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Melina Marchetta
“This is what I know. I look like my father. My father disappeared when he was seventeen years old. Hannah once told me that there is something unnatural about being older than your father ever got to be. When you can say that at the age of seventeen, it's a different kind of devastating.”
Melina Marchetta, On the Jellicoe Road

“Humility is a virtue of the heavenly, not arrogance. Are we the most superior beast on earth? No, not in strength and not in intelligence. It is very arrogant to assume that we are the most intelligent species when we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Both rats and monkeys have been shown to learn from error, yet we have not. More people have died in the name of religion than any other cause on earth. Is massacring God’s creations really serving God – or the devil? And what father would want to see his children constantly divided and fighting? What God would allow a single human life to be sacrificed for monetary gain? Again, the Creator or the devil?”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Kamand Kojouri
“The thing about love is that you will never run out of it. It's an ever-flowing river. So go ahead and LOVE. What are you saving all this love for — death?”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“I love you.
I love you a thousand times.
I love you an irrational number.
And I will continue to love you
long after all this has died
and been reborn
and we are nothing more
than a pair of reincarnated eyes.”
Kamand Kojouri

Audre Lorde
“I have died too many deaths that were not mine.”
Audre Lorde, The Black Unicorn: Poems

M.F. Moonzajer
“I wonder either their God has turned old, sick or died, because even the religious people no more believe in shit.”
M.F. Moonzajer

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Many a survivor of a plane crash who is or was against cannibalism and had never eaten human flesh once found themselves in a situation where they had to either eat human flesh, or go the way of all flesh.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Use and Misuse of Children

Sarah Ockler
“How can you say it was all a lie?” I ask, just above a whisper. “Matt was my best friend. I loved him that way always. ‘We have to look out for her.’ That was the last thing he said to me alone. And then he died. What was I supposed to do, Frank? Tell me?”
Sarah Ockler, Twenty Boy Summer

Michael  Grant
“He overheard the director talking to one of the cameramen. The cameraman was explaining that he couldn’t get a good long shot on the exterior because someone had set up a fake graveyard right in the plaza.
“Kids just playing around, I guess, but it’s morbid; we’ll have to get rid of it, maybe bring in some sod to—”
“No,” Albert said.
“We’re almost ready for you,” the director assured him.
“That’s not a fake graveyard. Those aren’t fake graves. No one was playing around.”
“You’re saying those . . . those are actually . . .”
“What do you think happened here?” Albert asked in a soft voice. “What do you think this was?” Absurdly, embarrassingly, he had started to cry. “Those are kids buried there. Some of them were torn apart, you know. By coyotes. By . . . by bad people. Shot. Crushed. Like that. Some of those kids in the ground there couldn’t take it, the hunger and the fear . . . some of those kids out there had to be cut down from the ropes they used to hang themselves. Early on, when we still had any animals? I had a crew go out and hunt down cats. Cats and dogs and rats. Kill them. Other kids to skin them . . . cook them up.”
There were a dozen crew people in the McDonald’s. None spoke or moved.
Albert brushed away tears and sighed. “Yeah. So don’t mess with the graves. Okay? Other than that, we’re good to go.”
Michael Grant, Light

Sarah Ockler
“He was always worrying about me – even when we were kids. If I scraped my knee or fell off my bike, he was the first one to help me up and make sure Mom got a Band-Aid.”
“I remember.” I smile. “He was the quintessential big brother.”
“He was. But that’s just it – he’s not here to protect me anymore, Anna. And you don’t have to be, either. I know I let stuff get crazy. I didn’t mean to be like that – it just kind of happened. You couldn’t have changed that. I – it was something I had to go through myself.”
My throat tightens. “I felt like I let him down,” I say. “All that stuff with smoking and Johan and Jake – I didn’t take care of you. I couldn’t even keep that one simple promise.”
“Anna, my brother died. There’s no way you could protect me from that. It’s up to me, now. I let him down. I let me down.”
Sarah Ockler, Twenty Boy Summer

John   Kramer
“Discontent comes from two sources alone: Not having dreams, or not pursuing the ones you have. No one has ever died sorry who tried to turn a wish into a memory.”
John Kramer, Blythe

“Before some people die physically, the soul is dead in the past.”
Sajal Ahmed

Melina Marchetta
“There's nothing to took forward to any more if you don't have dreams," he said. "Because dreams are goals and John might have run out of goals. So he died.”
Melina Marchetta

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“A life that chooses not to grow is a life that died long before it ever lived.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Men die several times in life. The time to lose the first lover. After getting married, it is time to lose his wife in old age.”
Sajal Ahmed, Maxim Maxim

