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Bret Easton Ellis
“It strikes me profoundly that the world is more often than not a bad and cruel place.”
Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

Thomas  Harris
“He lives down in a ribcage in the dry leaves of a heart.”
Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs

Thomas  Harris
“God's creatures who cried themselves to sleep stirred to cry again.”
Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs

Tim Dorsey
“But you have to understand, mental illness is like cholesterol. There is is good kind and the bad. Without the good kind- less flavor to life. Van Gogh, Beethoven, Edgar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath, Pink Floyd (the early Piper at the Gates of Dawn line up), scientific breakthroughs, spiritual revolution, utopian visions, zany nationalism that kills millions- wait, that’s the bad kind. Tim Dorsey (Hurricane Punch)”
Tim Dorsey, Hurricane Punch

Jeff Lindsay
“She stared at me "You have a message," she said. "On you machine."
I looked over at my answering machine. Sure enough, the light was blinking. The woman really was a detective.
"It's some girl," La Guerta said. "She sounds kind of sleepy and happy. You got a girlfriend, Dexter?" there was a strange hint of a challenge in her voice.
"You know how it is," I said. "Women today are so forward, and when you are as handsome as I am they absolutely fling themselves at your head." Perhaps an unfortunate choice of words; as I said it I couldn't help thinking of the woman's head flung at me not so long ago.
"Watch out," La Guerta said. "Sooner or later one of them will stick." I had no idea what she thought that meant, but it was a very unsettling image.
"I'm sure you're right," I said. "Until then, carpe diem."
"It's Latin," I said. "It means, complain in the daylight.”
Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Maureen Johnson
“Rory: "People are being serious."

Jazza: "There's a serial killer out there. Of course people are being serious."

Rory: "Yeah, but what are the chances?"

Jazza: "I bet all of the victims thought that."

Rory: "But still, what are the chances?"

Jazza: "Well, I imagine they are several million to one."

Jerome: "Not that high. You're only dealing with a small part of London. And while there might be a million or more people in that area, the Ripper is probably focusing on women, because all of the original victims were women. So halve that--"

Jazza: "You really need another hobby.”
Maureen Johnson, The Name of the Star

Brian Masters
“Shower while there were two dead bodies in the bathtub, and he was sane. He drilled holes in the heads of living people to make them his unresisting companions, and he was sane. He ate a bicep which he fried in a skillet, tenderised and sprinkled with sauce, and he was sane. For hours he lay with corpses, hugging them, cherishing them, and he was sane. He kept eleven assorted heads and skulls, and two complete skeletons, for eventual use in a home-made temple, and he was sane.”
Brian Masters, The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

Joyce Carol Oates
“For the writer, the serial killer is, abstractly, an analogue of the imagination's caprices and amorality; the sense that, no matter the dictates and even the wishes of the conscious social self, the life or will or purpose of the imagination is incomprehensible, unpredictable.”
Joyce Carol Oates

“He should have recognized that what really fascinated him was the hunt, the adventure of searching out his victims. And, to a degree, possessing them physically, as one would possess a potted plant, a painting or a Porsche. Owning, as it were, this individual.”
Ted Bundy

Morana Blue
“SWAT? For me?" Still trembling, one hand clung to the ambulance gurney, the other held a massive sterilised cotton wool wad under my nose.
"Tactical Support was busy. You got Dennis and Arlo," said Harry, speed-reading the papers he'd snatched from inside my jacket.
Closest his hands had been to my chest in a long time.
"Which one broke my nose?"
"That'd be Dennis.”
Morana Blue, Gatsby's Smile

“We don't read true crime to condone it, we read it to understand it.”
Ghoul Von Horror

Lauren Beukes
“It doesn't escape him that the rock holding it up is the perfect fit for his fist. Or how easily one of those needle spokes would slide right through the girl's eye like Jell-O.”
Lauren Beukes, The Shining Girls

Dan Wells
“This was it. This was what I had never felt before--an emotional connection to another human being. I'd tried kindness, I'd tried love, I'd tried friendship. I'd tried talking and sharing and watching, and nothing had ever worked until now. Until fear. I felt her fear in every inch of my body like an electric hum, and I was alive for the first time. I needed more right then or the craving would eat me alive.”
Dan Wells, I Am Not a Serial Killer

“The best horror is always about more than the horror you see.”
H.L. Sudler, You Won't Forget Me

