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E.A. Bucchianeri
“Socrates: Have you noticed on our journey how often the citizens of this new land remind each other it is a free country?
Plato: I have, and think it odd they do this.
Socrates: How so, Plato?
Plato: It is like reminding a baker he is a baker, or a sculptor he is a
Socrates: You mean to say if someone is convinced of their trade, they have
no need to be reminded.
Plato: That is correct.
Socrates: I agree. If these citizens were convinced of their freedom, they would not need reminders.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly,

Charles M. Blow
“Trump’s America is not America: not today’s or tomorrow’s, but yesterday’s.

Trump’s America is brutal, perverse, regressive, insular and afraid. There is no hope in it; there is no light in it. It is a vast expanse of darkness and desolation.

And that is a vision of America that most of the people in this country cannot and will not abide.”
Charles M. Blow

Matt Taibbi
“The new America, instead, is fast becoming a vast ghetto in which all of us, conservatives and progressives, are being bled dry by a relatively tiny oligarchy of extremely clever financial criminals and their castrato henchmen in government, whose job is to be good actors on TV and put on a good show.”
Matt Taibbi, Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America

“Profit should never come at the cost of human blood. Any government that places profit before people is pure evil.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Robert McKee
“No civilization, including Plato's, has ever been destroyed because its citizens learned too much.”
Robert McKee, Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting

Barack Obama
“When our government is spoken of as some menacing, threatening foreign entity, it ignores the fact that, in our democracy, government is us.”
Barack Obama

Charles P. Pierce
“The United States is an easy country to love because you can take it on faith that, at some point in every waking hour of the day, there is among your fellow citizens a vast exaltation of opinions that test the outer boundaries of the Crazoid.”
Charles P. Pierce, Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

David McCullough
“When bad news is riding high and despair in fashion, when loud mouths and corruption seem to own center stage, when some keep crying that the country is going to the dogs, remember it’s always been going to the dogs in the eyes of some, and that 90 percent, or more, of the people are good people, generous-hearted, law-abiding, good citizens who get to work on time, do a good job, love their country, pay their taxes, care about their neighbors, care about their children’s education, and believe, rightly, as you do, in the ideals upon which our way of life is founded.”
David McCullough, The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For

Melina Marchetta
“What about the contacts your mum had?” his dad asked.
“I rang and spoke to four very polite computers who gave me all these options and then cut out on me. Then I tried the post office, because they were advertising, and I spoke to another computer. Very rude, that one. Don’t think it recognized ‘Are you shitting me?’ as an option.”
“You know why that is?”
“Why is that, Dominic?” Tom had asked drolly, because he knew he was going to be told why.
“Because we don’t live in a society anymore, Tom. We live in an economy. We’re not citizens. We’re customers. That’s what this government’s done to us.”
Melina Marchetta, The Piper's Son

Robert H. Jackson
“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”
Robert H. Jackson

James Madison
“La más común y duradera fuente de fraccionamiento ha sido la variada y desigual distribución de la propiedad”
James Madison

John Stuart Mill
“Everyone who receives protection from the society owes a return for the benefit.”
John Stuart Mill, The Corn Laws

“You are worse than a corrupt politician if you don't vote, because tomorrow. You will be the first to complain about bad service delivery and how bad the country is being run by bad leaders and criminals.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

Abhijit Naskar
“The task will not be finished till all humans become the personification of civilization.”
Abhijit Naskar, Solo Standing on Guard: Life Before Law

Abhijit Naskar
“Each citizen must become a government unto themselves - each citizen must become law unto themselves. In other words, each citizen must become a living constitution unto themselves, with the emphasis on living, which means ever-evolving and never-rigid. Be an example of growth in the world and the world will start to grow around you out of its disparities, biases and prejudices.”
Abhijit Naskar, Solo Standing on Guard: Life Before Law

Abhijit Naskar
“Sonnet of Nation Building

Nation means not land,
Nation means not border.
Nation means sentience and sanity,
Nation means willing to treat disorder.
Nation means not habit,
Nation means not tradition.
Nation means reason and acceptance,
Nation means conscious amalgamation.
Nations means not law,
Nations means not policy.
Nation means a genuine goodness,
Nation means an accountable citizenry.
In the name of nation do not act tribal.
Nation without narrowness is a land universal.”
Abhijit Naskar, Solo Standing on Guard: Life Before Law

Abhijit Naskar
“Thus Speaks The Human (A Sonnet)

I am my government,
I write my own laws.
I need no congress to define rightness,
An alive conscience needs no one to endorse.
We barely grew out of the bible,
And already replaced it with constitution.
Before we feared an imaginary god,
Now we give law our total submission.
Law and policy may have their place,
But they are no pillars of society.
The only pillar is human conviction,
All else are shallow mockery.
One who needs law is yet to be civilized.
Be accountable and all will be humanized.”
Abhijit Naskar, Solo Standing on Guard: Life Before Law

Amit Kalantri
“Be more receptive of your responsibility than you are of your rights.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Abhijit Naskar
“People hold the reins of reform, not politicians.”
Abhijit Naskar, Generation Corazon: Nationalism is Terrorism

Abhijit Naskar
“Questioning the government is easy, what takes character is to be the solution.”
Abhijit Naskar, Mucize Insan: When The World is Family

Abhijit Naskar
“Given that you are prepared to learn, you as a responsible civilian are capable of more change than a hundred boneheaded politicians.”
Abhijit Naskar, Mucize Insan: When The World is Family

Abhijit Naskar
“Sonnet of Citizens

What can the politicians do,
Unless the people allow it!
What can the government do,
Unless the people permit it!
All corruption is born of people,
Not of politics and bureaucracy.
Corrupt politicians are only symptom,
Real disease is populist democracy.
Politics is civilized when people are civilized,
But what we have is politics of blame.
Denounce blaming and take responsibility,
Then only will your children live without shame.
Your indifference fuels all political histrionics.
Build your character and there'll be no politics.”
Abhijit Naskar, Mucize Insan: When The World is Family

Abhijit Naskar
“All corruption is born of people, not of politics and bureaucracy.”
Abhijit Naskar, Mucize Insan: When The World is Family

Abhijit Naskar
“Politics is civilized when people are civilized.”
Abhijit Naskar, Mucize Insan: When The World is Family

Abhijit Naskar
“Power to people doesn't mean power, it means responsibility.”
Abhijit Naskar, Hometown Human: To Live for Soil and Society

Abhijit Naskar
“Once the citizens take responsibility, politicians will lose their job.”
Abhijit Naskar, Hometown Human: To Live for Soil and Society

Claudia Rankine
“The American imagination has never been able to fully recover from its white-supremacist beginnings. Consequently, our laws and attitudes have been straining against the devaluation of the black body. Despite good intentions, the associations of blackness with inarticulate, bestial criminality persist beneath the appearance of white civility. This assumption both frames and determines our individual interactions and experience as citizens.”
Claudia Rankine, The Fire This Time: A New Generation Speaks About Race

“It is so sad, that poor people are not fighting for solutions , but are fighting the opposition. Every time you try to point them the problem and a solution. They ignore you and chose to ask you on which side are you on . Not knowing that we should be divided to be conquered by the enemy.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

Abhijit Naskar
“Great is not the nation that appears fancy, but one which values people over diplomacy.”
Abhijit Naskar, Hometown Human: To Live for Soil and Society

Abhijit Naskar
“Unless the people live a life of accountability, there'll be no order in society, but only an illusion of order.”
Abhijit Naskar, Solo Standing on Guard: Life Before Law

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