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Chuck Palahniuk
“I admire addicts. In a world where everybody is waiting for some blind, random disaster or some sudden disease, the addict has the comfort of knowing what will most likely wait for him down the road. He's taken some control over his ultimate fate, and his addiction keeps the cause of his death from being a total surprise.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

William S. Burroughs
“The question is frequently asked: Why does a man become a drug addict?
The answer is that he usually does not intend to become an addict. You don’t wake up one morning and decide to be a drug addict. It takes at least three months’ shooting twice a day to get any habit at all. And you don’t really know what junk sickness is until you have had several habits. It took me almost six months to get my first habit, and then the withdrawal symptoms were mild. I think it no exaggeration to say it takes about a year and several hundred injections to make an addict.
The questions, of course, could be asked: Why did you ever try narcotics? Why did you continue using it long enough to become an addict? You become a narcotics addict because you do not have strong motivations in the other direction. Junk wins by default. I tried it as a matter of curiosity. I drifted along taking shots when I could score. I ended up hooked. Most addicts I have talked to report a similar experience. They did not start using drugs for any reason they can remember. They just drifted along until they got hooked. If you have never been addicted, you can have no clear idea what it means to need junk with the addict’s special need. You don’t decide to be an addict. One morning you wake up sick and you’re an addict. (Junky, Prologue, p. xxxviii)”
William S. Burroughs, Junky

Sherman Alexie
“There are all kinds of addicts, I guess. We all have pain. And we all look for ways to make the pain go away. (107)”
Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

John Grisham
“Shame was an emotion he had abandoned years earlier. Addicts know no shame. You disgrace yourself so many times you become immune to it.”
John Grisham, The Testament

“Every time I draw a clean breath, I'm like a fish out of water.”
Narcotics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous

Jeet Thayil
“Then there are the addicts, the hunger addicts, the rage addicts, the poverty addicts , and power addicts, and the pure addicts who are addicted not to substances but to the oblivion and the tenderness the substances engender. An addict, if you don't mind me saying so, is like a saint. What is a saint but someone who has cut himself off, voluntarily, from the world's traffic and currency.”
Jeet Thayil, Narcopolis

Oliver Markus
“When you push someone's head under water for 5 minutes, they will drown. It doesn't matter if the person is a sinner or a saint. It's just a natural process. If their head is under water, the lack of oxygen will make them drown. That rule applies to everyone, good or bad, equally. It doesn't matter if the drowning person has strong moral fiber.

And it doesn't matter if you're a good or a bad person, once you become addicted to drugs. What happens next is inevitable. It's a natural process that happens in everyone's brain, once the drugs take over. So don't ever fool yourself into thinking that only weak or bad people get addicted.”
Oliver Markus, Bad Choices Make Good Stories - The Heroin Scene in Fort Myers

Oliver Markus
“Don't ever think you're better than a drug addict, because your brain works the same as theirs. You have the same circuits. And drugs would affect your brain in the same way it affects theirs. The same thought process that makes them screw up over and over again would make you screw up over and over as well, if you were in their shoes. You probably already are doing it, just not with heroin or crack, but with food or cigarettes, or something else you shouldn't be doing.”
Oliver Markus, Bad Choices Make Good Stories - The Heroin Scene in Fort Myers

Layne Staley
“There are lasting consequences for using drugs. I'll still be paying for my prior use.”
Layne Staley

“When people who believe themselves to be addicts or alcoholics come under great stress or trauma, they mentally give themselves permission to drink or use drugs as a remedy.”
Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

Layne Staley
“Drugs will have a huge effect on my work for the rest of my life, whether I'm using or not.”
Layne Staley

Oliver Markus
“Being mad at a drug addict for doing what drug addicts do, is like being mad at a shark for doing what sharks do, or being mad at a cockroach for doing what cockroaches do.”
Oliver Markus, Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey

“Mature men look into the ladies hearts.
Immature ones mention constantly their body parts.
They mentioned sex like they’re obsessed.
Enslaved by drugs and alcohol; helpless.”
Ricardo Derose

Christopher Hawke
“There are casualties in war. Those who don’t make it back to a place of sound hopes and dreams. Some take on their demons alone. They are deceived into fearlessness and trampled by the hooves of their oppressor.
Besides intervention, there is little justice for the thousands-upon-thousands hacked to pieces all around us.
How dare we try to take life to the next level. Instead of merely protecting ourselves or scrounging up our next meal, we have the audacity to hope for something more—a witness for our lives who will survive alongside us.”
Christopher Hawke, Unnatural Truth

Lauren Beukes
“So are you an inmate or a rubbernecker?" she asks.