Mark  Hewitt
“It was not a Zodiac attack until the Zodiac said it was a Zodiac attack.”
Mark Hewitt, Hunted: The Zodiac Murders

C. Sean McGee
“The absence of God is as divine as God itself."

- London When It Rains”
C. Sean McGee, London When it Rains

Philip  Elliott
“I know a thing or two 'bout killing and there ain't no way to kill someone by accident. You got to work at killing.”
Philip Elliott, Nobody Move

Mark Lopez
“The last thing he heard was my low, excited breathing as I stared into his white eyes as his life slowly slipped away.
-Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez

Brian Spellman
“The Associoationopath's Cookbook: I just finished a recipe that actually prepared a good taste. Mince up a handful of doorway garlic cloves, fully drained, chop stalked celery, hack apart a few red tomatoes, eviscerate their seeds, disembowel twin portobellos and and saute with spinach over Olive Oyl ... nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, dicing up onions last so as careful not to cry. Feeds one. Yummy. No, not in good taste. Now what to call it? Saute Of Interest List. Art imitates ... none of your business!”
Brian Spellman, We have our difference in common 2.

Zeba Blay
“There’s a subtlety to transphobia that we don’t see, because we’re not meant to see it. That subtly lies with making transphobic stereotypes so pervasive that they go unquestioned, unchallenged, undiscussed. So when trans and gender-nonconforming people call out these stereotypes, we should listen. Just because something is a common trope doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful, complicated and worthy of critique.”
Zeba Blay

Brian Spellman
“If sensing so badly of yourself you also sense a need to knock the sense out of me to sense that, then I sense sadly that you cannot make better sense ... sadder still if you cannot sense my sincerity.”
Brian Spellman

K.M. Dudley
“Mirroring his earlier motions, Daisy searches around the room to verify they are alone and whispers with a hint of destruction, “I’m going to crush the male species into oblivion, one sale at a time. Then fill a pool with their tears and swan dive off the fucking high board.”
K.M. Dudley, CAVALIER: A Novel

K.M. Dudley
“Let me ask you this: If I told you I could give you anything you want in the world, would you be happy?”
K.M. Dudley, CAVALIER: A Novel

Anne Lamott
“I scuttled across the screen like Prufrock's crab. I was very clearly the one who was going to grow up to be a serial killer, or to keep dozens and dozens of cats. Instead, I got funny.”
Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Andrew Mayne
“I think it is more than chance. It also tells me that if we want to avoid going extinct, we have to realize we're already at war with an enemy that's master genetic engineering and is conducting trillions of experiments every second, figurig out new ways to kill us.”
Andrew Mayne, Dark Pattern

Robert Cormier
“I don't laugh very much," he said, realizing the truth of the statement as he made it, this sudden bit of knowledge disturbing him.”
Robert Cormier, Tenderness

Ian  Kirkpatrick
“Alex tossed the towel onto the counter. “Part on the left or right?” he said. “No middle parts though. Only future serial killer victims part their hair in the middle.”
Ian Kirkpatrick, Dead End Drive

Peter J.   Perry
“Williams looks up in surprise. “So, she died yesterday, early morning, before sunrise?” He questions the lieutenant.
Jenkins nods, a look of disdain on her face. “You’ve been right all along. Consistent pattern. Too consistent to be coincidence. It’s definitely him. Apartment looks cleaner than is realistically plausible. It’s as though no one even lived here... It’s him. He was here,” Jenkins tells him. She taps her pen on her notebook periodically as she speaks. A nervous tick. Williams notices she wants this killer caught just as much as he does.
Williams nods in agreement. Being vindicated is a hollow victory. All along, he has been hoping for some monumental turn of events to prove him wrong. In his heart, he knows he will never be that lucky. But here they are, gathered around another crime scene, the truth slowly revealing itself.”
Peter J. Perry, Origen: A True Story Of Evil

Liz Mistry
“That part of her life she kept locked up in a dark closet at the back of her mind and, the truth was, she didn't want to ever have to open it up.”
Liz Mistry, Unbound Ties

Marjorie DeLuca
“She poisoned my life with a secret.
One that must be guarded with lies.
But I read once in a poetry book that a lie is but the truth in masquerade, so I am not afraid, for this past year I have survived by subterfuge and pretence.”
Marjorie DeLuca, The Savage Instinct

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