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Vera Nazarian
“Who says you cannot hold the moon in your hand?

Tonight when the stars come out and the moon rises in the velvet sky, look outside your window, then raise your hand and position your fingers around the disk of light.

There you go . . . That was easy!”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

John C. Parkin
“Maybe it's because we innately know that everything is impermanent that we so desperately cling to it.
But cling we do.

We know that our youth vanishes that we and our loved one will die one day, that whatever we have accumulated can easily be taken away from us, that one day our skills might not be wanted, that a day may come when our love might not be reciprocated. But we go on clinging.

Everywhere we turn we are faced with impermanence. (..)
The more we cling - of course - the more pain we feel as things fade, disappear, die around us.
And sometimes the more we cling, the more these things happen. (..)

The key to being able to let go of all the stuff you're holding on to is knowing that you'll be okay if you don't have it.
And that's the truth.
You can survive with very little. And though the passing of people and things can be painful, you will survive.”
John C. Parkin, F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Sanober  Khan
“be the kiss in my hair
that no one sees

move, when i move
sigh, when i sigh...

be that line from a poem
that i hold in my eyes.”
Sanober Khan

Sanober  Khan
“for all I can really do is
stand here
in September’s rain
soaking it all in
and simply
holding on to poetry
for dear life.”
Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

“I would far prefer to be in someone's arms than just in their head.”
D.S. Mixell

R.J. Heller
“In a tired time, with the light outside drifting away for another day and the lights inside flickering as they come to life, I cup my hands together and prepare to give thanks ... to the life of a day given to me. A day shared with past and present, living and dying, of body and not, and a realization that in everything that is, there is something that was.”
R.J. Heller, Holding Grace

M.F. Moonzajer
“The moon is always holding the stars, you must do the same.”
M.F. Moonzajer, A moment with God ; Poetry

Emma Mills
“Wait,” he said, and he had his hand outstretched toward me, fingertips just brushing the sleeve of my sweatshirt, gently rooting me to the spot. I wanted to shrug him off, but at the same time, I wanted to fall against him and bury my face in his shoulder. I wanted to commiserate about what had just happened, and make sure he was okay, and discuss how Stanton really is psychotic. I did none of the above.”
Emma Mills, First & Then

Jay Woodman
“Prose Poems from my book SPAN


So, we may not be able to explain the world. Not exactly. But we can accept it, and love it. We can turn our faces to the light and examine the minutest details simply for the sake of it. We can live lives of joy and purpose. We are all part of one whole. Take comfort in this. Almost every one of us is capable of holding a cup to another’s lips without our hands shaking.”
Jay Woodman, SPAN

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The length of the fall is dictated by how far we had climbed. The outcome of the fall is dictated by whether we’re holding on to that which we’re climbing, or we’re letting God hold onto us.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

M.F. Moonzajer
“The most unbearable moments, seeing your dear one crying and you cannot hold her because it is not allowed.”
M.F. Moonzajer

“A data bank holding all the information that is in this universe can be found in God”
Sunday Adelaja

“I would far prefer to be in someone's arms than jut in their head.”
D.S. Mixell

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“Embarrassment flooded me, but Rider was grinning as he scooted closer and tugged me over. Before I knew what he was doing, he’d tucked my hips between his thighs and circled his arms around me, holding me tight to his chest.
His really hard chest.
The contact jolted me, like touching a live wire. It took a couple of seconds for me to relax.
He was silent as he rested his chin on the top of my head, and I didn’t say anything as I squeezed my eyes shut against the rising tide of emotion. Being this close to him again was something so powerful the connection was tangible, a third entity.
One hand drifted up my back, a slow slide under the weight of my hair. He curled his fingers around the nape of my neck. His chin moved, grazing my forehead, and the intimacy of the act was so different than any of the other times he’d been this close. An odd warmth settled in my muscles. Like stepping out into the sun for the first time after a long winter. There was a moment when I wasn’t sure if he breathed, because I didn’t feel his chest move under my hands.
In the back of my head, I wondered how...how okay this was. I didn’t want to pull away and break the connection, but I thought that maybe I should. This was innocent. It had to be, but it was also different.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Problem with Forever

Bud Macfarlane Jr.
“There are times when words are extra, like raindrops on drenched grass. There are times for holding. He held her...”
Bud Macfarlane Jr.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some people will each start investing more of their salary on ‘their’ house and spending less of it on ‘their’ car or cars only when they start being able to take ‘their’ house to work, funerals, weddings, etc.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“We need to remember that God is holding us in His hands, he will lead us to the light”
Sunday Adelaja

“We are kites in this world God is holding the string.”
Kishore Bansal

Pankaj Suneja
“What the pen was doing for Rohit right now, the paper
mobile phone did for Prabhu.”
Pankaj Suneja, The Mobile Phone