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Toba Beta
“Self righteousness belongs to narrow-minded.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Zig Ziglar
“A narrow mind and a fat head invariably come on the same person.”
Zig Ziglar

Toba Beta
“Fanatics don't wanna see anything from another standpoints.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Intelligence arouses fear and respect, the lack of it keeps one on the narrow minded road of disrespect, stupidity and inferiority complex.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Criss Jami
“There is a difference between criticizing people and criticizing a people's uninformed ideals. That is, unless one defines himself or others by their ideals, then he is offended, and usually offended secretly. Because oddly enough, this person is the same person quickest to resort to dismissive name-calling, such as 'bigot' or 'zealot'. And oddly enough, he is always the one, the 'open-minded' one, who adamantly protests for, not only himself, but others not to listen to any type of scholarly theological truth inherently for the sake of his own personal, moral beliefs.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Shannon L. Alder
“Never keep your brain so full that people’s opinions take up every pew in your mind, and truth has to be “born again” before it is believed.”
Shannon L. Alder

Angelica Hopes
“Wagging tongues from prejudiced, sophisticated facade of show-off people can never blemish any honest, genuine, golden heart.”
Angelica Hopes

“The irony is that while our world might plead for change, it does its best to suppress it.”
Hiba Fatima Ahmad

Jim Thompson
“If I had to marry someone, it wouldn't be a bossy little gal with a tongue like barbed-wire and a mind about as narrow.”
Jim Thompson, The Killer Inside Me

Wynne McLaughlin
“Garvey sighed. “I expect I should say a few words.”
“It would seem apropos,” said Cope.
Garvey considered for a moment, and then began to speak.
“This here preacher . . . well, there’s no doubt he was narrow-minded enough to see through a keyhole with both eyes. That don’t mean he deserved this. I expect he believed that when men die, they go to a better place.” Garvey frowned. “I’m not so sure about that . . . and I’d soon as not risk finding out for myself . . . but for his sake, I hope that’s the case.”
Garvey turned around to face a second, nearly identical grave beside the first. “The stage driver . . . well, he made his choice, and paid for it. I heard his nickname was ‘Whiskey Jack.’ I expect his breath had more than a little to do with that. Whiskey Jack was . . . well, he was a capable driver. Too bad he wasn’t a faster draw. May they both rest in peace.”
Cope and Sternberg fought off grins and tried to maintain their solemn composures.
“Amen,” said Cope.
“Indeed,” added Sternberg.”
Wynne McLaughlin, The Bone Feud

“What has motivated some people to leave Churches of Christ? . . . those of us who stayed. . . need to . . . do a better job of presenting ideas and practices that we believe are non-negotiable.”
Flavil R Yeakley Jr., Why They Left: Listening to Those Who Have Left Churches of Christ

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Being open-minded dramatically reduces one’s chances of getting a permanent tattoo.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana