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Eoin Colfer
“That was horrible. Horrible. That poor little guy."
Pex was unrepentant. "Yeah, well, he asked for it. Calling us ... all those things."
But---buried alive! That's like in that horror movie. Y'know -- the one with all the horror."
I think I saw that one. With all the words going up on the screen at the end?"
Yeah, that was it. Tell you the truth, those words kinda ruined it for me.”
Eoin Colfer, The Eternity Code

Patrick Ness
“The justifications of men who kill should always be heard with skepticism, said the monster.”
Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls

Ruta Sepetys
“Killers aren't always assassins. Sometimes, they don't even have blood on their hands.”
Ruta Sepetys, Salt to the Sea

Dan Wells
“It's a pretty big shock to realise that the only people you can identify with are psychopathic killers.”
Dan Wells, Mr. Monster

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
“Maybe, to do what you and I do, we have to have a little bit of the monster in us.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Killer Instinct

Paula Stokes
“We are not killers,” Gideon says firmly.

“In my experience everyone is a killer.” Baz’s eyes go cold. He leans back against the wall. “Or a victim. Some people just need a little coaxing to choose a side.”
Paula Stokes, Vicarious

Robert J. Sawyer
“Naturally, one does not normally discuss plans to commit murder with the intended victim.”
Robert J. Sawyer, Flashforward

Paul Cleave
“Most killers have pretty average lifestyles. Steady jobs too. Sometimes they're even living the family life-white picket fence and a four-door sedan. That's what makes them so scary. They act human and they slot into society and since a young age they've known how to hide the crazy; they put it up on a shelf and only bring it out on special occasions.”
Paul Cleave, The Killing Hour

Charlotte McConaghy
“If you truly think wolves are the blood spillers, then you're blind...We do that. We are the people killers, the children killers. We're the monsters.”
Charlotte McConaghy, Once There Were Wolves

Poppy Z. Brite
“Stay with me.’ His eyes shone. ‘Play with me.”
Poppy Z. Brite, Exquisite Corpse

“We don't read true crime to condone it, we read it to understand it.”
Ghoul Von Horror

John E. Douglas
“Within just about every serial predator, there are two warring elements: A feeling of grandiosity, specialness, and entitlement, together with deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness and a sense that they have not gotten the breaks in life that they should”
John Edward Douglas, The Killer Across the Table: Unlocking the Secrets of Serial Killers and Predators with the FBI's Original Mindhunter

Jeff Berney
“Everyone has secrets.
Some are just darker than others.
And some, well, they're worth killing to keep.”
Jeff Berney, A Killer Secret

Jim Thompson
“You don't need proof, know what I mean? Not from what I've seen of the law in operation. All you need is a tip that a guy is guilty. From then on, unless he's a big shot, it's just a matter of making him admit it.”
Jim Thompson, The Killer Inside Me

John E. Douglas
“This is often the way crimes get solved- through a side door. The clue that led to New York’s “son of Sam” killings was a parking ticket David Berkowitz was issued for parking his Ford Galaxie too close to a fire hydrant near the site of his final murder”
John Edward Douglas, The Killer Across the Table: Unlocking the Secrets of Serial Killers and Predators with the FBI's Original Mindhunter

Steven Magee
“Monsanto is among the biggest serial killers in the USA.”
Steven Magee

Mick Herron
“We are talking about a bunch of mindless bottom feeders who is general ignorance of a way of life is tempered only by their indifference to human suffering, we are all agreed on that?"
"Is this the politicians all the killers?"
"good point, but I meant the killers.”
Mick Herron, London Rules

Anthony T. Hincks
“Don't leave my heart alone.
At least keep some other body parts with it in the freezer.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Aida Mandic
“I barely escaped Sarajevo in one piece
Chetniks looked directly at my mother
They were eager to kill us like mice
She saw their evil eyes, as cold as ice

They wanted to ensure our extinction
They wanted to plan our demise
But despite their ammunition
We were strategic, clever, and wise

Imagine being in a situation like that
What would you do?
What would you think?
How would you deal with the intensity
Of being afraid to even blink?

