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Terry Pratchett
“Whatever happens, they say afterwards, it must have been fate. People are always a little confused about this, as they are in the case of miracles. When someone is saved from certain death by a strange concatenation of circumstances, they say that's a miracle. But of course if someone is killed by a freak chain of events -- the oil spilled just there, the safety fence broken just there -- that must also be a miracle. Just because it's not nice doesn't mean it's not miraculous.”
Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times

Denis Diderot
“[L]e philosophe n'a jamais tué de prêtres et le prêtre a tué beaucoup de philosophes...

(The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has killed a great many philosophers.)”
Denis Diderot, Political Writings

Jeff Lindsay
“I had killed our careful relationship by driving my tongue through its heart and pushing it off a cliff.”
Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Kendare Blake
“I think I killed a girl who looked like this once.”
Kendare Blake, Girl of Nightmares

“Humility is a virtue of the heavenly, not arrogance. Are we the most superior beast on earth? No, not in strength and not in intelligence. It is very arrogant to assume that we are the most intelligent species when we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Both rats and monkeys have been shown to learn from error, yet we have not. More people have died in the name of religion than any other cause on earth. Is massacring God’s creations really serving God – or the devil? And what father would want to see his children constantly divided and fighting? What God would allow a single human life to be sacrificed for monetary gain? Again, the Creator or the devil?”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Rebecca Solnit
“We die all the time to avoid being killed.”
Rebecca Solnit, Recollections of My Nonexistence: A Memoir
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“Think about this: You don't know when these people are going to die. They could get into a car today and be killed on the way home. Did they ever hear about Jesus? God has put you in their lives to be His ambassador. You're His megaphone, through which He wants to call out to them to come to Him and be saved.”
Ryan Dobson, Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Just Stupid

Mark  Lawrence
“It's shame that gets us killed. Shame is the anchor, the heaviest burden to carry from the battlefield. Fortunately shame was an affliction I'd never suffered from.”
Mark Lawrence, Prince of Fools

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“At the very point that I’ve taken something for granted, I have at that same moment taken it to its grave. And if I look around, I realize I’ve cultivated quite a cemetery.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Christ is not God, not the saviour of the world, but a mere man, a sinful man and an abominable idol. All who worship him are abominable idolaters and Christ did not rise again from death to life nor did he ascend into heaven.”
Matthew Hammond

Michael  Grant
“He overheard the director talking to one of the cameramen. The cameraman was explaining that he couldn’t get a good long shot on the exterior because someone had set up a fake graveyard right in the plaza.
“Kids just playing around, I guess, but it’s morbid; we’ll have to get rid of it, maybe bring in some sod to—”
“No,” Albert said.
“We’re almost ready for you,” the director assured him.
“That’s not a fake graveyard. Those aren’t fake graves. No one was playing around.”
“You’re saying those . . . those are actually . . .”
“What do you think happened here?” Albert asked in a soft voice. “What do you think this was?” Absurdly, embarrassingly, he had started to cry. “Those are kids buried there. Some of them were torn apart, you know. By coyotes. By . . . by bad people. Shot. Crushed. Like that. Some of those kids in the ground there couldn’t take it, the hunger and the fear . . . some of those kids out there had to be cut down from the ropes they used to hang themselves. Early on, when we still had any animals? I had a crew go out and hunt down cats. Cats and dogs and rats. Kill them. Other kids to skin them . . . cook them up.”
There were a dozen crew people in the McDonald’s. None spoke or moved.
Albert brushed away tears and sighed. “Yeah. So don’t mess with the graves. Okay? Other than that, we’re good to go.”
Michael Grant, Light

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“In my impatience I become convinced that this desire of mine should have been fulfilled yesterday, when it belongs to a tomorrow that yesterday would have killed had I had my way.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Steven Magee
“You would be justified to believe that many Americans were killed by a government that failed to prepare for a pandemic.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“In the legal world, a sickened worker may be compensated far more than a killed worker.”
Steven Magee

Floyd C. Forsberg
“He could have killed me for the blunder— which really wasn’t my fault— but I was lucky , and he gave me another chance. The two officers who questioned him were also incredibly lucky for not having had any idea who it was they’d been questioning.”
Floyd C. Forsberg, The Toughest Prison of All

Phillip Gary Smith
“Celebrate the Ides of March but remember your own warnings less as Caesar learned, you can get killed in many ways”
Phillip Gary Smith, Harmonizing: Keys to Living in the Song of Life

Israelmore Ayivor
“People whose imaginations are infected with fear die sooner out of incurable failure.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Jason Medina
“He hated how many people had to die, so they could gain their freedom. What hurt most was that they did not even die at the hands of the infected. They were killed for no good reason.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Millions of people will each be killed by their dream car, job, or lover.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The pathology of greed is always greater than the object that greed pursues. Therefore, anything obtained by greed will eventually be killed by the very greed that worked so diligently to possess it. Hence, the pathology.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Steven Magee
“Nitrogen gas has killed and maimed many people.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“When in the presence of a USA law enforcement, remember that sudden moves, running away, driving away, moving towards them, not following instructions, having a gun, and pulling up your pants may get you legally killed.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“I do not own a gun in the USA because I recognize that it may get you legally killed by law enforcement.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“I did a tandem free fall skydive from 10,000 feet with Greg Hunter the day before he was killed. After the jump he informed me that the parachute had tangled after deployment and he had to untangle it. He said it had been tangling frequently.”
Steven Magee

Jason Medina
“He was one of the first to be shot and killed by the police.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

Barbara Nickless
“I've killed people. I've tortured people. Sometimes under orders. Sometimes to stay alive. I need to be clear on this, Sydney. So you know who I am.”
Barbara Nickless, Ambush

“Every time, when you see people in Africa suffering, bleeding, being killed, kidnapped, slaved, raped, human trafficked and being poor. It is because of African leaders. In Africa we are being killed by our leaders.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

Toni Morrison
“... [t]he air was thinning out, as if from too much wear, not when Scout was killed but two weeks later--even before Scout's body had been shipped--when they were informed that Easter was dead too. Babies. One nineteen, the other twenty-one. How proud she was when they enlisted. She had actively encouraged them to do so. Their father had served in the forties. Uncles too. Jeff Fleetwood was back from Vietnam and none the worse. And although he did seem a little shook up, Menus Jury got back alive. Like a fool, she believed her sons would be safe. Safer than anywhere in Oklahoma outside Ruby. Safer in the army than in Chicago, where Easter wanted to go. Safer than Birmingham, than Montgomery, Selma, than Watts. Safer than Money, Mississippi, in 1955 and Jackson, Mississippi, in 1963. Safer than Newark. She had thought war was safer than any city in the United States. Now she had four unopened letters mailed in 1968 and delivered to the Demby post office four days after she buried the last of her sons. She had never been able to open them. Both had been home on furlough that Thanksgiving, 1968. Seven months after King's murder, and Soane had sobbed like the redeemed to see her boys alive. Her sweet colored boys unshot, unlynched, unmolested, unimprisoned.”
Toni Morrison, Paradise

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