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E.L. James
“I want my world to start and end with you.”
E.L. James , Fifty Shades of Grey

Ella Frank
“I love you. That is the beginning, that is the end. That is everything.”
Ella Frank, Blind Obsession

Kele Moon
“Fear can be a potent aphrodisiac.”
Kele Moon, Beyond Eden

Emme Rollins
“Fuck me,” I whispered, giving him permission, taking him into my flesh, a soft invitation to madness.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

Cherise Sinclair
“Right on the edge of fear was where trust could grow.”
Cherise Sinclair, Breaking Free

J. Kenner
“Do you know what passion is?”
I blink, confused.
“Most people think it only means desire. Arousal. Wild abandon. But that’s not all. The word derives from the Latin. It means suffering. Submission. Pain and pleasure, Nikki. Passion.”
J. Kenner, Release Me

Sylvia Day
“Love will find a way against time itself.”
Sylvia Day, Catching Caroline

Cherise Sinclair
“Sex is a team sport, sugar.”
Cherise Sinclair, Breaking Free

Fiona Thrust
“I live for sex.

I celebrate it, and relish the electricity of it, with every fibre of my being.

I can see no better reason for being alive.”
Fiona Thrust, Naked and Sexual

Cherise Sinclair
“Impertinent submissive,” Raoul snapped, and his dark brown eyes turned mean. “Nothing new for this one. You're doing a lousy job of bringing her to heel, Marcus.”
“Bring me to heel? Like I'm a dog?” Without thinking, Gabi instinctively yanked away and snapped out, “Bite me.”
Cherise Sinclair, Make Me, Sir

E.L. James
“Well, when you were nearly run over by the cyclist-and i was holding you and you were looking up at me - all 'kiss me , kiss me, Christian”
E.L. James

Emme Rollins
“My panties were still on but he didn’t let that stop him, nosing them out of the way and tonguing my sex, making low, growling noises in his throat like a big cat purring with pleasure while it devoured its prey.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

E.L. James
“He moves suddenly so that his hand is cupping my sex, and one of his fingers sinks slowly into me. His other arm holds me firmly in place around my waist.

“This is mine,” he whispers aggressively. “All mine. Do you understand?” He eases his finger in and out as he gazes down at me, gauging my reaction, his eyes burning.

“Yes, yours…”

Abruptly, he moves, doing several things at once: Withdrawing his fingers, leaving me wanting, unzipping his fly, and pushing me down onto the couch so he’s lying on top of me.

“Hands on your head,” he commands through gritted teeth as he kneels up, forcing my legs wider…

“We don’t have long. This will be quick, and it’s for me, not you. Do you understand?

Don’t come, or I will spank you,” he says through clenched teeth.”
E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

Laina Charleston
“An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. ~Mae West”
Laina Charleston

Breanna Hayse
“Of course it hurts, it’s a spanking. How else would it work?”
Breanna Hayse, Time Out

Ella Dominguez
“Just because you’re my Princess doesn’t mean I won’t fuck you like a slut.”
Ella Dominguez, Continental Life

Fiona Thrust
“To feel aroused is to feel alive. Having great sex is like taking in huge lungfuls of fresh air, essential to your body, essential to your health, and essential to your life.”
Fiona Thrust, Naked and Sexual

Kele Moon
“Tasting what could have been—what should have been—didn't make it easier.”
Kele Moon, Beyond Eden

“You're absolutely gorgeous. But you look too empty." Holding her gaze he slid his thumbs in to circle the rim of her opening. "Want something to fill you up?”
Gina Maxwell, Seducing Cinderella

Breanna Hayse
“You so need a Daddy, little girl.”
Breanna Hayse, The Game Plan

Hanna Lui
“Perfect,” he groaned. “You are perfect.” He sank his teeth into her ass, hard, drawing blood. “And now you wear my mark,” he finished proudly. “Your ass is mine.”
Hanna Lui, Suck

Sophie Oak
“...I don't know what marriages are like on your plane. I know Fae marriages can be all about respect and treating your wife like a lady. That's crap, love. You're my wife. I'm going to do all sorts of filthy things to you because you belong to me. You're my little toy. I'm going to fuck you as often as I can and in as many ways as my filthy mind can come up with. That's a strong marriage.”
Sophie Oak, Beast

Dave Matthes
“I decided to masturbate with shampoo instead of conditioner today. Because yolo. Things Jesus never said.”
Dave Matthes, Sleepeth Not, the Bastard

L.V. Lewis
“There is something immensely scary about putting yourself out there for people to love or hate you, fan or pan you, review or screw you.”
L.V. Lewis, Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever

Darla Phelps
“I love you, baby girl. When you’re sad, I am too.”
Darla Phelps, Daddy's Girl

Anne Rainey
“She brought her elbow
backward and connected with Rand’s ribs. He swore and released her.
She whirled on him. “That’s for being so arrogant!”
Rand advanced on her, and the grin on his face wasn’t at all reassuring. She took one step
back, then turned to sprint into the bathroom, when a pair of hands caught her and slung her over
a hard muscled shoulder.
“Put me down right now!” She screamed as she pummeled his back. “You are the most
annoying, selfish, barbaric, horny man I know, Rand Miller!”
He set her back on her feet inside the bathroom, then cupped her chin in his palm. “You
are the most gorgeous, intelligent, feisty woman I know, Lucy Flemming.”
Lucy narrowed her eyes. What was he up to now? “Flattery won’t help you out of this
“It’s not flattery. It’s the truth,” he murmured as he leaned close to her ear. “And, baby?”
“Yes?” she answered, her voice nearly inaudible as his nearness began to override her
“I’d better be the only horny man you know.”
Anne Rainey, Reckless Exposure

Emme Rollins
“He lifted his head, the sight of his dark, disheveled hair, eyes glinting with longing in the lamp light, the gorgeous spread of his shoulders, tapering down to the narrow thrust of his hips, made my ovaries ache deep in my belly.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

Amelia Hutchins

To my daughter,
if you ever date anyone like the men I write,

I will kick your *ss up between your ears and you will walk sideways for a month,

but I’ll still love you.”
Amelia Hutchins, Playing with Monsters

Anne Rainey
“Did you really think you could quit?" He moved closer, his steps slow, purposeful. "Just fax me a damned piece of paper and I‘d be forced to let you walk away from me?"
"You don‘t have a choice." Lydia swallowed the lump in her throat and moved around the chair. Putting furniture between them seemed like a smart idea. "I quit, end of story."
"The hell it is," he growled as he stopped and crossed his arms over his chest. "I‘ve given you space, Lydia, but it‘s time we talk."
"There‘s nothing to say."
He pointedly glanced at the chair and quirked a brow. "Afraid, little Lydia?"
Afraid of her own ability to keep her hands off him, yeah. "You don‘t scare me, Dane. You‘d never hurt me."
"Then quit acting so skittish and come here.”
Anne Rainey, Body Rush

Cherise Sinclair
“She realised she was whimpering. Sir held her closer, his hard grip reassuring. This wasn't a dream; he really was here.”
Cherise Sinclair, Breaking Free

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