Think about people that matter to you most
What if they became like a distant ghost?
What if all your friends, family, and favorite things
Suddenly became birds with clipped wings?”
Aida Mandic, Justice For Bosnia and Herzegovina

Steven Magee
“The various man-made environmental radiation industries are among the biggest serial killers in the USA.”
Steven Magee

Tracie Daily
“I spent that night sat on his bed peeling the burnt skin off his back in huge white sheets. Most nights we would watch through the bedroom window as the drunks went past.

One night a group was outside and had turned violent. Which wasn’t unusual but this night Alan shouted out of the window “that’s enough lads! Leave him!”
They didn’t listen. He shouted again this time towards the house but with the window still open “Pat bring the shotgun!” They vanished. We didn’t even own a shotgun. We did own a blank firing six shooter pistol though. I don’t know why.”
Tracie Daily, Tracie's Story: Care Abuse Love Murder

Tracie Daily
“Macclesfield was like a wound I couldn't stop picking. I didn't know if I'd ever heal or if my constant pulling at the scab would leave me open to infection but I did know I had to keep doing it. I had to find out what lay beneath each layer of skin even if it meant that I felt more and more pain. It could have been another form of self harm or it could have been a part of my journey I just had to make.
Either way I was compelled to continue. Could I get Jodie and Jonathon back?
Could I see them playing again?
Would Courtney accept me into her family?
Perhaps I'd belong there until I got my family back together?
Okay so I couldn't grow up with Alan as I'd liked but I could try and fit in with Clive and Phil. The thought hurt, I could easily turn to crime but how would that help with the social services?”
Tracie Daily, CHECKMATE: Care Abuse Love Murder

John le Carré
“He liked people who looked after things, who finished what they began. He liked thoroughness and precision. No skimping. Like this murderer. What had Scarr said? "Young mind, but cool. Cool as charity." He knew that look, and Scarr had known it too...the look of complete negation that reposed in the eyes of a young killer. Not the look of a wild beast, not the grinning savagery of a maniac, but the look born of supreme efficiency, tried and proven. It was a stage beyond the experience of war
The witnessing of death in war brings a sophistication of its own, but beyond that, far beyond, is the conviction of supremacy in the heart of the professional killer.”
John le Carré, Call for the Dead

Tracie Daily
“With Angela's help I'd become much more confident in my abilities yet I still didn't know who I was, what music I liked or felt stable enough to set my home up as a home and why was I training? It made me feel better but it wasn't leading to a fight so what was the point? I let the art therapy or self work as I'd started calling it slack and I'd stopped meditating. Before I knew it I was taking the late night parties home with me. Just a small bottle of Baileys of a night and then within weeks I was getting up hungover, going for a run and picking up more on the way home. I'd just survived, I'd won at everything and who cared? What did it change? One night I fell off a P.C chair and cracked a rib because I'd drank tequila too fast,”
Tracie Daily, CHECKMATE: Care Abuse Love Murder

John Connolly
“There are people whose eyes you must avoid, whose attention you must not draw to yourself. They are strange, parasitic creatures, lost souls seeking to stretch across the abyss and make fatal contact with the warm, constant flow of humanity. They live in pain and exist only to visit that pain on others. A random glance, the momentary lingering of a look, is enough to give them the excuse they seek.”
John Connolly, The Killing Kind

“Hackers are curse to the society. The people who are stealing your private & financial life are worst than killers.”
Sonal Takalkar

John Marrs
“Theirs is a mismatched partnership, yet they're made for one another. Only together can they be their true selves. Outside in the real world, where they have no control over their environment, they are forced to adapt and perform. They are quiet and unassuming and I expect most people forget who they are soon after crossing paths with them. They get away with what they do by hiding in plain sight and by being ordinary. Nobody sees in them what I see because they have no reason to look Only I notice the hollowness of their eyes.”
John Marrs, Keep It In The Family

Steven Magee
“Serial killers do not tell their partner what they do when away from the home.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Serial killers are closely related to secret sex addicts, as they both have desires that need to be constantly fed.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Some police officers have turned out to be serial killers.”
Steven Magee

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