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“I didn't realize there was a ranking." I said. "Sadie frowned. "What do you mean?" "A ranking," I said. "You know, what's crazier than what." "Oh, sure there is," Sadie said. She sat back in her chair. "First you have your generic depressives. They're a dime a dozen and usually pretty boring. Then you've got the bulimics and the anorexics. They're slightly more interesting, although usually they're just girls with nothing better to do. Then you start getting into the good stuff: the arsonists, the schizophrenics, the manic-depressives. You can never quite tell what those will do. And then you've got the junkies. They're completely tragic, because chances are they're just going to go right back on the stuff when they're out of here." "So junkies are at the top of the crazy chain," I said. Sadie shook her head. "Uh-uh," she said. "Suicides are." I looked at her. "Why?" "Anyone can be crazy," she answered. "That's usually just because there's something screwed up in your wiring, you know? But suicide is a whole different thing. I mean, how much do you have to hate yourself to want to just wipe yourself out?”
Michael Thomas Ford

Criss Jami
“In the age of technology there is constant access to vast amounts of information. The basket overflows; people get overwhelmed; the eye of the storm is not so much what goes on in the world, it is the confusion of how to think, feel, digest, and react to what goes on.”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Allen Ginsberg
“Burroughs a purest ignu his haircut is a cream his left finger pinkey chopped off for early ignu reasons metaphysical spells love spells with psychoanalysts
his very junkhood an accomplishment beyond a million dollars”
Allen Ginsberg, Kaddish and Other Poems

Irvine Welsh
“It seems to go beyond our personal junk circumstances; a brilliant metaphor for our times.”
Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting

Irvine Welsh
“This thought though, is nowhere near sufficient tae stop us fae daein what ah huv tae dae.”
Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting

Craig Ferguson
“A junkie will steal your purse, and then help you look for it.”
Craig Ferguson

Nelson Algren
“Then the wooden benches along the walls, where so many outcasts had slept, would be lit by a sort of slow, clocked lightning til the bulb steadied and fastened its tiny feral fury upon the center of the room like a single sullen and manic eye. To burn on there with a steady hate. Til morning wearied and dimmed it away to nothing more than some sort of little old lost gray child of a district-station moon, all its hatred spent.”
Nelson Algren, The Man With the Golden Arm

“In search for love, where love is some Oxytocin,seeking happiness related to Orexin. Sensations of glory, motivation and success, They are all some precious chemicals. Our mind is greedy, and falls into depression when he is no longer satisfied. LIFE IS A DRUG STORE WE ARE ALL JUNKIES.”

“The junkie ignites his feelings with ugly synthetic substances, and the emotions that were meant to last for a lifetime burn away in full force in a couple of short years.”
Plamen Chetelyazov, Flaws of Oblivion

Keith Richards
“We heard later that Gram was clean when he went overboard. He took a normal-sized dose. "Oh, just one..." But cold turkey had already wiped out his body's resilience against it, and boom. There's that fatal mistake with junkies.”
Keith Richards, Life

John Birmingham
“Apart from Scientologists and born-again Christians, junkies are probably the worst people in the world to live with. Even other junkies will tell you that.”
John Birmingham