Michael  Grant
“First off,” he said, “I want to say I’m sorry about E.Z. He was a good kid. He didn’t deserve…” For a moment he almost lost it as a surge of emotion welled up from nowhere. “I’m sorry he died.”
Someone sobbed loudly.
“Look, I’m going to get right to it: we have three hundred and thirty-two…I’m sorry, three hundred and thirty-one mouths to feed,” Sam said. He placed his hands on his hips and planted his feet wide apart. “We were already pretty bad off for food supplies. But after the attack by the Coates kids…well, it’s not pretty bad off, anymore, it’s desperate.”
He let that sink in. But how much were six-and eight-year-olds really grasping? Even the older kids looked more glazed than alarmed.
“Three hundred and thirty-one kids,” Sam reiterated, “And food for maybe a week. That’s not a long time. It’s not a lot of food. And as you all know, the food we have is awful.”
That got a response from the audience. The younger kids produced a chorus of gagging and retching sounds.
“All right,” Sam snapped. “Knock it off. The point is, things are really desperate.”
Michael Grant, Hunger

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

The third toll of the church bells hovered in the air, and everything became still. Someone in the village had died. Valerie froze.
A forth toll shattered the silence. The world split open, exposing a raw inside.
Valerie and Peter looked at each other first in confusion, then in awful understanding.
The fourth bell meant only one thing: Wolf attack.
She had never heard the fourth bell except for the time she and Peter had rung it themselves.
With those bells, Valerie knew.
Life would never be the same,”
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Red Riding Hood

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
“For Lucie," Peter said quietly, the flame of a gilded saint's candle fluttering in his hand."
Peter had anticipated this reaction and was prepared. He cleared his throat. "I'm paying my respects," he said, still trying to be polite. The woman was grieving for her daughter.
"I can guess the reason you're here. I've just lost one daughter," she said, her hand on the door. "I won't lose another."
"She's all I have left," she said. "And you have nothing to offer her."
Peter knew that she was right, that Valerie deserved better. But he could not give her up.
"I have a trade. The same one as your husband."
"I know what a woodcutter earns."
Peter began to protest, but Suzette stopped him. "Henry Lazar is her only hope for a better life."
Peter looked into Suzette's anguished eyes, her words hitting him somewhere deep. It sank in: He could not give Valerie a good life.
"If you love her," Suzette said, her voice cracking, "you'll leave her alone.”
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Red Riding Hood

Lana M. H. Wilder
“Someone died today. Someone was born today. It's not just a day—it's a moment.”
Lana M. H. Wilder

Shin Kyung-sook
“Did Mother know? That I, too, needed her my entire life?

-Kyung-Sook Shin, Please Look After Mother”
Kyung-Sook Shin

“What matters is not how we died but how we lived.”
Henry Johnson Jr

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“It is less that you are an adversary and more that you are someone with an opinion that (although frightening to me) might in some way enrich my own. And if I raise myself to being a partner with you on this mutual journey of ours, and if I refuse to bow to the posture of being a frightened adversary as you intersect my journey with a journey different than my own, we can profoundly change what we would have otherwise both died wrestling over.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

John Green
“My father died suddenly, but also across the years. He was still dying, really—which meant I guess that he was still living, too.”
John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Nitya Prakash
“The most important lesson to learn from history is, everybody died.”
Nitya Prakash

“I love your life because you want others to love your life. I love your life because you love your life.I love your life because you do not apply perfume after bath.I love your life because your face shines. I love your life because I love my life.I love your life because you are black like me.I love your life because you are white as I was.I love your life because you have all the races and tones and tastes that I had one day.I love your life because I died for it.I love your life because I live for it.I love your life for feeling love for the nature of love.I love your life because I love the water.I love your life because I love enjoying it in the bath.I love your life because I love to push your wheelchair.I love your life because you give me wheels.I love your life because I want to love I love your life because you sin against me today and I love your life because you forgive me in front of the mirror. I love your life because I love lying down with you. I love your life because I love your everyday meal. I love your life because you got me used to love your life. I love your life because you conquer yourself every day. I love your life because Jesus is ahead. I love your life because you identify with the good and the evil of your life. I love your life.”
Alan Maiccon
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Nitya Prakash
“A year ago, I would've died for certain people. A year later, half of them are dead to me.”
Nitya Prakash
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Steven Magee
“All high altitude workers have a right to be fully informed about the complete range of environmental toxins that they are being exposed to and the known health issues in current and past workers, including what workers have died from.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“My coworker at very high altitude died from colon cancer and another coworker died from throat cancer.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Slavery never died, it just changed form.”
Steven Magee

Audrey Niffenegger
“Elspeth died while Robert was standing in front of a vending machine watching tea shoot into a small plastic cup.”
Audrey Niffenegger, Her Fearful Symmetry

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