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John Green
“Poetry is just so emo." he said. "Oh, the pain. The pain. It always rains. In my soul.”
John Green, Paper Towns

Gerard Way
“Life is but a dream for the dead.”
Gerard Way

Amy Efaw
“She can paint a pretty picture but this story has a twist. The paintbrush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist.”
Amy Efaw, After

Gerard Way
“So how was Christmas for you guys? Did you all get lots of nice black t-shirts?”
Gerard Way

Dylan Thomas
“And I rose
In rainy autumn
And walked abroad in a shower of all my days...”
Dylan Thomas, Collected Poems

Gerard Way
“Im okay Im okay now.
But you really need to listen to me
'cause im telling you the truth
I mean this im okay
Trust me...
Im not okay
...Well okay im not okay.
Im not o-f cking-kay”
Gerard Way

Kelly Creagh
“Just because I wear black and keep a private journal, that doesn't mean I'm going to blow up the school. Or terrorize mindless cheerleaders, for that matter.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Thisuri Wanniarachchi
“Most parents try really hard to give their kids the best possible life. They give them the best food and clothes they can afford, take their own kind of take on training kids to be honest and polite. But what they don't realize is no matter how much they try, their kids will get out there. Out to this complicated little world. If they are lucky they will survive, through backstabbers, broken hearts, failures and all the kinds of invisible insane pressures out there. But most kids get lost in them. They will get caught up in all kinds of bubbles. Trouble bubbles. Bubbles that continuously tell them that they are not good enough. Bubbles that get them carried away with what they think is love, give them broken hearts. Bubbles that will blur the rest of the world to them, make them feel like that is it, that they've reached the end. Sometimes, even the really smart kids, make stupid decisions. They lose control. Parents need to realize that the world is getting complicated every second of every day. With new problems, new diseases, new habits. They have to realize the vast probability of their kids being victims of this age, this complicated era. Your kids could be exposed to problems that no kind of therapy can help. Your kids could be brainwashed by themselves to believe in insane theories that drive them crazy. Most kids will go through this stage. The lucky ones will understand. They will grow out of them. The unlucky ones will live in these problems. Grow in them and never move forward. They will cut themselves, overdose on drugs, take up excessive drinking and smoking, for the slightest problems in their lives.
You can't blame these kids for not being thankful or satisfied with what they have. Their mentality eludes them from the reality.”
Thisuri Wanniarachchi, COLOMBO STREETS

“Creatures of the Darkness

It was world of vampires and demons, where innocence
was rare and so were the living. It was a world of darkness,
where light had been outlawed and nightfall had swallowed
us whole.

An epic war had been fought, and the creatures of the dark
had finally prevailed over the promoters of the light. Finally,
for the first time in existence, the people of the shadows could
come out and freely walk among one another in the rays of the
dying sun, which had once been used to shun them away.

A little girl, a child of the light, had survived the battle and
crawled out from under the ashes of the destruction. She looked
around at her altered world in dismay and confronted a vampire
about the changes, of which she did not approve.

“Why did you turn my world into a world of night, and make
wrong into a new form of right? How could you make all the light
disappear, and with it everyone I once loved so dear? Why are the
shadows now the new sun, and why is everything lost what you have
The vampire looked down at the little girl with amusement
and delight.

“Because, little girl, this is the real world you see, where there’s no
light to shine on false identities. We didn’t destroy the world just to scare;
we simply uncovered what was already there. What has come out was all the
darkness that was once hidden within, and you’ll soon meet the darkness
in you once my fangs pierce your skin.”

We are our own greatest fears…..”
Chris Colfer, Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal

Rainer Maria Rilke
“So it's back once more, back up the slope.
Why do they always ruin my rope
with their cuts?
I felt so ready the other day,
Had a real foretaste of eternity
In my guts.

Spoonfeeding me yet another sip
from life's cup.
I don't want it, won't take any more of it.
Let me throw up.

Life is medium rare and good, I see,
And the world full of soup and bread,
But it won't pass into the blood for me,
Just goes to my head.

