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Lance Armstrong
“If there was a god, I'd still have both nuts.”
Lance Armstrong

Trey Parker
“I have maggots in my scrotum.”
Trey Parker, The Book of Mormon

James Joyce
“So beautiful of course compared with what a man looks like with his two bags full and his other thing hanging down out of him or sticking up at you like a hatrack no wonder they hide it with a cabbageleaf”
James Joyce, Ulysses

Marjane Satrapi
“I asked him what his work was. He answered that he devoted all his time to his political activities... He was undoubtedly busy with the diplomatic relations between his testicles and women's breast.”
Marjane Satrapi, Embroideries

Larry Niven
“The State has a superfluity of testicles, Peersa said with no particular emphasis.”
Larry Niven, A World Out of Time

Lani Lynn Vale
“If it has tires or testicles, it's going to give you problems.”
Lani Lynn Vale, Rusty Nail

Norman Mailer
“I must purchase this eunuch from You," she said to Ptah-nem-hotep, Who smiled agreeably. "Are they not delightful?" He asked, and looked at the dark bodies of these five slaves with the same love I had seen my great-grandfather give to a team of matched horses or twin bulls, and indeed, since the slave wore nothing, one could see not only their plump and muscular haunches, but the shiny stump where their testicles had been and this gave them a nice resemblance to geldings.”
Norman Mailer , Ancient Evenings

Cornelius  Moore
“Edwyn can almost feel his testicles crawling up his ass.”
Cornelius Moore, The Club

“Better to leave with achy testicles, I suppose, than wrapped in a tarp.”
Josh Sabarra, Porn Again

“The Beaver is an amphibious creature: by day it lives hidden in rivers, but at night it roams the land, feeding itself with anything that it can find. Now it understands the reason why hunters come after it with such eagerness and impetuosity, and it puts down its head and with its teeth cuts off its testicles and throws them in their path, as a prudent man who, falling into the hands of robbers, sacrifices all that he is carrying, to save his life, and forfeits his possessions by way of ransom. If however it has already saved its life by self-castration and is again pursued, then it stands up and reveals that it offers no ground for their eager pursuit, and releases the hunters from all further exertions, for they esteem its flesh less. Often however Beavers with testicles intact, after escaping as far away as possible, have drawn in the coveted part, and with great skill and ingenuity tricked their pursuers, pretending that they no longer possessed what they were keeping in concealment.”
Aelian, Historical Miscellany