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Jen Campbell
“CUSTOMER: I’m always on night shift at work.
BOOKSELLER (jokingly): Is that why you’re buying so many vampire novels?
CUSTOMER (seriously): You can never be too prepared.”
Jen Campbell, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops

Steve Maraboli
“Many companies expect loyal customers without providing loyal service. This has been the visionary failure of countless corporations.”
Steve Maraboli

Melina Marchetta
“What about the contacts your mum had?” his dad asked.
“I rang and spoke to four very polite computers who gave me all these options and then cut out on me. Then I tried the post office, because they were advertising, and I spoke to another computer. Very rude, that one. Don’t think it recognized ‘Are you shitting me?’ as an option.”
“You know why that is?”
“Why is that, Dominic?” Tom had asked drolly, because he knew he was going to be told why.
“Because we don’t live in a society anymore, Tom. We live in an economy. We’re not citizens. We’re customers. That’s what this government’s done to us.”
Melina Marchetta, The Piper's Son

Max Barry
“Sales is a business of relationships, and you must cultivate customers with tenderness and love, like cabbages in winter, even if the customer is an egomaniacal asshole you want to hit with a shovel.”
Max Barry, Company

David J. Greer
“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”
David J. Greer, Wind In Your Sails

Howard Tayler
“There are customers we serve, and customers we service.
-Captain Andreyasn”
Howard Tayler, Resident Mad Scientist

Chris     Murray
“Explain the value and justify the cost - People don’t mind paying; they just don’t like to overpay.”
Chris Murray, Selling with EASE: The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction

“Always put people first, for without them, there is no organization”
David Sikhosana, Time Value of Money: Timing Income

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Unless they are off duty, no matter how wide it is, and even when it is sincere, a smile seems fake if the job description of the person who is smiling includes smiling.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Chris     Murray
“Salespeople who think that it’s all about price aren’t required: If it can be sold on the internet at the lowest price, you can take the huge cost of a sales team out of the equation.”
Chris Murray, Selling with EASE: The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction

Amber Hurdle
“With a strong personal brand, you become the only option in the eyes of your ideal customer.”
Amber Hurdle, The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, and Successful Female Entrepreneur

“Precis som när man typ sorterat Plopp i 34 minuter och lagt alla chokladkakor helt perfekt jämnt och underbart och med etikettsidan uppåt och så kommer det någon kund som bara HATAR ALLT VACKERT och förstör och kanske gud förbjude lägger en Twix på tornet så att all underbart i hela mänskligheten förstörs och Bambis mamma är död och man påminns igen om alltets förgängelse.”
Erika Petersson, Drottningen i kassan

“Nej tyvärr, den här varan har aldrig varit såhär slut någonsin. Den är mer slut än jag någonsin varit med om. Den här varan är så extremt slut. Ser du här, hur slut den är? Nej förlåt, det går inte att se för att den är så sjukt slut.”
Erika Petersson, Drottningen i kassan

Chris     Murray
“The salesperson you’d ideally like to be and the salesperson you’d like to encounter as a customer should roughly be the same, shouldn’t they?”
Chris Murray, Selling with EASE: The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction

Sam Walton
“If you don’t listen to your customers, someone else will.”
Sam Walton

Paul Auster
“Everybody make words,' he continued. 'Everybody write things down. Children in school do lessons in my books. Teachers put grades in my books. Love letters sent in envelopes I sell. Ledgers for accountants, pads for shopping lists, agendas for planning week. Everything in here important to life, and that make me happy, give honour to my life.'
The man delivered his little speech with such solemnity, such a grave sense of purpose and commitment, I confess that I felt moved. What kind of stationery store owner was this, I wondered, who expounded to his customers on the metaphysics of paper, who saw himself as serving an essential role in the myriad affairs of humanity? There was something comical about it, I suppose, but as I listened to him talk, it didn't occur to me to laugh.”
Paul Auster

“It takes just a step to meet a potential customer!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Chris     Murray
“When your pipeline is full – with business coming out of your ears – the notion of people asking for a discount will sound hilarious, because you’ll already be at capacity”
Chris Murray, Selling with EASE: The Four Step Sales Cycle Found in Every Successful Business Transaction

Adam Kirk Smith
“People who succeed in business aren't afraid to hear feedback from their customers -- they actually thrive from it.”
Adam Kirk Smith

Amit Kalantri
“Be a worthy company and clients will come.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Rasheed Ogunlaru
“To me everything in business boils down to this: do you genuinely care about your customers - or just their cash?”
Rasheed Ogunlaru, Soul Trader: Putting the Heart Back into Your Business

Kate   O'Neill
“The best way for marketing to “know the customer” now is to truly function as a knowledge center, iterating through efforts to connect with customers, optimizing for insight, seeking to create more meaningful relationships with customers by getting clearer and clearer about what different people value for different reasons.”
Kate O'Neill, Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces

Steven Magee
“Arguably insane utility workers that blatantly harass law abiding customers is likely to become more frequent as the long term effects of biologically toxic radio frequency (RF) radiation exposures from their transmitting smart meters continues to emerge.”
Steven Magee

Pearl Zhu
“The agile way is customer-centric, purpose-driven, capability-based and talent-oriented.”
Pearl Zhu, Digital Agility: The Rocky Road from Doing Agile to Being Agile

“Bestseller is not the one who sells a million.
Best Seller is the one who has no customers, only friends.”
Vineet Raj Kapoor

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Only children, fools, and cowards would allow a company to treat them as if prices were set by customers.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“The world’s most deadly fluff is: “I would definitely buy that.” It just sounds so concrete. As a founder, you desperately want to believe it’s money in the bank. But folks are wildly optimistic about what they would do in the future. They’re always more positive, excited, and willing to pay in the imagined future than they are once it arrives.”
Rob Fitzpatrick, The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you

“We go through the futile process of asking for opinions and fish for compliments because we crave approval. We want to believe that the support and sign-off of someone we respect means our venture will succeed. But really, that person’s opinion doesn’t matter. They have no idea if the business is going to work. Only the market knows. You’re searching for the truth, not trying to be right. And you want to do it as quickly and cheaply as possible. Learning that your beliefs are wrong is frustrating, but it’s progress. It’s bringing you ever closer to the truth of a real problem and a good market. The worst thing you can do is ignore the bad news while searching for some tiny grain of validation to celebrate. You want the truth, not a gold star.”
Rob Fitzpatrick, The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you

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