It makes me ill, though others it feeds;
Do see that I must deny it!
For a thousand years from now at least
I'm keeping a diet.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, The Best of Rilke: 72 Form-true Verse Translations with Facing Originals, Commentary and Compact Biography

“What foolishness it is to desire more life, after one has tasted
A bit of it and seen the world; for each day, after each endless day,
Piles up ever more misery into a mound. As for pleasures: once we
Have passed youth they vanish away, never again to be seen.
Death is the end of all.
Never to be born is the best thing. To have seen the daylight
And be swept instantly back into dark oblivion comes second.”
Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus

“I spend my nights thinking the worst
And telling myself that everything's going to work out
I keep kicking myself in the mouth
Opening up every cut that should be a scar by now”
Real friends

“Stars are everything and nothing that we think they are.
They are their own world, but through an act of will we make them part of ours. They are the diamonds of the gods, the lights at a stadium where angels play a midnight game of baseball.
They’re fairy farts that have been set ablaze! Mostly, they’re just an untouchable beauty that’s so far away, it’s the only place safe enough to store our secret hopes and dreams. When we see a shooting start, we all make a wish. But what nobody admits is how afraid they are of actually catching something that fell from heaven. I’m not afraid to burn.
J.M. Evans

Tao Lin
“Yeah. I like Chopin. I feel like Chopin is ‘emo.’ Do you like Chopin?”
Tao Lin, Shoplifting from American Apparel
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Nenia Campbell
“She wasn’t soft or pretty; she was hard-edged and cold, like one of those cold bronze statues surrounded by high fences and crowned in razor wire. Don’t touch me, such defenses said, but it wasn’t enough to halt a breach, no. She had thought people only picked the soft-petaled, sweet-smelling flowers, but some people took thorns as a challenge.”
Nenia Campbell, Escape

“You used to make me feel like I could walk on water
Now most nights I'm just sinking down and down
You're the reason why I can't listen to the same songs I used to”
Real Friends

Solange nicole
“What do you do when the alienating silence deafens your 'bootless cries'?”
Solange nicole

“Those times when someone you thought was your friend talks about you behind your back really hurt. Even if you act like you don't care, deep inside, you care.”
Zoey-Rose Hawthorne

“I fell over twice. It was loud. The garden was black outside our circle of light. The endless night stretched all around us, so we told each other that we had to be close together, together in the dark.”
Laure Eve, The Graces

Oliver Gray
“She paints a pretty picture, but the story has a twist
Her paintbrush is a razor, her canvas is her wrist.

She paints a pretty picture in a colour that's blood red.
While using her sharp paintbrush, she ends up finally dead.

The pretty picture is fading quite slowly on her arm.
Blood no longer runs through her, she can no longer do harm.

Yes, she painted a pretty picture but the story has a twist,
you see, her mind was her razor, and her heart was her wrist.”
Oliver Gray

“Let me set it straight, I've done some shit,
And maybe I ain't too proud of it
The monster in your bed
You were begging me "please don't stop!"
Said that I'm a douchebag, won't call back
The worst hangover you ever had
Felt so good at first, you knew that it could never last
Wanna wash the dirt off my hands, wanna get this all off my chest
But I'm no good at saying sorry... woah oh!

I didn't mean to fuck you over,
I just want to have some fun”
The Summer Set

“i wear black
got dem boots
nothing more to say”
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Hermann Hesse
“There was nothing to be made of us intellectuals. We were a superfluous, irresponsible lot of talented chatterboxes for whom reality had no meaning.”
Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

Ian McEwan
“I was pure and good. I loved it that they couldn’t understand how profound I was.”
Ian McEwan, The Children Act
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“I remember only images, snapshots burned into me, bleeding into each other until I no longer knew the order in which they had happen.”
Laure Eve, The Graces

Molly Ringle
“I turned my bedroom into a bat-cave of band posters, dark curtains, and the occasional skull. I think by now my distraught parents were seeking advice from their pastor. Andy, meanwhile, calmly remarked, “I like how you’ve found a way to use Halloween decorations year-round.”
Molly Ringle, All the Better Part of Me

“Being emo is both the best and worst thing that has happened to me”
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Jacqueline E. Smith
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize they made shoes for emo ballerinas!”
Jacqueline E. Smith, Shipwreck Girl

“I was in a black cloud around that time. Sometimes I think I have a bit of a gray cloud, at least, that still follows me around. I know people's parents get divorced, and every teenager is practically required to go through a stage where they shop at Hot Topic and say things like You laugh because I'm different, but I laugh because you're all the same.”
Alicia Thompson, Love in the Time of Serial Killers

“I do not like scat porn! I refuse to comment on vomit porn. Nevermind, I have a vomit fetish; put this on goodreads.”
Sarah Sadgirl
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