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Libba Bray
“Do you ever feel that way?"
I search for the words. "Restless. As if you haven't really met yourself yet. As is you'd passed yourself once in the fog, and your heart leapt - 'Ah! There I Am! I've been missing that piece!' But it happens too fast, and then that part of you disappears into the fog again. And you spend the rest of your days looking for it."
He nods, and I think he's appeasing me. I feel stupid of having said it. It's sentimental and true, and I've revealed a part of myself I shouldn't have.
"Do you know what I think?" Kartik says at last.
"Sometimes, I think you can glimpse it in another.”
Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing

Charlotte Brontë
“I could not help it: the restlessness was in my nature; it agitated me to pain sometimes.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Patrick deWitt
“The creak of bed springs suffering under the weight of a restless man is as lonely a sound as I know.”
Patrick deWitt, The Sisters Brothers

Amit Kalantri
“When you are lonely for a while don't get restless, if you had born alone, you are going to die alone then for sometime you can certainly live alone.”
Amit Kalantri

Sanober  Khan
“Do not turn me
restless waters

if you cannot promise
to be my stream.”
Sanober Khan

Paul E. Miller
“God takes everyone he loves through a desert. It is his cure for our wandering hearts, restlessly searching for a new Eden...
The best gift of the desert is God's presence... The protective love of the Shepherd gives me courage to face the interior journey.”
Paul E. Miller, A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World

V.E. Schwab
“Estelle used to call these the restless days, when the warmer-blooded gods began to stir, and the cold ones began to settle. When dreamers were most prone to bad ideas, and wanderers were likely to get lost.”
V.E. Schwab, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Michael Xavier
“Wild things have restless wings that too often need to fly.”
Michael Xavier

Kimberly Derting
“She would be trouble, this one; the fact that he was lying awake now was proof of that.”
Kimberly Derting, The Pledge

Kahlil Gibran
“But you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed.”
Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Sebastian Faulks
“The end-of-summer winds make people restless.”
Sebastian Faulks, Engleby

John Steinbeck
“All of them had a restlessness in common.”
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Kathy Hepinstall
“Those who wake at this hour feel a lonely separation from everyone but night birds and ghost crabs, never imagining the legion of kindred souls scattered in the darkness, who stare at ceilings and pace floors and look out windows and covet and worry and mourn.”
Kathy Hepinstall, Blue Asylum

Sinclair Lewis
“I was feeling rational and restless, which is horrible for watching movies”
Sinclair Lewis, Arrowsmith

Carl Henegan
“There is never a restless night for the dark soul. They sleep well within a destiny sealed and accepted in trade for the spoils of the earth”
Carl Henegan

Clemantine Wamariya
“I wanted to retain the right to disappear. Remaining in place, nesting -- it sets off fears that somebody would yank me away. To counter it, I had to flee. I had to reassure myself that I still knew how to escape.”
Clemantine Wamariya, The Girl Who Smiled Beads: A Story of War and What Comes After

“It's the Sea of Restlessness," he said. "Fills you up with go go go, like you're a bowl full of reaching and wanting but you don't know what you're reaching and wanting for.”
Catherine M. Valente

Mukta Singh-Zocchi
“The starved beast, sensing the prey, was restless.”
Mukta Singh-Zocchi, The Thugs & a Courtesan

Lailah Gifty Akita
“The rest for the soul lies in repentance.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“A restless mind makes a problem of a resting body.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Patience with other people and oneself is a prized quality. I must control fits of restlessness and impulsivity. I need to exhibit imperturbability. I am inpatient because I resist suffering. I vehemently resist the tedium and tragedies that befall humankind. It is useless to seek to escape from the fate of all humanity. I acknowledge that humankind is fated – inexorably, inevitably, irrevocably – by birth to suffer. Every person must endure the arduous toil and grating monotony of working for a living, as well undergo the physical pain and emotional exhaustion that comes from leading a dreary life of industry. The greater a person’s anxiety and resistance to the ordinary troubles in life the greater their personal suffering. I can only ease the mind and live a heightened existence by stoically accepting fate. I aspire to embrace a path of nonresistance and cultivate a state of mental quietude. I will find inner peace only by demonstrating the courage to face the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones. Courage, patience, and fortitude will eliminate an ingrained personal propensity to engage in self-sabotage. When my resistance to the inevitable fate of humanity ceases, I will no longer berate myself for past lapses, avoid fretting over the present, and feeling anxious about the future.”
Kilroy J. Oldster

Ralph Steadman
“Evil is always devising more corrosive misery through man's restless need to exact revenge out of his hate.”
Ralph Steadman

Becky Moynihan
“I’d rather he live his life dangerously than not at all. My only worry is that he won’t stop until he’s sacrificed himself in the process.”
Becky Moynihan, Adaptive

Jennifer Crusie
“Xavier looked at Shane's outfit of pants, pistol, and no shirt, and then glanced up at the porch. "You sleep outside?"
Shane turned and looked through the screen door. There was no sign of Agnes or the sheets that had been tumbled there. A woman who could wake up fast and then remove evidence slightly. His kind of girl.
"Yep. I like fresh air."
Xavier nodded, his exasperation evaporating into amusement. "Right. Miss Agnes up yet?"
"I wouldn't know."
"Right." Xavier gave a lazy grin and walked around Shane. "Quite a woman, that Miss Agnes."
"Yep," Shane said, following him up the walk.
"Bit sharp-tempered, though."
"I'd call her fiery."
Xavier turned his head toward Shane and nodded amiably. "Fiery. That's good."
They walked up the path, Rhett ambling with them. Xavier trooped up the steps to the porch and spared a glance at the air mattress and Shane's T-shirt, crumpled in a ball. "Restless night, son?"
"Slept like a baby."
"I bet you did," Xavier said, and went into the kitchen.”
Jennifer Crusie, Agnes and the Hitman

Michael C. Kinsey
“For Zugunruhe is the word describing what's inside a bird that makes it want to spread its wings and cherish flight above all things.”
Michael C. Kinsey, Dreams of Zugunruhe

“I dont have an on/off switch. Even when I sleep or dream I am thinking intensely. I want to sleep now but like always I have to burn out to pass out.
I want to sleep yet I see so many pathways for tomorrow's and how it connects to the past.
Avoid the future to create the present.
Remember the past to shape the Future. Strike out in all directions. Extrapolate from a grain of sand and build an entire universe. Walk into the darkness and release the light within ourselves. A new sun is born. A new space to dwell in. Let there be light from the nothingness of ideas. But be careful: You get to close to the sun and it will enflame you & burn out your eyes. And maybe your essence of life.
So many avenues of cerebral adventure constantly holding me awake. I learn and it never seems enough. The time to do so is never enough. I want to sleep. To be at peace.
To not be a bio-machine. Nor an organic computer.
I just want to be a simple man.”
Levon Peter Poe

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Faith lets you see the possibility in every situation.
Others may see a desert but what you see is a place where virtually everything can be grown.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, The Book of Maxims, Poems and Anecdotes

Suman Pokhrel
“As you entered the room
stirring air with suppleness of walk,
waking up the stillness with jingles of cymbals,
making curtains dance to the sound of bangles:
aroma wafted into air from canvas and copybooks,
my paintbrush grew restless,
and pen became enraptured;
my eyes, and hands. and this and that
became electrified.”
Suman Pokhrel

Catherynne M. Valente
“It's the Sea of Restlessness," he said. "Fills you up with go go go, like you're a bowl full of reaching and wanting but you don't know what you're reaching and wanting for.”
Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two

Anne Frank
“I feel as if I were about to explode. I know crying would help, but I can't cry. I'm restless.”
Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

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