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J.D. Robb
“Do you think you're walking out on me, on your life, because you defended yourself against a monster?"

"I killed my father."

"You killed a fucking monster. You were a child. Are you going to stand there, look me in the face, and tell me that child was to blame?"

She opened her mouth, closed it. "It's not a matter of how I see it, Roarke. The law--"

"The law should have protected you!" With visions dancing evilly in his head, he snapped. He could all but hear the tight wire of control break. "Goddamn the law. What good did it do either one of us when we needed it most? You want to chuck your badge because the law's too fucking weak to care for it's innocents, for it's children, be my guest. Throw your career away. But you're not getting rid of me.”
J.D. Robb, Immortal in Death

Michael Bassey Johnson
“It doesn't really matter if you are left behind the back, but what matters is your capacity to pull and push everyone by your way to get to the front.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Ilona Andrews
“Well, shit," Dobe said. "I guess you're familiar with the law. You hit it over the head, set its house on fire, and got its sister pregnant.”
Ilona Andrews, Bayou Moon

Albert Camus
“If pimps and thieves were invariably sentenced, all decent people would get to thinking they themselves were constantly innocent.”
Albert Camus, The Fall

Gabriel Chevallier
“The law, as manipulated by clever and highly respected rascals, still remains the best avenue for a career of honourable and leisurely plunder.”
Gabriel Chevallier, Clochemerle

G.K. Chesterton
“No man is such a legalist as the good Secularist.”
G.K. Chesterton, The Innocence of Father Brown

Dana Marton
“Murph took his shot and dropped the bastard right out of the tree. then he stood. "I'm an American soldier, you son of a bitch.”
Dana Marton, Deathwatch

R. Alan Woods
“Sermon On the Mount: "You have heard it said of old..."

"Jesus was referring to the 'letter of the Mosaic law' of the OT then went on to illustrate that He embodied the fulfillment of that 'law' and that now we may walk in the 'Law of the Spirit' thereby realizing the 'liberty' He came to 'engift' us with. We therefore are no longer subject to judgement but rather Grace as we 'abide' in Him. Additionally, the 'early church' fathers of which Paul was the first are what God intended the Ecclesia to be developed and built upon".

~R. Alan Woods [2012]”
R. Alan Woods

R. Alan Woods
“We are no longer under the 'Law', but rather the Grace of God in Christ."

~R. Alan Woods [2013]”
R. Alan Woods, The Journey Is the Destination: A Book of Quotes With Commentaries

“Emancipation from suffering is your birthright.”
Erin Fall Haskell

Yukio Mishima
“The law is an accumulation of tireless attempts to block a man's desire to change life into an instant of poetry. Certainly it would not be right to let everybody exchange his life for a line of poetry written with a splash of blood. But the mass of men, lacking valor, pass away their lives without ever feeling the least touch of such a desire.”
Yukio Mishima, Runaway Horses

Colin S. Smith
“The Law of God was never a ladder for unsaved people to climb up to heaven. It was always a pattern of life for God’s people who had been saved from judgment by the blood of the Lamb.”
Colin S. Smith, Unlocking the Bible Story: Old Testament 2

Bernard Cornwell
“The law. we are told, is what makes us men under God instead of beasts in the ditch”
Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom

Rachel Held Evans
“The Law taught the Israelites how to rest on the Sabbath, treat immigrants with compassion, and celebrate their deliverance story through rituals and holidays. It called them to worship one God, denouncing all forms of idolatry, and to honor that God with a community characterized by order and neighborliness. In an ancient world that often celebrated violent indulgence, the Law offered a sense of stability and moral purpose.”
Rachel Held Evans, Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again