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F. Scott Fitzgerald
“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

Laurell K. Hamilton
“Accidental sex. He made it sound like I fell down, and there just happened to be an erection in the way.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
“You have corrupted my imagination and inflamed my blood...”
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus in Furs

Karen Quan
“How beautiful would it be if we could just see souls instead of bodies? To see love and compassion instead of curves.”
Karen Quan, Write like no one is reading 2

Diamanda Galás
“I think God is a callous bitch not making me a lesbian. I'm deeply disappointed by my sexual interest in men.”
Diamanda Galás

John Green
“Her underwear, her jeans, the comforter, my corduroys and my boxers between us, I thought. Five layers, and yet I felt it, the nervous warmth of touching – a pale reflection of the fireworks of one mouth on another, but a reflection nonetheless. And in the almostness of the moment, I cared at least enough. I wasn’t sure whether I liked her, and doubted whether I could trust her, but I cared at least enough to try to find out. Her on my bed, wide green eyes staring down at me. The enduring mystery of her sly, almost smirking, smile. Five layers between us.”
John Green

Emme Rollins
“My panties were still on but he didn’t let that stop him, nosing them out of the way and tonguing my sex, making low, growling noises in his throat like a big cat purring with pleasure while it devoured its prey.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

“Now? I'm just another female faking orgasms to make a man not feel so inadequate.”
Jess C. Scott, Kylie

“Tie me up, please..." Chantal said. They looked above at some vines and roots hanging down from the grassy area above the depression in the canal they were standing in. She was in his hands—he had to comply.

A little bit of kink was one of the most delicious of erotic pleasures. Catholic school girls were often the horniest—Brett could hardly contain his elation.”
Jess C Scott, Catholic School Girls Rule

Melodie Campbell
“Recent studies have shown that approximately 40% of authors are manic depressive. The rest of us just drink.”
Melodie Campbell, Rowena Through the Wall

Emme Rollins
“He lifted his head, the sight of his dark, disheveled hair, eyes glinting with longing in the lamp light, the gorgeous spread of his shoulders, tapering down to the narrow thrust of his hips, made my ovaries ache deep in my belly.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

Gina Damico
“Well, remember, active Grims can't have children. Fertility is adversley affected by the proximity to the ether, to Elixir, and all sorts of other components-- plus, the Grimsphere is no place to raise a family, even if woman conceive here."
Lex snuck a glance at Driggs, but Uncle Mort caught her.
"That doesn't mean you get a free pass to ride the baloney pony when ever you want to. Got it?”
Gina Damico, Scorch

Roman Payne
“You are like a god, like an immortal one,' she whispered to me one night in our bed, her naked body pressed to mine, our sweat golden and glistening in the candlelight. 'Oh, my love,' I whispered back to her, 'I am more mortal than all. It seems that a part of me dies every night that I lie with you.”
Roman Payne

Allen Ginsberg
“Naked in solitary prison cell he looks down at a hard-on.”
Allen Ginsberg, Death and Fame: Last Poems, 1993-1997

Dana Reinhardt
“I totally bought you as a girl," says Marisol. "I'll double check with Frances later, but by the sounds of things, you seem to have no balls.”
Dana Reinhardt, How to Build a House

“Expired condoms are like nuclear waste: there's nothing sensible you can do with it.”
Andrew Smith

Amanda Mosher
“I am not looking for a "perfect" man. Only one who matches me on an emotional, spiritual, sexual, and intellectual level.”
Amanda Mosher, Better to be able to love than to be loveable

Janet Fitch
“I emitted some civetlike female stink, a distinct perfume of sexual wanting, that he had followed to find me here in the dark.”
Janet Fitch, White Oleander

Lilly Wilde
“I highly doubt anyone would see anything,” he said, replying to my thoughts. “We’re on the 30th floor. Stop procrastinating; take off your fucking clothes.”
Lilly Wilde, Touched

Nalini Singh
“I've never heard of a man's cock being described as a fang before. - Rapahel”
Nalini Singh, Angels' Blood

Jonathan Gash
“The Theory of Sexual Understanding is mine. I created it. It works between a man and a woman. It's this: Everything's up to her.”
Jonathan Gash, The Great California Game

Una mecenas

La hermosa y sensual señora se acostaba con los jóvenes escritores nacionales para mejorar la calidad de la nueva literatura erótica mexicana.

José de la Colina
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Randy Elrod
“Have you ever had an experience with God as wild as your most incredible sexual experience?”
Randy Elrod, Sex, Lies & Religion
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Nelson Rodrigues
“If people knew the sexual intimacy of each other, no one would greet each other on the street.”
Nelson Rodrigues

“Dirty minds cums together.”
Marion Bekoe

Lucy Knisley
“For a large part of human history, people didn't really know how a woman's body worked. This is mainly because for much of human history, a woman's body was either too sacred or too sexual to study.”
Lucy Knisley, Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos

“I’ve heard a lot of ladies say they want a guy who is good in bed (No, I don’t mean a guy who doesn’t snore), but I’m talking about a guy with sexual skills. I asked myself why skill is so important and the realization I came to was that it is proportional to sensuality. Essentially, skill predetermines the quality of both the journey and the destination, if you know what I mean.

Many people have a desire for MORE or to go DEEPER, but their biggest limitation is in the area of skill. This reminds me of a story I heard of a boy who was sitting by the piano trying to create some music. He became frustrated with himself as he couldn’t play, but the desire to play and create music was there burning strong within him. Someone saw him in a dejected spirit and asked why he was distressed. The boy replied, “I can feel music in me but when I try to play it on the piano, I can’t get my hands right.”

You see, there was a lot of sensual energy burning inside the boy, but his skill level was not proportional to that sensual energy. This confirms one of my usual sayings: when you know you were designed to be sensual, YOUR POTENTIAL HAUNTS YOU. And that’s the dilemma most people are facing in life and in their relationships today. Our sensuality is haunting us because it wants to fully express itself through our bodies, gifts and talents, but our skills are underdeveloped.

One guy asked me, so does it mean we should go out there and sleep with as many girls as possible so we can develop our sexual skills? I responded, “There’s a huge difference between gaining sexual skills and gaining sensual skills.” Most people are obsessed with gaining sexual skills. That’s why porn is a billion dollar industry. But porn, in my opinion, doesn’t teach sensuality, not even a little bit. If anything, it teaches anti-sensuality.

GAINING SEXUAL SKILLS IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO THE QUEST FOR “MORENESS.” (Read that again). Some people assume my business is sexual. It’s not. My business is sensual. I call people into a sensual space which is a far more exciting than any sexual skill they can ever acquire.”
Lebo Grand

“Some people assume my business is sexual. It’s not. My business is sensual. I call people into a sensual space which is a far more exciting than any sexual skill they can ever acquire.”
Lebo Grand

“Gaining sexual skills is not the solution to the quest for “moreness.”
Lebo Grand

“Gaining sexual skills is not the solution to the quest for moreness.”
Lebo Grand

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