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Sarah J. Maas
“Where will we go?"
"I hear hell is particularly nice at this time of year.”
Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows

Sarah J. Maas
“She didn't fear the night, though she found little comfort in its dark hours. It was the time when she slept, the time when she stalked and killed, the time when the stars emerged with glittering beauty and made her feel wonderfully small and insignificant.”
Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

Leah Cypess
“How to throw assassins off balance: cry in front of them.”
Leah Cypess, Death Sworn

Natalya Vorobyova
“Assassins: they got sass and live on sin.”
Natalya Vorobyova

Terry Pratchett
“It was a Guild of Assassins, after all. Black was what you wore. The night was black and so were you. And black had such style, and an Assassin without style, everyone agreed, was just a highly paid arrogant thug.”
Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

Robin LaFevers
“A short while later, as I stare down at the bodies of the six men I have just killed, I cannot help but wonder: Do I love killing? Of a certainty, I love the way my body and weapons move as one; I revel in the knowledge of where to strike for maximum impact. And of a certainty, I am good at it.”
Robin LaFevers, Dark Triumph

Robin LaFevers
“He pauses then, studying me. “How would you have done it?”
His question surprises me. “You mean how would I have killed you?”
“Yes. Do you have a favorite method for such things?”
Since he knows I am an assassin, there is no need to be coy. “I prefer a garrote. I like the intimacy it allows me when I whisper reminders of vengeance in their ears as they die. But in your case, I had sharpened my favorite knife especially for the occasion.”
His brows quirk up. “Why no garrote for me?”
I look pointedly at his thick neck, bulging with muscle and sinew. “I do not have one big enough,” I mutter.”
Robin LaFevers

Toni Aleo
"Shea," she gasped as he bit softly.
"Show me your undies." Elli broke out in a fit of giggles as Shea smiled against her neck.
"No way."
"What if a get a goal just for you-then can I see your undies?"
"Do they have to be on me?" she asked, playing along. There was no way in hell he would see her in her undies.
"Yes, they do."
"Come on, two goals."
"Okay. Three, and y'all gotta win."
"Deal. Now kiss me."
"That I will do," she said with a grin as she leaned up on her tippy toes to kiss him deeply.
It was probably the first time Elanor Fisher hoped Shea didn't score.”
Toni Aleo, Taking Shots

Linsey Miller
“I would remember them forever–their names, my reasons, the way their bodies slumped in death and their eyes stared through me. If I stopped, if I let their deaths weigh me down and keep me from being Opal, it was all for nothing. There was no going back. I was what I was, and they were a part of me now.”
Linsey Miller, Mask of Shadows

“To those who do not possess a second weapon…
Are not qualified to call themselves assassins!!”
Yūsei Matsui, 暗殺教室 2 [Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2]

Guy Haley
“No, but if I were an illegal, experimental replicant hiding the truth of an international conspiracy I would try and put myself out of the way of those investigating it, wouldn't you? I don't think hiding under a bed will be very successful. But, if you've any better idea of what the deadly robot assassin is up to, please feel free to act upon it.”
Guy Haley, Reality 36

Toni Aleo
“Are you nervous about meeting them?"
"No, not at all."
"Have you ever met parents?"
"Oh. Well, good luck with that.”
Toni Aleo, Taking Shots

Toni Aleo
"Where the hell are you?"
"We're running late."
"I mean, Jesus, can't you guys wait until tonight?"
"For your information, we weren't having sex. We did that earlier, in her office."
She let out a disgusted cry.
"Wonderful. Now if I'm ever in her office, that's what I'll imagine.”
Toni Aleo, Taking Shots

Toni Aleo
“He gave her one last kiss before walking toward his truck. She watched his beautiful sculpted ass in his fitted jeans and suppressed a groan. She had never felt the urge to rip a man's clothes off, but ripping Shea Adler's jeans off would be a magical experience if she ever got the balls and confidence to do it.”
Toni Aleo, Taking Shots

Toni Aleo
“Auntie Elli, why are you open-mouth kissing Big Daddy Adler?"
*Well, shit*”
Toni Aleo, Taking Shots

