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Cassandra Clare
“Investigation?" Isabelle laughed. "Now we're detectives? Maybe we should all have code names."
"Good idea," said Jace. "I shall be Baron Hotschaft Von Hugenstein.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Brian Greene
“Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding...”
Brian Greene

Arthur Conan Doyle
“You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Arthur Conan Doyle
“You know my methods. Apply them.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of Four

Robert G. Ingersoll
“This century will be called Darwin's century. He was one of the greatest men who ever touched this globe. He has explained more of the phenomena of life than all of the religious teachers. Write the name of Charles Darwin on the one hand and the name of every theologian who ever lived on the other, and from that name has come more light to the world than from all of those. His doctrine of evolution, his doctrine of the survival of the fittest, his doctrine of the origin of species, has removed in every thinking mind the last vestige of orthodox Christianity. He has not only stated, but he has demonstrated, that the inspired writer knew nothing of this world, nothing of the origin of man, nothing of geology, nothing of astronomy, nothing of nature; that the Bible is a book written by ignorance--at the instigation of fear. Think of the men who replied to him. Only a few years ago there was no person too ignorant to successfully answer Charles Darwin, and the more ignorant he was the more cheerfully he undertook the task. He was held up to the ridicule, the scorn and contempt of the Christian world, and yet when he died, England was proud to put his dust with that of her noblest and her grandest. Charles Darwin conquered the intellectual world, and his doctrines are now accepted facts. His light has broken in on some of the clergy, and the greatest man who to-day occupies the pulpit of one of the orthodox churches, Henry Ward Beecher, is a believer in the theories of Charles Darwin--a man of more genius than all the clergy of that entire church put together.

...The church teaches that man was created perfect, and that for six thousand years he has degenerated. Darwin demonstrated the falsity of this dogma. He shows that man has for thousands of ages steadily advanced; that the Garden of Eden is an ignorant myth; that the doctrine of original sin has no foundation in fact; that the atonement is an absurdity; that the serpent did not tempt, and that man did not 'fall.'

Charles Darwin destroyed the foundation of orthodox Christianity. There is nothing left but faith in what we know could not and did not happen
. Religion and science are enemies. One is a superstition; the other is a fact. One rests upon the false, the other upon the true. One is the result of fear and faith, the other of investigation and reason.”
Robert Green Ingersoll, Lectures of Col. R.G. Ingersoll: Including His Letters on the Chinese God--Is Suicide a Sin?--The Right to One's Life--Etc. Etc. Etc, Volume 2

Robert G. Ingersoll
“Any doctrine that will not bear investigation is not a fit tenant for the mind of an honest man. Any doctrine that will not bear investigation is not a fit tenant for the mind of an honest man. Any man who is afraid to have his doctrine investigated is not only a coward but a hypocrite.”
Robert G. Ingersoll, Famous Speeches Complete

Clarence Darrow
“The fear of God is not the beginning of wisdom. The fear of God is the death of wisdom. Skepticism and doubt lead to study and investigation, and investigation is the beginning of wisdom.”
Clarence Darrow, Why I Am an Agnostic and Other Essays

Shannon L. Alder
“Naive people tend to generalize people as—-good, bad, kind, or evil based on their actions. However, even the smartest person in the world is not the wisest or the most spiritual, in all matters. We are all flawed. Maybe, you didn’t know a few of these things about Einstein, but it puts the notion of perfection to rest. Perfection doesn’t exist in anyone. Nor, does a person’s mistakes make them less valuable to the world.

1. He divorced the mother of his children, which caused Mileva, his wife, to have a break down and be hospitalized.

2.He was a ladies man and was known to have had several affairs; infidelity was listed as a reason for his divorce.

3.He married his cousin.

4.He had an estranged relationship with his son.

5. He had his first child out of wedlock.

6. He urged the FDR to build the Atom bomb, which killed thousands of people.

7. He was Jewish, yet he made many arguments for the possibility of God. Yet, hypocritically he did not believe in the Jewish God or Christianity. He stated, “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind.”
Shannon L. Alder

Alan Sokal
“Thus, by science I mean, first of all, a worldview giving primacy to reason and observation and a methodology aimed at acquiring accurate knowledge of the natural and social world. This methodology is characterized, above all else, by the critical spirit: namely, the commitment to the incessant testing of assertions through observations and/or experiments — the more stringent the tests, the better — and to revising or discarding those theories that fail the test. One corollary of the critical spirit is fallibilism: namely, the understanding that all our empirical knowledge is tentative, incomplete and open to revision in the light of new evidence or cogent new arguments (though, of course, the most well-established aspects of scientific knowledge are unlikely to be discarded entirely).

. . . I stress that my use of the term 'science' is not limited to the natural sciences, but includes investigations aimed at acquiring accurate knowledge of factual matters relating to any aspect of the world by using rational empirical methods analogous to those employed in the natural sciences. (Please note the limitation to questions of fact. I intentionally exclude from my purview questions of ethics, aesthetics, ultimate purpose, and so forth.) Thus, 'science' (as I use the term) is routinely practiced not only by physicists, chemists and biologists, but also by historians, detectives, plumbers and indeed all human beings in (some aspects of) our daily lives. (Of course, the fact that we all practice science from time to time does not mean that we all practice it equally well, or that we practice it equally well in all areas of our lives.)”
Alan Sokal

Christopher Hitchens
“I have had my mother's wing of my genetic ancestry analyzed by the National Geographic tracing service and there it all is: the arrow moving northward from the African savannah, skirting the Mediterranean by way of the Levant, and passing through Eastern and Central Europe before crossing to the British Isles. And all of this knowable by an analysis of the cells on the inside of my mouth.

