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Michael Bassey Johnson
“If you truly want to be respected by people you love, you must prove to them that you can survive without them.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign

Ann Aguirre
“I have your back. I didn't mean only when it's easy. All the time.”
Ann Aguirre, Enclave
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Kurt Cobain
“It's better to burn out than to fade away.”
Kurt Cobain

Santino Hassell
“Freedom is not worth it without him.”
Santino Hassell, Fade

Lisa McMann
“And then they kiss.
Slowly, gently.
Because with the right person, sometimes kissing feels like healing.”
Lisa McMann
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Beth Revis
“Maybe one day the smears of paint Harley left throughout Godspeed will fade, and maybe the stars never will, but i'd rather have Harley's colors.”
Beth Revis, A Million Suns

Santino Hassell
“I love you, Hsin," he said hoarsely. "I missed you so much."
"I love you, too." Sin's voice was still thick and husky. "I came back for you. Because I wanted to find you, because I wanted to remember you.”
Santino Hassell, Fade

Ann Aguirre
“I want to drag you off and hide you away,” he whispered.
“I always knew you were beautiful, but now everyone else will too. I won’t be able to keep other boys away from you, and it’ll make me crazy.”
Ann Aguirre, Outpost

Santino Hassell
“We're never separating again. Fucking never”
Santino Hassell, Fade

Lionel Shriver
“Funny how the nature of a normal day is the first memory to fade.”
Lionel Shriver, We Need to Talk About Kevin

“Piece by piece,
I slowly fade away,
I slowly drift apart.”
Five Finger Death Punch
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Lisa McMann
“The thought of being with Shay Wilder makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a butter knife”
Lisa McMann, Fade

“William Shakespeare: You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die.”
Marc Norman, Shakespeare in Love: A Screenplay

Santino Hassell
“You and he are so protective of each other that you blame yourselves as soon as something happens with the other”
Santino Hassell, Fade

Santino Hassell
“We'll find him." Carhart said firmly.
"How do you know? How can you be so sure?"
"Because you and he are like my wayward fucking children and I refuse to lose one now that I finally got the other back”
Santino Hassell, Fade

“Why did he always have to be the one left behind? Why did he always have to be the one to gather the broken pieces and glue them back together, a mockery of what he'd once been? Why did he always have to suffer through the loss—that gaping, wrenching loss that sucked him up, ripped him apart, and carelessly threw him aside?”
Ais, Fade

“In that moment, he wanted Sin for Sin—for the quiet of his breath and the unspoken words in his eyes. It was little of physical attraction and everything of emotional. He wanted to just hold Sin without the body needing to be involved other than strong arms and a comforting heartbeat. The reminder of the peace that was so long gone now it felt a lifetime had passed.”
Ais, Fade

Santino Hassell
“I'm a motherfucking lothario of humans and robots alike.”
Santino Hassell, Fade
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Santino Hassell
“Being with him makes me feel different.”
Santino Hassell, Fade

“He'd been too late for Sin. He'd been too weak for Lou. He'd been too young for his dad. They'd all lived and loved and fallen, one by one, leaving deeper imprints on his soul each time. He couldn't change their deaths nor could he change that Sin was now in the same category as Lou and his father. People who he would have done anything for, lost to him in situations where that 'anything' had not been enough.”
Ais, Fade
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Richard L.  Ratliff
“I'd keep your beauty timeless.
like a flower pressed in a book, yes
I wouldn't let it fade
Folded in the chapters of my mind”
Richard L. Ratliff

Lisa McMann
“Because our power is motivating, and gives momentum and ownership of changes to those who dream of failure.”
Lisa McMann

“All those months Boyd had thought only of Sin. All those times he'd leaned on Sin's memory for strength and conviction. All those nights he'd woken in pain and forced himself to keep going because it was what Sin would have wanted...
It hurt to know it may mean nothing.”
Ais, Fade
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“Life is like a film screen: pictures come, make an impression, go, and then make a place for new pictures with new impressions which obscure the previous ones. Some of those old pictures fade, but the impressions they leave will never pass away. Such an impression is the image of Hein Sietsma -- a joyful Christian who loved life so much but was still willing to give it to the great, good, and holy cause.”
Diet Eman, Things We Couldn't Say

Anthony Liccione
“There are people that will give you time when it shines, then fade away when it shades.”
Anthony Liccione

“Dusk had fallen,
While the sky was gray,
Red flowers bloomed,
And the yellow fade away,
Night was to fall,
But the sun had to stay,
Moon of fourteen,
For the lover had to pray,
Life gave up hope,
Yet the heart had to say,
Lover wrote a letter,
But the pigeon lost it's way.”
Neymat Khan

Don DeLillo
“This is what comes from the wrong kind of attentiveness. People get brain fade. This is because they've forgotten how to listen and look as children. They've forgotten how to collect data. In the psychic sense a forest fire on TV is on a lower plane than a ten-second spot for Automatic Dishwasher All. The commercial has deeper waves, deeper emanations. But we have reversed the relative significance of these things. This is why people's eyes, ears, brains and nervous systems have grown weary. It's a simple case of misuse.”
Don DeLillo, White Noise

Jane Fade Merrick
“I would like to be the sea
I would like to break into millions of pieces
and I would like each piece
to be dispersed in the world,
so that I can live forever
without suffering as I suffer now.
Because everything you throw into the sea
sooner or later comes back to you.”
Jane Fade Merrick, Ashes of the Phoenix – The Fade

Stephen King
“Look', she said. It's going to be a beautiful sunset. Shall we stay out and watch it?'
'All right,' I said, and we stayed there on the lawn for quite awhile, arms around each other's waists, first watching the bright colors come up in the sky, then watching them fade to ashes of gray.”
Stephen King, The Green Mile

Anthony  Ryan
“Love must risk all or perish.”
Anthony Ryan, Blood Song

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