Toni Aleo
“Piper giggled. "Right! Man, that one guy, the one with no teeth, whoa! If he just kept his mouth shut the whole time, I could probably holler at him."
Audrey giggle as she shook her head. "Yeah, he is, but did you see Anderson? My God, Fallon was right, total eye candy. I could suck on him like a Blow Pop!”
Toni Aleo, Empty Net

Mark  Lawrence
“К наёмному убийце предъявляют повышенные требования.”
Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns

Ella Fleming-Christie
“Silent as shadows. Bold as night. Calm as wind. One shall die tonight.”
Ella Fleming-Christie, Crimson Exchange

Toni Aleo
“Audrey didn't understand Piper's obsession with Erik. Yes, he was insanely gorgeous, with dark hair and dark sexy eyes, but he gave off a dick vibe. Piper was such a sweet and funny girl, and Audrey really didn't think they would be good together. But apparently Erik Titov did it for Piper, and who was she to question it? She herself was in love with an ass-hat and lusting over a child. She was in no place to judge anyone on their lusty needs.”
Toni Aleo, Empty Net

Toni Aleo
“Trades are happening, and I have two players that if they don't get their crap together I'm going to castrate them."

He took in a sharp breath. "Don't castrate my teammates, sweetheart, it will affect how they play.”
Toni Aleo, 4 & Counting

Toni Aleo
“But how was she supposed to ask him?
Hey, can I get your number?
Maybe we can get coffee?
Do you want to have hot dirty sex with me? 'Cause I want to have hot dirty sex with you.”
Toni Aleo, Falling for the Backup

Laini Taylor
“Do you know what they're called? They're the Shadows That Live, Zuze. They're assassins."
"Like me," said Zuzanna cheerfully.”
Laini Taylor, Days of Blood & Starlight

Christina Engela
“Villainessa Tittel was a hired killer, an assassin by trade. She had enjoyed the best education and had been trained by assassins who had (until then at least) been considered the best in the business. She had turned to ‘cleaning’ as an occupation because she really enjoyed endings more than beginnings – and anyway, she didn’t need to know her mark’s entire pedigree or life’s story, or to have some kind of facetious moral justification just to collect her fee. Unsurprisingly, when she did read – on those rare occasions – her books were always dog-eared from the back.”
Christina Engela

Mark  Nolan
“The avenger of blood shall put the murderer to death.”
Mark Nolan, Dead Lawyers Don't Lie

Pauline Creeden
“Some people loathe the act of killing a person at first, but as they continue to do it, it can feel like a game. They can begin to feel superior, like the winner of the game. But, if the reaper has to save a life for every life they take, it keeps them humble. It’s a matter of subservience so the reaper doesn’t begin to think of himself stronger than he is.”
Pauline Creeden

Kenneth Eade
“Even killers need holiday.”
Kenneth Eade

Ella Fleming-Christie
“Once, within the dark threads of her existence, love was the reason she fought through all her troubles. Now it was the same reason that drove her toward her uncertain fate. She would welcome her own death once everything was over.”
Ella Fleming-Christie, Crimson Exchange

Ella Fleming-Christie
“Ayara was no saviour tonight. No, she wasn’t a saviour at all.
Ayara Drogon was a Shadow Assassin and she was the personification of death.”
Ella Fleming-Christie, Crimson Exchange

Ella Fleming-Christie
“She loved her mother, but she loved Kestrel more than her own life.”
Ella Fleming-Christie, Crimson Exchange

“The Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood teaches us that nothing is forbidden to us. Once, I thought that meant we were free to do as we would. To pursue our ideals, no matter the cost. I understand now. Not a grant of permission. The Creed is a warning. Ideals too easily give way to dogma. Dogma becomes fanaticism. No higher power sits in judgement of us. No supreme being watches to punish us for our sins. In the end, only we ourselves can guard against our obsessions. Only we can decide whether the road we walk carries too high a toll. We believe ourselves redeemers, avengers, saviours. We make war on those who oppose us, and they in turn make war on us. We dream of leaving our stamp upon the world... even as we give our lives in a conflict that will be recorded in no history book. All that we do, all that we are, begins and ends with ourselves.”
Arno Victor Dorian

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