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Stephen McCranie
“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”
Stephen McCranie

Charles Bukowski
“The dead do not need
aspirin or
I suppose.
but they might need
not shoes
but a place to
not cigarettes,
they tell us,
but a place to
or we're told:
space and a place to
might be the
the dead don't need
nor do the
but the dead might need
in fact, the dead might need
everything we
we need so much
if we only knew
what it
it is
and we will all
probably die
trying to get
or die
because we
don't get
I hope
you will understand
when I am dead
I got
as much
Charles Bukowski, The Roominghouse Madrigals: Early Selected Poems, 1946-1966

Elizabeth Gaskell
“I am so tired - so tired of being of being whirled on through all these phases of my life, in which nothing abides by me, no creature, no place; it is like the circle in which the victims of earthly passion eddy continually.”
Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South

“I am sorry for when I do it
hopefully one day you'll realise why.
Please do not be angry;
just understand that today I tried.”
Isabel Aanya Leigh

Ann Brashares
“At least I tried.”
Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting
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Steven Magee
“Obviously, a lot of people involved with Volkswagen's emissions were aware of the diesel car software cheat. One has to wonder how many of them tried to stop it and perhaps were demoted or lost their jobs over trying to prevent the secret Volkswagen car emissions fraud?”
Steven Magee

“He tried?” she screamed. “It is not enough to try!” she screamed again. “He promised me! He promised us!”
Steven James Taylor, The Dog

Christina Engela
“The survivor spoke to us though, or tried to. Mumbling through that matted brown beard of his, pale as death itself. I can’t say now if it was weakness from his wounds or what it was – but we struggled to understand him. In fact we got nothing intelligible from him at all then. He seemed afraid, like any dying man probably would be, but he did seem more terrified than any dying man I’ve seen before – and I’ve seen a few in my time. Let me tell you, Corsair or not, he grabbed whatever hand would hold his, and clenched it so tight his knuckles turned white! He kept fading out as we carried him on the stretcher board the medics brought with them. Looking back, I think he tried to warn us, poor bastard. He tried to tell us to leave him behind and go, but we wouldn’t listen. We thought we were better than the Corsairs, remember? We thought we would be all moral and upright and try to help him. ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you.’ were the last words he said before losing consciousness. At least, those that we could make out. At the end of it all, he was right – as it turned out, we couldn’t even help ourselves.”
Christina Engela, Space Vacation

Ahmed Ali Anjum
“I Tried, But What I Had with You I Couldn’t Have with Anyone Else.”
Ahmed Ali Anjum, Talking Pillow

Deyth Banger
“To do what you say, it's about respect I respect you, you respect me.... Did you heard GreenHollyWood, you gave me movies didn't you??
I watched them, I tried to find them and I watched them..., I gave you... you just watched one of all. That's call disrespectable, you aren't grateful what I have give... and you want I to be?!”
Deyth Banger

“I tried your best and it didn't work, so now I'm going to try my best and I'm sure that I'll succeed!”
Anthony T. Hincks

“She never tried- so she never knew how great she was”
Charmaine J Forde

“The Protestant teachings caused people to view their work as a way of proving their love to God so they tried to do their best and give the best quality to God by giving the best quality to man.”
Sunday Adelaja