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Tamora Pierce
“You must tell Lady Alanna that sometime. I'd do it from a distance.”
Tamora Pierce, Emperor Mage

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Just because you have stolen someone's heart, luckily owned and occupied as a home, doesn't give you the audacity to enforce hurtful policies.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Orson Scott Card
“Besides," said Suriyawong. "This was not a rescue operation."
"What was it, target practice? Chinese skeet?"
"An offer of transportation to an invited guest of the Hegemon," said Suriyawong. "And the loan of a knife."
Achilles held up the bloody thing, dangling it from the point. "Yours?" he asked.
"Unless you want to clean it," said Suriyawong.
Achillese handed it to him. Suriyawong took out his cleaning kit and wiped down the blade, then began to polish it.
"You wanted me to die," said Achilles quietly.
"I expected you to solve your own problems," said Suriyawong.”
Orson Scott Card, Shadow Puppets

M.F. Moonzajer
“Dogs are owned for their loyalty, but men are owned only because of their stupidity.”

Bobby Adair
“We probably won’t live long enough to run out of food, or electricity, or anything important.” “Oh, you’ll live,” Murphy said. “I have no doubt.” “Really?” Jerome asked, real curiosity in his voice. “What makes you think I’ll last?” “Because you’re a pussy!”
Bobby Adair, Infected

“It’s all a fucking trap, owning things, places, people. The way I see it, we don’t own things. We get owned.”
Christopher Bollen, Orient

“He had to witness how a ginger German with a v-neck that almost went as low as his navel drew all the attention to himself.”
John duover, Rites

“If I never owned a dog I would be wandering the streets looking for love.”
Anthony T. Hincks