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Henry David Thoreau
“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”
Henry David Thoreau

Friedrich Nietzsche
“Today as always, men fall into two groups: slaves and free men. Whoever does not have two-thirds of his day for himself, is a slave, whatever he may be: a statesman, a businessman, an official, or a scholar.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves?”
Mary Astell

Zaman Ali
“A society without democracy is a society of slaves and fools.”
Zaman Ali, ZAMANISM Wealth of the People

Dave Matthes
“I see things in windows and I say to myself that I want them. I want them because I want to belong. I want to be liked by more people, I want to be held in higher regard than others. I want to feel valued, so I say to myself to watch certain shows. I watch certain shows on the television so I can participate in dialogues and conversations and debates with people who want the same things I want. I want to dress a certain way so certain groups of people are forced to be attracted to me. I want to do my hair a certain way with certain styling products and particular combs and methods so that I can fit in with the In-Crowd. I want to spend hours upon hours at the gym, stuffing my body with what scientists are calling 'superfoods', so that I can be loved and envied by everyone around me. I want to become an icon on someone's mantle. I want to work meaningless jobs so that I can fill my wallet and parentally-advised bank accounts with monetary potential. I want to believe what's on the news so that I can feel normal along with the rest of forever. I want to listen to the Top Ten on Q102, and roll my windows down so others can hear it and see that I am listening to it, and enjoying it. I want to go to church every Sunday, and pray every other day. I want to believe that what I do is for the promise of a peaceful afterlife. I want rewards for my 'good' deeds. I want acknowledgment and praise. And I want people to know that I put out that fire. I want people to know that I support the war effort. I want people to know that I volunteer to save lives. I want to be seen and heard and pointed at with love. I want to read my name in the history books during a future full of clones exactly like me.

The mirror, I've noticed, is almost always positioned above the sink. Though the sink offers more depth than a mirror, and mirror is only able to reflect, the sink is held in lower regard. Lower still is the toilet, and thought it offers even more depth than the sink, we piss and shit in it. I want these kind of architectural details to be paralleled in my every day life. I want to care more about my reflection, and less about my cleanliness. I want to be seen as someone who lives externally, and never internally, unless I am able to lock the door behind me.

I want these things, because if I didn't, I would be dead in the mirrors of those around me. I would be nothing. I would be an example. Sunken, and easily washed away.”
Dave Matthes

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
“It is unworthy of excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labour of calculation which could safely be relegated to anyone else if machines were used.

(Describing, in 1685, the value to astronomers of the hand-cranked calculating machine he had invented in 1673.)”
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Wilhelm Reich
“It is said culture requires slaves. I say that no cultured society can be built with slaves. This terrible Twentieth Century has made all cultural theories from Plato down seem ridiculous. Little man, there has never been a human culture.”
Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man!

Vernor Vinge
“Technical people don't make good slaves. Without their wholehearted cooperation, things fall apart.”
Vernor Vinge, A Deepness in the Sky

Patrick Henry
“Fear is the passion of slaves.”
Patrick Henry

V.S. Naipaul
“As for the young man carrying the groceries, he was a thin, fair-skinned young man, and I would have said that he had been born in the house. He had the vacant, dog-like expressions that house-born slaves, as I remembered, liked to put on when they were in public with their masters and performing some simple task. This fellow was pretending that the Waitrose groceries were a great burden, but this was just an act, to draw attention to himself and the lady he served. He, too, had mistaken me for an Arab, and when we crossed he had dropped the burdened-down expression and given me a look of wistful inquisitiveness, like a puppy that wanted to play but had just been made to understand that it wasn't playtime.”
V.S. Naipaul, A Bend in the River

M.T. Anderson
“This is the war where we change. This is the trickster war. It's where we disappear, just like they desire us disappear. I spoke it you before: They wish us blank," he said, gesturing without thinking at Dr. Trefusis, who was the nearest exemplar of the white race. "They want us with no history and no memory. They want us empty as paper so they can write on us, so we ain't nothing but a price and an owner's name and a list of tasks. And that's what we'll give them. We'll give them your Nothing. We'll give them my William Williams and Henry Henry. We'll slip through and we'll change to who we must needs be and I will be all sly and have my delightful picaresque japes. But at the end of it, when it's over, I shall be one thing. I shall be one man, fixed, and not have to take no other name. I shall be one person steadily for some years."
"This is why we got to win...If we ever wish to be one person, we got to win.”
M.T. Anderson, The Kingdom on the Waves

