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Tennessee Williams
“We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down with us trapped, locked in it.”
Tennessee Williams, The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

Lionel Shriver
“I was mortified by the prospect of becoming hopelessly trapped in someone else's story.”
Lionel Shriver, We Need to Talk About Kevin

Holly Black
“It’s just that you go so crazy being alone like that. Sometimes he’d forget my water or food and I’d cry and cry and cry.” She stops talking and looks out the window. “I would try to tell myself stories to pass the time. Fairy tales. Parts of books. But they got used up.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Criss Jami
“Those who speak of progression but are afraid of change are self-repressed and therefore unable to reach any further than their eyes can already see.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Sara Grant
“Yeah, as long as we know we're trapped, we still have a chance to escape.”
Sara Grant, Neva

Karen Hesse
“I don't know what I am thinking. But I am alone. I am trapped in the net of the room. In the net of humans. I think maybe I am drowning in the net of humans.”
Karen Hesse, The Music of Dolphins

Rebecca McNutt
“Nobody has ever taken a photograph of something they want to forget. We can build a wall of happy Kodak moments around ourselves, a wall of our Christmases, birthdays, baby showers and weddings, but we can never forget that celluloid film is see-through, that behind it, all the misery of real life waits for our wall to collapse someday.”
Rebecca McNutt

Chuck Palahniuk
“And if you can find any way out of our culture, then that's a trap too. Just wanting to get out of the trap reinforces the trap.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

“We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us.” (p.162)”
Joshua David Stone, A Beginner's Guide to the Path of Ascension (The Ascension Series)

Rebecca McNutt
“Mandy would much rather have imaginary friends who were real than real friends who were imaginary.”
Rebecca McNutt, Smog City

Cheryl Strayed
“I was reading about animals a while back and there was this motherfucking scientist in France back in the thirties or forties or whenever the motherfuck it was and he was trying to get apes to draw these pictures, to make art pictures like the kinds of pictures in serious motherfucking paintings that you see in museums and shit. So the scientist keeps showing the apes these paintings and giving them charcoal pencils to draw with and then one day one of the apes finally draws something but it’s not the art pictures that it draws. What it draws is the bars of its own motherfucking cage. Its own motherfucking cage! Man, that's the truth, ain't it?”
Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Jack Gantos
“You can't do anything for a person who is stuck between being happy and being miserable. All you can do is get trapped in the middle, and anyone in the middle just gets squished.' -Grandma”
Jack Gantos, What Would Joey Do?

Anton Strout
“Of all the ways I had imagined my death, getting beaten by my zombified mentor while trapped by a cannibalistic window handle wasn’t one of them”
Anton Strout, Dead To Me

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Every wall that would entrap me has a door that would free me. And I languish because the fear of freedom often leaves me preferring the familiarity of the wall.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“To be brutally truthful, the removal of your noodle from seeking other people’s futile approval to be you, is one of the most beautiful steps to flight, where wings flap to freedom from so many deadly traps.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

Moryah DeMott
“Sometimes I sit and stare out at the people walking by, wondering if they’ve felt as I’ve felt, trapped, alone, but guiltily content in the knowledge that I will never know another’s thoughts, and therefore can feel special due to my unique loneliness.”
Moryah DeMott, Timeless

Joseph Conrad
“This man suffered too much. He hated all this, and somehow he couldn't get away. When I had a chance I begged him to try and leave while there was time; I offered to go back with him. And he would say yes, and then he would remain...”
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Alice Walker
“She thought of how diligently she’d worked to free herself. Difficult because of the shock she was in, discovering she was trapped, captured most of all by possessions.”
Alice Walker, Now Is the Time to Open Your Heart

Peternelle van Arsdale
“Every day she felt like a monster walking among the innocent, felt as if she were trapped on the other side of a locked door”
Peternelle van Arsdale, The Beast Is an Animal

“Have you considered the possibility that there might be a different way? How can you do anything differently if you can't imagine there is or can be anything different? Start by opening your mind and letting your imagination free. Don't be too sure that one way is the only way. Stay curious, stay open.”
Akiroq Brost

Jason Medina
“I’ll be damned if I am getting trapped in another borough of this city!”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

Jason Medina
“I have complete faith that the government will find another way to screw us over and keep us trapped in the Infected Zone.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

Sonali Dev
“The ever-present tangle of lies tightened around her like a hunter's net. The more she pushed it away, the more it clung to her like sticky, spindly spiderwebs. But the truth had to remain hidden inside the godforsaken asylum and inside the one of silence that was Uma, Vijay, and her, and tragically enough, Vikram's mother.”
Sonali Dev, The Bollywood Bride

Lydia Ruffles
“You might feel lost; you might feel nothing. You might feel trapped inside and locked outside of yourself at the same time.”
Lydia Ruffles, The Taste of Blue Light

Marian Keyes
“I click to buy it and I’m furious to discover that it’s not available in Ireland and they won’t post it from abroad and the only place that sells it is Harrods and it’s impossible for me to go to Harrods because it’s like being trapped in an Escher painting.”
Marian Keyes, The Break

“I may be a tiger in a cage, but at least I'm not a person trapped in life's prison.”
Anthony T.Hincks

“AGAMEMNON: Oh immovable law of heaven! Oh my anguish, my relentless fate!

CLYTEMNESTRA: Yours? Mine. Hers. No relenting for any of us.”
Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis

Jim Thompson
“You’ve got forever, but that’s no time at all. You’ve got forever; and somehow you can’t do much with it. You’ve got forever; and it’s a mile wide and an inch deep and full of alligators.”
Jim Thompson, The Killer Inside Me

Rob Bell
“When you are bored, restless, longing for something more, unfulfilled, feeling like you've settled, haunted by the sense of being trapped in your own life, these are the deep waters of your soul speaking to you, telling you something is wrong, something is missing, something needs to change.”
Rob Bell, How to Be Here: A Guide to Creating a Life Worth Living

“I'm trapped by my obsession, but I'm set free by my decisions.”
Anthony T. Hincks

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