke to us though, or tried to. Mumbling through that matted brown beard of his, pale as death itself. I can’t say now if it was weakness from his wounds or what it was – but we struggled to understand him. In fact we got nothing intelligible from him at all then. He seemed afraid, like any dying man probably would be, but he did seem more terrified than any dying man I’ve seen before – and I’ve seen a few in my time. Let me tell you, Corsair or not, he grabbed whatever hand would hold his, and clenched it so tight his knuckles turned white! He kept fading out as we carried him on the stretcher board the medics brought with them. Looking back, I think he tried to warn us, poor bastard. He tried to tell us to leave him behind and go, but we wouldn’t listen. We thought we were better than the Corsairs, remember? We thought we would be all moral and upright and try to help him. ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you.’ were the last words he said before losing consciousness. At least, those that we could make out. At the end of it all, he was right – as it turned out, we couldn’t even help ourselves.”
Christina Engela, Space Vacation