"Rubbernecker," I answer without hesitation. "You?"

"I'm a screw. Or on staff, anyway. Used to be an inmate. Repeat offender. Crimes against my body. Puking sickness followed by heroin, which led to more puking sickness." I'd be surprised at her forthrightness, but that's addicts for you. The twelve steps crack 'em open and then they can't shut up.”
Lauren Beukes, Zoo City

Henry Cloud
“You cannot fix people who will not take feedback, because from their perspective, they do not have a problem.”
Henry Cloud, Necessary Endings: The Employees, Businesses, and Relationships That All of Us Have to Give Up in Order to Move Forward

Ashly Lorenzana
“I know that my grandmother certainly did nothing to warrant my mother stealing all of her jewelry that my grandfather had given her as gifts over the years, just so she could peddle it for heroin on the street. Those were precious metals and gems that could never be replaced, and each one had a story behind it. A love story between my grandparents, that my mother flushed down a proverbial toilet so that she could shoot up, throw up and pass out.”
Ashly Lorenzana, Speed Needles

“Government agencies are trying to get doctors to cut back on prescribing opioids. I understand that they need to do something about the epidemic of overdoses. However, labeling everyone as addicts, including those who responsibly take opioids for chronic pain, is not the answer. If the proposed changes take effect, they would force physicians to neglect their patients. Moreover, legitimate pain patients, like myself, would be left in agony on a daily basis.”
Alison Moore,

Kim Harrison
“Kisten's eyes went distant, falling from mine as he gently pulled my arms into a less aggressive posture. "Most people," he said, "are desperate to be needed. And if they don't feel good about themselves or think they're undeserving of love, some will fasten upon the worst possible way to satisfy that need to punish themselves. They're the addicts, the shadows both claimed and unclaimed, passed like the fawning sheep they make themselves into as they search for a glimmer of worth, knowing it's false even as they beg for it. Yes, it is ugly. And yes, we take advantage of those who let us. But which is worse, taking from someone who wants you to, knowing in your soul that you're a monster, or taking from an unwilling person and proving it?”
Kim Harrison, Every Which Way But Dead

Heather O'Neill
“What the hell is that?" he asked.
"Magic mushrooms."
"I've always wanted to try those," he exclaimed. "They sound so cute.”
Heather O'Neill, Lullabies for Little Criminals

“It goes without saying that a great majority of men are sex addicts, or would be if they could manage to get laid.”
Drew Nellins Smith, Arcade

Steven Magee
“I have never heard of an electromagnetically hypersensitive person recovering from the condition using shielding and Faraday cages, they just seem to become social lepers due to their increasing reactivity to the city environment and addicts to their shielded environment.”
Steven Magee, Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Deyth Banger
“We all are addicts

Everything RELEASES dopamine!”
Deyth Banger

Irvine Welsh
“This thought though, is nowhere near sufficient tae stop us fae daein what ah huv tae dae.”
Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting

“Greg had told me on the ride over that there was another organisation called SLAA, which stood for Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. He didn’t know the difference between the two, but this was more conveniently located, and anyway love wasn’t his addiction.”
Drew Nellins Smith, Arcade

Dada Bhagwan
“All these objections are raised by people, has God raised them? He who wants to be free (attain Liberation) has no objections, and he who wants to be bound, he will have nothing but objections. People become addicts of objections.”
Dada Bhagwan

Deyth Banger
“1) Step one is to forget everything which you know...

That's how change you can apply!”
Deyth Banger

“The craving for the thing is rarely met by the satisfaction of getting it. And so we crave more. And the cycle repeats. We are encouraged to want what will only make us want more.

We are, in short, encouraged to be addicts.”
Matt Haig (author), Notes on a Nervous Planet

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