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Tim Dorsey
“But you have to understand, mental illness is like cholesterol. There is is good kind and the bad. Without the good kind- less flavor to life. Van Gogh, Beethoven, Edgar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath, Pink Floyd (the early Piper at the Gates of Dawn line up), scientific breakthroughs, spiritual revolution, utopian visions, zany nationalism that kills millions- wait, that’s the bad kind. Tim Dorsey (Hurricane Punch)”
Tim Dorsey, Hurricane Punch

Tim Dorsey
“That, and the untended mental health problems. We have all these insane armed hobos coming from the Midwest, usually Ohio. Fuck Ohio.”
Tim Dorsey, Florida Roadkill

Zack Love
“Sadly enough, sometimes you and Lenny are the only real human interactions that I have all day. The rest of the day I'm just like a machine that mechnically computes and produces

Also in "Stories and Scripts:An Anthology”
Zack Love, The Doorman

Tim Dorsey
“Yes Serge has killed a lot of people , but let's not overlook all of his other accomplishments.”
Tim Dorsey