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Max Nowaz
“Stand in the machine there, let’s see what state your internal organs are in. The images
will be projected on screen, and I can go through the diagnosis with you, step by step.”
Brown did as he was told and soon images of his vital organs appeared on the screen.
 As you can see, your heart is slightly enlarged and your lungs and kidneys are not in
good shape either. Have you been experiencing any pain lately?”
“Not that I can think of. What can you do to help?”
“Difficult to say, you see you are dying” said the Doctor. You can see the
discolouration in your kidneys.” Brown strained his eyes.”
Max Nowaz, The Arbitrator

Max Nowaz
“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Ito finally, who had been keeping very quiet
up to this point.
“Indeed. How much will it cost?” asked Brown
“About twenty million Interplanetary Credits,” said Demba. “A modest investment for
a man of your means.”
“Indeed,” said Brown again. That was all the money he had, which started to strike
him as strange, when his thoughts were interrupted.
“We’ll arrange a visit to the mine,” said Ito. “Show you the place itself.”
“Indeed,” said Brown. Or had he said that? The strange waking memory he had fallen
into started to become repetitive. Reality started to flow back in.
Diamonds, thought Brown. All those diamonds in that mine.”
Max Nowaz, The Arbitrator

Diana   Forbes
“I wished he'd stop trying to put me off. It was becoming irksome. Or, if he were, then he really needed to stop acting so damned charming.”
Diana Forbes, Mistress Suffragette

E.L. James
“Yes, I'm rich. Get use to it. -- Christian Grey”
E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

Tina Reber
“You’re my best friend,
You’re my love,
You’re my life.
I can’t wait to
make you
my wife!
Love, Ryan”
Tina Reber, Love Unrehearsed

“Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Judges and Justices all fall prey to the Hitman.”
RB Le `Deach, My Graphic Bipolar Fantasies: & Other Short Stories

Ravinder Singh
“if you want it really, you get it !!!”
Ravinder Singh

Behcet Kaya
“He would tell you to leave?”
“Yes. He is…was a rude man, but it didn’t bother me. I was used to it. As I said, I’d gotten used to Mr. Hines. He is…was, despite his rudeness, a good boss. He never questioned me or my brother on how much we spent on the house. If there was something that needed fixing, he’d instruct my brother on what was to be done.”
Behcet Kaya, Body In The Woods

Behcet Kaya
“Jack, this is Vance McGruder. I couldn’t find your cell number so I’m taking a chance on reaching you at the cottage. It’s Monday afternoon and I need you here as soon as possible. I’ve arranged for a one-way, first-class ticket on Delta Air Lines on their 3:15pm flight tomorrow afternoon to Atlanta and connecting on to LAX. I’ll have a car and driver at LAX to pick you up. Call me as soon as you get this message.”
Behcet Kaya, Body In The Woods

Gina Buonaguro
“Venetian laws last but a week. They keep making new laws because no one follows the old ones…. Or enforces them.”
Gina Buonaguro, The Virgins of Venice

Michael Tobert
“Karṇa walks, his back is straight, he is lit up by his divine earings; yet his feet drag. He turns into an alley. His head droops and falls to his chest. He stops. Mist swirls around him, becomes motionless, parts. From between his ribs steps a young woman. Her eyes and face and tongue are brown like old blood and she is decked in old things and she wears upon her wrists two burnt black bracelets. She places the point of a knife under Karṇa’s chest plate and cuts, a gentle sawing motion, the blade moving beneath the skin, a slicing of the quick: nerves, blood vessels, sinews. I feel his pain; not a stab; it is insistent, enduring, but sharp nonetheless, as with any loss.”
Michael Tobert, Karna's Wheel

Behcet Kaya
“911. What is your emergency?”
“Dead body.”
“You’ll have to speak up. I can’t hear you.”
“There’s a dead body in the woods!”
“Where are you located?”
“I’m on one of the trails off Summit Road in Wild Oaks Mountain Park. I’m near the summit.”
“Can you be more specific?”
“No, I can’t! Just get someone here!”
Behcet Kaya, Body In The Woods

“Crooked politicians stood in the way of our President until the Hitman doled out justice for them.”
RB Le `Deach, My Graphic Bipolar Fantasies: & Other Short Stories

E.L. James
“I'd never beat you black and blue. I aim for pink." -- Christian Grey”
E.L. James

Michael Tobert
“His world closes in. The sky is endless no longer but pieced into squares of brick and bright cloths hanging down to dry. Underfoot, no longer stone but rubble, earth, the peelings and rotted scraps of the inedible. He smells the smoke of cooking fires, he hears men arguing and babies screaming like seagulls, he sees young women looking shyly down from high windows, exchanging glances. Now, he is no longer the watcher. Watched. Shouts echo in the dark between twisted walls and back alleys. A twisted smile in a doorway. A stranger’s voice. A stranger’s language.”
Michael Tobert, Karna's Wheel