Savitri Devi
“To us, the high-resounding “isms” to which our contemporaries ask; us to give our allegiance, now, in 1948, are all equally futile: bound to be betrayed, defeated, and finally rejected by men at large, if containing anything really noble; bound to enjoy, for the time being, some sort of noisy success; if sufficiently vulgar, pretentious and soul-killing to appeal to the growing number of mechanically conditioned slaves that crawl about our planet, posing as free men; all destined to prove, ultimately, of no avail.”
Savitri Devi

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some animals would be offended if they were treated like some people.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“The tree of our family was parted - branches here, roots there - parted for their lumber.”
Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Water Dancer

Maude Julien
“That is indeed the best way to dumb down the masses: make them do the same thing over and over; let them have their fireworks every Bastille Day and let them gorge themselves every New Year's Eve. When the body repeats the same action, the mind adopts it and keeps the repetition going day and night, stopping all thought processes.”
Maude Julien, The Only Girl in the World

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some things are not worth dying for, but without them life is not worth living.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“If governments, using all sorts of false pretexts, continue to restrict the rights of the citizens, so that they become mere slaves of a handful of multinationals, then a global revolt of the common man against extreme capitalism is not inconceivable.”
A.J. Beirens, Gesels van een imaginaire god

Simón Bolívar
“Beware the nation in which one man rules, for it is a nation of slaves.”
Simón Bolívar

“We are all slaves to money & greed.”
Anthony T. Hincks

K.C. Cole
“There are, as always, social and political aspects to seeing nothing as well. Pythagoras in the sixth century B.C. found it perfectly natural to count slaves as 'nothing,' . . . Slaves, like machines today, were simply taken for granted. These days, we take for granted everything from homeless people sleeping in the street to telephones and computers. We have learned to renormalize these things as part of 'nothing.' Whatever is standard becomes effectively invisible.”
K.C. Cole, The Hole in the Universe

Pierce Brown
“Dine with the masters and forget the slaves.”
Pierce Brown
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“Most of you thinking that you are hardworking people, but in reality, you are just slaves.”

“Aristotle said that some men are meant to be slaves. I disagree, because I don't see any men meant to be masters.”
Daniel V Chappell

محمود عوض
“الحر تزداد قوته بحياته وسط أحرار .. ويزداد ضعفاً بحياته وسط عبيد”
محمود عوض, وعليكم السلام

“It’s worth noting that some scholars see close parallels between the 1857 Dred Scott decision - which left slaves as the legal property of their owners - and Roe, which left unborn children as the legal property of their mothers. (Christianity Today - Jan/Feb 2019)”
Andrea Palpant Dilley

E.Y. Laster
“If they weren't fast enough, they would soon be slaves. And slaves were property, and property was money and power.”
E.Y. Laster, Of Captivity & Kings

Colson Whitehead
“Sometimes a slave will be lost in a brief eddy of liberation.”
Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad
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Neelam Saxena Chandra
“We are all slaves of the past. It binds us in its gilded cage and we are just not able to come out of it. The worst part is that we give up trying, not able to comprehend that there is a world beyond called "Today".”
Neelam Saxena Chandra

Vijay Fafat
“We are slaves
to the dictates of free will.”
Vijay Fafat, The Ninth Pawn of White - A Book of Unwritten Verses

Sue Burke
“We had said we expected hardship, no paradise, but we really wanted both. We thought we could come in peace and find a happy niche in another ecology. Instead we found a battlefield. The east vine turned us into servile mercenaries, nothing more than big, clever fippokats helping it win another battle. We had wanted to begin the world afresh, far from Earth and all its mistakes. That had not happened, but only I realised it, and I kept my disappointment to myself.”
Sue Burke, Semiosis
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