I almost prefer the more rambling and indirect and journalistic investigation, which seems somehow less… deterministic.”
Christopher Hitchens, Hitch 22: A Memoir

“This monograph by Special Agent Ken Lanning (1992) is merely a guide for those who may investigate this phenomenon, as the title indicates, and not a study. The author is a well known skeptic regarding cult and ritual abuse allegations and has consulted on a number of cases but to our knowledge has not personally investigated the majority of these cases, some of which have produced convictions. p179
[refers to Lanning, K. V. (1992)
Investigator's guide to allegations of "ritual" child abuse. Quantico, VA: National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime.]”
Pamela Sue Perskin, Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America

Agatha Christie
“The truth must be quite plain, if one could just clear away the litter.”
Agatha Christie, A Caribbean Mystery

Guy Haley
“No, but if I were an illegal, experimental replicant hiding the truth of an international conspiracy I would try and put myself out of the way of those investigating it, wouldn't you? I don't think hiding under a bed will be very successful. But, if you've any better idea of what the deadly robot assassin is up to, please feel free to act upon it.”
Guy Haley, Reality 36

Theodora Goss
“Always ask at the pub, Miss Jekyll. Elementary investigation - the pub always knows.”
Theodora Goss, The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter

Michelle McNamara
“I’ve now come to realize that getting excited about a suspect is a lot like that first surge of stupid love in a relationship, in which, despite vague alarm bells, you plow forward convinced that he is the One.”
Michelle McNamara, I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer

Umberto Eco
“I have never encountered, not even in witchcraft trials, a dead man whom God or the Devil allowed to climb up from the abyss to erase the evidence of his misdeed—then”
Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose

J.D.  Crighton
“Despite a protective Geyer threatening to “break the neck of the first reporter who attempted to interview the woman,” a determined reporter caught Mrs. Pitezel on her way out of the Rossin House dining room.”
J.D. Crighton, Detective in the White City: The Real Story of Frank Geyer

J.D.  Crighton
“Rot! Absolute rot! Hatch was merely an alias of Holmes. He had as many as a city directory, but he used the name Hatch frequently. If Hatch did the killing, Holmes will hang for it, for Holmes and Hatch are one and the same person,' Linden said.”
J.D. Crighton, Detective in the White City: The Real Story of Frank Geyer

Ehsan Sehgal
“For a significant and reliable investigation and spy, one has to pose and pretend, even adopt awkward tricks.”
Ehsan Sehgal

J.D.  Crighton
“It must have taken very careful management to have moved these three separate parties from Detroit to Toronto, without either of the three discovering either of the others, but this great expert in crime did it, and did it successfully,” Geyer later said.”
J.D. Crighton, Detective in the White City: The Real Story of Frank Geyer

Ehsan Sehgal
“The investigation is to find the crime; whereas, the spying is to commit the crime.”
Ehsan Sehgal

Cynthia Robinson
“Don’t leave town”—she’d said that right before she left, preceded by “person of interest.” And the girl’s face was there too. Amber Inglin’s pretty, scared face, dropped into his mind like a quarter into the coke machine Frank insisted they have for the crew.
The girl, lying in his field, decay already starting—it was hot. Imagining flies attracted by the sweetish smell of recent death, he fought off nausea. The line of trees at the back of the eastern vineyard wavered into a strange, watery mirage. Or maybe she wasn’t there anymore—they’d have removed her by now, to the coroner’s, or a morgue.”
Cynthia Robinson, Birds of Wonder

Graham Hancock
“No investigation of the human story in the Americas [...] can ignore the role of Siberia as a crossroads in the migrations of our ancestors. Moreover, despite the fact that only a tiny fraction of its vast area has yet been sampled by archaeologists, we already know that anatomically modern humans were present in both western and Arctic Siberia at least as far back as 45,000 years ago. We know, too, that DNA studies have revealed close genetic relationships between Native Americans and Siberians that speak to a deep and ancient connection.”
Graham Hancock, America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
“Honest investigation can result only in growth.”
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

Moira Daly
“Ryan only had one name to help him get to his mother, and he had no idea of who it belonged to.
Even worse, his dad had gone missing two days before, and he was clueless as to what had happened to him as well.”
Moira Daly, A Personal Investigation

Moira Daly
“Well, we’ve got to get close to the Webbers, right?” Sky’s question was rhetorical as Henry stopped by her side.
“Yes,” Georgiana and Ryan replied in unison.
“I’ve figured out a way to do it,” Sky beamed.”
Moira Daly, A Personal Investigation

Jason Matthews
“He ordered black bread and cheese. Very clever, she thought, he thinks that's all we Russians eat.”
Jason Matthews, Red Sparrow

Jason Matthews
“He ordered black bread and cheese. Very clever, she thought, he thinks that's all we Russians eat.
Jason Matthews, Red Sparrow

“The most effective experimenters are usually those who give much thought to the problem beforehand and resolve it into crucial questions and then give much thought to designing experiments to answer the questions.”
William Ian Beardmore Beveridge, The Art of Scientific Investigation

“It is the care we bestow on apparently trifling, unatractive and very troublesome minutiae which determines the result.”
William Ian Beardmore Beveridge, The Art of Scientific Investigation

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