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Neil Gaiman
“One describes a tale best by telling the tale. You see? The way one describes a story, to oneself or to the world, is by telling the story. It is a balancing act and it is a dream. The more accurate the map, the more it resembles the territory. The most accurate map possible would be the territory, and thus would be perfectly accurate and perfectly useless.
The tale is the map that is the territory.
You must remember this.”
Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Jenny Han
“If love is like a possession, maybe my letter are like my exorcisms”
Jenny Han, To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Stephanie Perkins
“A blank canvas...has unlimited possibilities.”
Stephanie Perkins, Isla and the Happily Ever After

“Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you’ve met them before?”
JoAnne Kenrick, When A Mullo Loves A Woman

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“He shook his head. "The next time I hear a women going on about how neurotic men are, I'm going to remember this. You tell me you like my body, and what do I say? I say, thank you. Then I tell you I like yours and what do I hear? A long lists of grievances.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

Abbi Glines
“I had fallen too far. I was in love with Rush Finlay.”
Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far

Rebecca Serle
“Sometimes...the hardest part about letting someone go is realizing that you were never meant to have them.”
Rebecca Serle, When You Were Mine

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“She threw up her hands. "All right. Why not?"

Why not?"


His arms fell to his sides. "That's it? I pour my heart out. I love you so much I've got freakin' tears in my eyes. And all I get in return is 'Why not'?"

What did you expect? Am I supposed to fall all over you just because you've finally come to your senses?"

Would it be too much to ask?"...He'd begun to glare at her again, his eyes growing stormier by the minute."When do you think you might be ready? To fall all over me, that is.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Breathing Room

Lora Leigh
“I am yours," he whispered. "I live to hold you, Risa. I breathe to touch you.”
Lora Leigh

Courtney Summers
“You know all the ways you can kill a girl?

God, there are so many.”
Courtney Summers, All the Rage

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“Now, this is where I draw the line! It's bad enough everybody in town's going to be thinkin' I'm sleeping with a depressed, lice-ridden, hemorrhoidal foreigner who likes to be tied up and might be pregnant, although-since she's just about cornered the market on condoms-I don't know how that could have happened. But I will not-you listen to me, Emma!-I absolutely will not have anybody thinkin' a woman of mine needs a vaginal moisturizer, do you hear me?”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lady Be Good

Rebecca Serle
“How do you mourn something that never really belonged to you?”
Rebecca Serle, When You Were Mine

Abbi Glines
“You naked in my bed is even more unbelievably beautiful than I thought it would be... and trust me I've thought about it. A lot.”
Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far

Abbi Glines
“Please. Forgive me. One more chance, Blaire. I want this. I want you.”
Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far

Jandy Nelson
“Let me just unsubscribe to my own mind already, because I don't get any of it.”
Jandy Nelson, The Sky Is Everywhere

Rebecca Serle
“What if the greatest love story ever told was the wrong one?”
Rebecca Serle, When You Were Mine

Stephanie Perkins
“We're enveloped in pitch black. "Wait here," I whisper.
"Are you getting your ax?"
"Kinky. But, okay, I'll try it.”
Stephanie Perkins, Isla and the Happily Ever After

Estelle Maskame
“No te rindas.”
Estelle Maskame, Did I Mention I Need You?

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“The engine roared to life. He ran toward her. She shot our of her parking space. He rushed to the side of her car. "Stop it, Kristy! You're overreacting! Let's talk about this." That was when she did the unthinkable. She rolled down the window, thrust out her hand, and gave Reverend Ethan Bonner the bird.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Dream a Little Dream

Holly Bourne
“The only love affair I needed to invest in right now was one with myself. Spend some time with me. Figuring out myself and why I picked the relationships I did. I was holding out my heart to me. Because I'd realised I was the only person who could give me a happily-ever-after.”
Holly Bourne, It Only Happens in the Movies

Elizabeth Funderbirk
“...Love can give you the most exhilarating wonderful highs at times...
...Then there will be dives that will take all you have just to hold on...

Quote on the Title Page of "Love TORN Asunder”
Elizabeth Funderbirk, Love Torn Asunder

Kasie West
“Even though I knew this might end in heartbreak, that he might make my life scary and complicated and unpredictable, I knew I couldn't let him walk away. Because I knew he'd also make my life happy and comforting and full.”
Kasie West, By Your Side

“In his arms, I slowly unfolded like a love note read in secret.”
Jill S. Alexander, Paradise

Trần Dần
“Không biết, tôi đã đọc ở đâu, một í kiến về thời gian, như thế này: hiện tại được coi, như biên giới của hai KHÔNG. Cái KHÔNG thứ nhất là dĩ vãng, vốn đã có, bây giờ không có nữa. Cái KHÔNG thứ hai là tương lai, bây giờ chưa có, vì vậy bây giờ cũng không. Hiện tại chính là khoảng sột soạt giữa hai bờ vực ấy, giữa hai cái KHÔNG ấy. Cho nên hiện tại cũng không là gì cả.”
Trần Dần

Nyrae Dawn
“A laugh jumps out of my mouth, surprising me. I can’t even remember the last time I laughed and it puts me on edge. I suddenly want to do the same thing to her. Let her see how it feels to teeter on that cliff.”
Nyrae Dawn, Charade

Gayle Forman
“Forgivenesss: It's a miracle drug. It's God's miracle drug.”
Gayle Forman, I Was Here

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“He stopped to rest at a cart selling nuts and candy, bought himself some Jelly Belly's, flirted just enought with the Mexican cutie working there to convince her pull out the banana-flavored one. Although he liked his Jelly Belly's mixed up, he didn't like banana, but, since it took too much effort to pull them out himself, he generally tried to talk someone else into doing it. If that didn't work, he just ate 'em.

- Kenny Traveler”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lady Be Good

Daniel Amory
“I don’t think I’ve ever referred to any girl I dated as my girlfriend. I think that would freak me out. Even the girl that I dated for two years in college I don’t think I ever referred to her as my girlfriend.”
“How would you introduce her?” I asked.
“I’m just going to say her name,” he said.”
Daniel Amory, Minor Snobs

Don DeLillo
“The thinness of contemporary life. I can poke my finger through it.”
Don DeLillo, Zero K

Vera Nazarian
“Here's a new 'Blessing' for our time --

'May Anderson Cooper never be sent to report on your town!”
Vera Nazarian

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