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Brené Brown
“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.

Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the withholding of affection damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, healed and rare.”
Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

Shannon L. Alder
“Staying silent is like a slow growing cancer to the soul and a trait of a true coward. There is nothing intelligent about not standing up for yourself. You may not win every battle. However, everyone will at least know what you stood for—YOU.”
Shannon L. Alder

Criss Jami
“When I look at a person, I see a person - not a rank, not a class, not a title.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

“If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves?”
Mary Astell

Criss Jami
“A man who goes into a restaurant and blatantly disrespects the servers shows a strong discontent with his own being. Deep down he knows that restaurant service is the closest thing he will ever experience to being served like a king.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Criss Jami
“You are evidence of your mother's strength, especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Shannon L. Alder
“When someone you love makes compassion, kindness, forgiveness, respect and God an option, you can be sure they have made you an option, as well.”
Shannon L. Alder

Guy Gavriel Kay
“Ice is for death and endings.”
Guy Gavriel Kay, Tigana

Vironika Tugaleva
“If you do not respect your own wishes, no one else will. You will simply attract people who disrespect you as much as you do.”
Vironika Tugaleva

Lailah Gifty Akita
“You can choose to disrespect me but I will not give you permission to hurt my spirit.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Michael Bassey Johnson
“There should be a little gap between you and your friends, though you'll miss their companionship and you'll also miss their disrespect.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“If we don’t counter the onslaught of the insidious triviality of transgression in our daily environment and if we gradually lose grip on the pervading taint of apathy and disrespect, we need irrevocably restructure our thinking and adjust the mechanism of our action. Taking everything for granted and accepting anything uncontested, might generate disjunction, arouse extreme heartbreak and, finally, turn our living into a scourge. ("Even if the world goes down, my mobile will save me" turn into )”
Erik Pevernagie

Geoffrey Miller
“Imagine a young Isaac Newton time-travelling from 1670s England to teach Harvard undergrads in 2017. After the time-jump, Newton still has an obsessive, paranoid personality, with Asperger’s syndrome, a bad stutter, unstable moods, and episodes of psychotic mania and depression. But now he’s subject to Harvard’s speech codes that prohibit any “disrespect for the dignity of others”; any violations will get him in trouble with Harvard’s Inquisition (the ‘Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion’). Newton also wants to publish Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, to explain the laws of motion governing the universe. But his literary agent explains that he can’t get a decent book deal until Newton builds his ‘author platform’ to include at least 20k Twitter followers – without provoking any backlash for airing his eccentric views on ancient Greek alchemy, Biblical cryptography, fiat currency, Jewish mysticism, or how to predict the exact date of the Apocalypse.

Newton wouldn’t last long as a ‘public intellectual’ in modern American culture. Sooner or later, he would say ‘offensive’ things that get reported to Harvard and that get picked up by mainstream media as moral-outrage clickbait. His eccentric, ornery awkwardness would lead to swift expulsion from academia, social media, and publishing. Result? On the upside, he’d drive some traffic through Huffpost, Buzzfeed, and Jezebel, and people would have a fresh controversy to virtue-signal about on Facebook. On the downside, we wouldn’t have Newton’s Laws of Motion.”
Geoffrey Miller

Criss Jami
“The eye of true equality often seems to have some degree of disrespect for the supposedly accomplished, privileged high and lofty to the supposedly accomplished, privileged high and lofty, although in reality, it's simply irrespectiveness.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

S.R. Crawford
“I never tolerate disrespect or betrayal”
S.R. Crawford, Bloodstained Betrayal

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“Those who
disrespect you
with their mouth
don't deserve
your ear.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

Veronica Roth
“Pity, I knew, was just disrespect wrapped in kindness. I had to address it early, or it would grow unwieldy in time.”
Veronica Roth, Carve the Mark

“Sometimes, in rare occasions, when I see a man respects a woman, treats her like another valuable human being, uses a proper language when talking to her and does not consider her only as a sex-toy. I feel proud of being a man. I feel grateful of belonging to a gender category as he is.
However, the feeling is soon gone after seeing how men in general talk about women, disrespect them and insult them any way they can.”
Kambiz Shabankare

Kate McGahan
“You call me disrespectful
When it’s not possible in my being
To disrespect
A pebble in the street.
A bug on the wall.
A leaf on a tree.
Or any of God’s creatures.
Even those that are pests or perhaps unsafe.
How can you say that I am so...
With the man I love?
All you need to do is to
Turn back the words you say to me
And say them to yourself
To know the truth.
You're just looking in the mirror
And seeing yourself when you look at me.
It’s called projection...
One letter away from protection.
And this understanding
Is the only thing
That brings me comfort.”
Kate McGahan

Amit Ray
“Renunciation is dropping the fear, anger, respect, and disrespect but continuously radiating unconditional love for everyone.”
Amit Ray, Peace Bliss Beauty and Truth: Living with Positivity

“Sometimes it's not always straightforward, but it's not always confusing either. You just have to respect a person's decisions without disrespecting them.”
Temitayo Olami

“Playing victim to situations you can walk away from is disrespectful to people who face positions where they can’t.”
Dominic Riccitello

“Disrespect for life is a direct reflection of violating the laws of the kingdom of love”
Sunday Adelaja

Jaida Jones
“Kalim respected me and I respected him, for the sole reason Rook did not respect me, because we were very different.”
Jaida Jones, Dragon Soul

“To reconcile ourselves with one another, we must release our judgments and make peace with the fact that we are one. This country was founded on the ideal that we are all created equal. If we truly believe in the equality of all humankind, how can we put down and belittle one another? How can we disrespect and prejudge one another? How can we come to the point where we malign and hate one another?”
John Lewis, Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America

“Where true dignity and real freedom are undermined, real self least exists!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“When people disrespect you, your time, your energy, or your effort, understand that they do not have boundaries and that it is your responsibility to enact them. Boundaries are an essential part of your responsibility to yourself and to your self-care.”
Akiroq Brost

“The characteristics of healthy boundaries include self-respect; non-tolerance of abuse or disrespect; responsibility for exploring and nurturing personal potential; two-way communication of wants, needs, and feelings; expectations of reciprocity; and sharing responsibility and power.”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD

“If you want her respect, do not disrespect her feelings.”
Gift Gugu Mona

“If you want feel respected by her, do not disrespect her feelings.”
Gift Gugu Mona

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