Behcet Kaya
“And he never asked you about it?”
“No, he never asked. If he had, I’m still not sure I would have told him.”
“Told him what?”
“That is was his baby.”
Behcet Kaya, Body In The Woods

Jack Getze
“Mama gasped. “She’s pregnant?”
The nurse stood. “Not pregnant. In labor. About to deliver her child… when did your water break, honey?”
Jack Getze, Making Hearts

Behcet Kaya
“Sitting down on the bed, my mind went blank again. I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. Dad is dead. My father is dead and I will never be able to talk to him again. I opened my eyes and checked the time. Almost 6am.”
Behcet Kaya, Body In The Woods

J.K. Franko
“You can’t let people affect you. You’ve gotta stand up for what you
think is right... even if you’re wrong. Especially if you know you’re
wrong. Fuck ’em! All of ’em!”
J.K. Franko, Eye for Eye

Michael Tobert
“Lathis rattle against steel railings. Drenched half-naked men, some with torn shirts, jump up and down waving their fists. Some chant ‘Bande Mataram,’ others ‘Mazdur ki jai,’ whatever is their preference, the motherland or the brotherhood of workers. The hammer and sickle, red but limp, flaps like a half-dead fish against the trunk of a banyan tree. The sky cries monsoon tears; it has been crying all night.”
Michael Tobert, Karna's Wheel

Behcet Kaya
“Two rapid shots were fired; the first shot directed at the woman, and the other shot to her companion.”
Behcet Kaya, Murder on the Naval Base

Marie Montine
“Your realm? This is the Guardian’s and you’re just playing in his. You are nothing but a fragment of his world. A piece of it.”
Marie Montine, Mourning Grey: Part Two

Steve  Bates
“If you don’t mind my asking, why would a demon be concerned about appearances? Aren’t you all about killing, maiming, and torturing?”
“That’s the kind of stereotyping that has afflicted demons for billions of years. Don’t you think some of us want to branch out, to explore other options?”
“It never occurred to me.”
“Yes, we obtain great satisfaction from killing and maiming and torturing. But there’s a lot of competition these days for the torturing thing. So many physical therapists around.”
Steve Bates, Back To You

Steve  Bates
“There had been that battle over the awful sign the city put up near his house when he was about seven years old, the one that read “Slow Children Playing”. He was so proud of his mom when she called the city government to complain about it and then appealed to the city council. “Why don’t you put up signs saying ‘Smart Children Playing’ on other streets instead of picking on kids like mine?”
Steve Bates, Back To You

Joan Gelfand
“Seven-thirty. Time. Time is a Mobius strip. Coding. Working. Training. An endless ribbon of activity; iterations, pushing, perfecting. Doug heads for his car, not sure why he is leaving, or, where he is going.”
Joan Gelfand, Extreme

“Passing through the early fog, the fruitseller’s boat nudged the edge of the canal beside the Palazzo Malipiero. All around was stillness. Casanova whispered to me, “This is the type of pause that occurs just in the instant before la petite mort. The breath held before the gasp followed by the exquisite release.”
Harry F. MacDonald, Casanova and the Devil's Doorbell

“I regained consciousness after a big night at the Cock and Bull Inn, or it could’ve been The Weasel’s Way or The Badger’s Breath, who knows with these weird English pub names. Anyway, it was somewhere near The Pig and Whistle. Not far up from the Scotsman’s Kilt.”
Harry F. MacDonald, Magic Alex and the Secret History of Rock and Roll

“I admire the Queen greatly,” Casanova confided in me. “She can tie a man up by his thumbs, discuss philosophy with Diderot and Voltaire, and plot and scheme like a Dutch diplomat. She has voracious appetites, uses exquisite French scents, is kind to animals, fences like a Hungarian hussar, recreates herself on a white silk swing in a room full of mirrors, and gives afternoon tea parties for society ladies. Useful horsewoman, too.”
Harry F. MacDonald, Casanova and the Devil's Doorbell

“I came to, looking as together as one of Phil Spector’s hairdos. I felt like Clark Kent after a hard night on the kryptonite. I opened one eye. The morning sunlight slatted its way through the wooden shutters. The bed was strewn with naked bodies. A one-hundred-dollar bill was fluttering in the breeze, poised as it was, between a groupie’s buttocks. Even more concerning, a five-hundred-dollar bill was fluttering between mine.”
Harry F. MacDonald, Magic Alex and the Secret History of Rock and Roll

“The holes in the bodies were cavernous. Cooter continued to cry. His breath caught when he picked up the infant Kaleb. The hard shell car seat Kaleb lay in had a hole through the top of it. “Praise God in Heaven, this little guy is alive and not even crying.” Several of the men reached for him, but Cooter kept him bound in his arms.”
John M Vermillion, Packfire

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