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Elisabeth Elliot
“There is no ongoing spiritual life without this process of letting go. At the precise point where we refuse, growth stops. If we hold tightly to anything given to us, unwilling to let it go when the time comes to let it go or unwilling to allow it to be used as the Giver means it to be used, we stunt the growth of the soul. It is easy to make a mistake here, “If God gave it to me,” we say, “its mine. I can do what I want with it.” No. The truth is that it is ours to thank Him for and ours to offer back to Him, ours to relinquish, ours to lose, ours to let go of – if we want to find our true selves, if we want real life, if our hearts are set on glory.”
Elisabeth Elliot

Courtney Milan
“Maybe that’s what I have been looking for. When storms and rockslides threaten, I am looking for someone who will hold on to me and not let go.”
Courtney Milan, Unveiled

“Everybody Hurts

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on
Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
When you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on

'Cause everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends
Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand
If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Everybody hurts. You are not alone”

John C. Parkin
“Maybe it's because we innately know that everything is impermanent that we so desperately cling to it.
But cling we do.

We know that our youth vanishes that we and our loved one will die one day, that whatever we have accumulated can easily be taken away from us, that one day our skills might not be wanted, that a day may come when our love might not be reciprocated. But we go on clinging.

Everywhere we turn we are faced with impermanence. (..)
The more we cling - of course - the more pain we feel as things fade, disappear, die around us.
And sometimes the more we cling, the more these things happen. (..)

The key to being able to let go of all the stuff you're holding on to is knowing that you'll be okay if you don't have it.
And that's the truth.
You can survive with very little. And though the passing of people and things can be painful, you will survive.”
John C. Parkin, F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“We love being mentally strong, but we hate situations that allow us to put our mental strength to good use.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Mary E. Pearson
“We already had three steps behind us.
"Hold on, Lia," I whispered.
Hold on for me.”
Mary E. Pearson, The Heart of Betrayal

“Don't give up when dark times come. The more storms you face in life, the stronger you'll be. Hold on. Your greater is coming.”
Germany Kent

“With God, you are stronger than your struggles and more fierce than your fears. God provides comfort and strength to those who trust in Him. Be encouraged, keep standing, and know that everything's going to be alright.”
Germany Kent

A.A. Freda
“Remember what you always told me.”

“Hold on tight and fight as hard as you can.”
A.A. Freda, Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody

Robin Hobb
“Like a flower pressed flat and dried, we try to hold it still and say, this is exactly how it was the day I first saw it. But like the flower, the past cannot be trapped that way. It loses its fragrance and and its vitality, its fragility becomes brittleness and its colors fade. And when next you look on the flower, you know that it is not at all what you sought to capture, that that moment has fled forever.”
Robin Hobb, Fool's Errand

Mouloud Benzadi
“No matter how dark and hopeless a situation may seem, always hold on and never give up your dream.”
Mouloud Benzadi

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some people are each holding on to a lover of theirs who no longer loves them and/or who they no longer love, only because they do not want to have a reason or another reason to be jealous of the person who would eventually be their lover if they let go of them.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Sometimes all you need to do is just hold on to yourself! Look at the stars in the sky, listen to the sweet murmurings of the breeze, inhale the fragrance of the night, and you will feel fine!”
Avijeet Das

David Levithan
“I want to see this as well as be a part of it. I want to remember it for what it is. I am amazed by the love I feel for so many people. I am amazed at the randomness, the comedy, and the faith that brings us all together and makes us hold on.”
David Levithan, Boy Meets Boy

“There are people who treat you right and there are people who do not treat you right. Don't get affected by the latter! Hold on to the former - the chosen ones in your life and move on.”
Avijeet Das

“Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it be your time to shine soon.”
Sope Agbelusi

“To everyone battling a difficulty or under attack right now, smile, keep your head up, keep moving and stay positive, you'll get through it.”
Germany Kent

Mitch Albom
“Don't let go too soon, but don't hang on too long.”
Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Rachel L. Demeter
“Hope is a beautiful and magical thing. Grasp it tight, monsieur, and never let go.”
Rachel L. Demeter, Beauty of the Beast

“Depression is real. It happens. We go through it. Hold onto yourself in those moments.”
Avijeet Das

“Dreams are like inserting new doors! Dedication like your door lock , Passion like your bolts and Faith like your keys! Hold on tight to your dreams ! Remember one day all your hard work will pay off in ways you never imagined." - Gavhi Theron.P”
Gavhi Theron

“When God begins his good works it is difficult to hold on, if you are in a passive position”
Sunday Adelaja

Debasish Mridha
“It is easy to hold on, but it is difficult to let it go.”
Debasish Mridha

“I never knew this, but today i know how it feels when you try to hold on to some situation, some feelings, some people , in fact everything because you couldn't not be better without those things , people or feelings. But you can't because the more you try to hold them the more quickly they slip away from your hands. And the only choices you have is to either let them go slowly or to enjoy the rest of it i.e; nothing. And people say life goes on.”
Ratish Edwards

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