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Harry Crews
“That was the only decision there was once upon a time: what to do with the night.”
Harry Crews, A Feast of Snakes

Pat Frayne
“Favorite Quotations.
I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue.
The worth of a book is measured by what you carry away from it.
It's not over till it's over.
Imagination is everything.
All life is an experiment.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.”
Pat Frayne, Tales of Topaz the Conjure Cat: Part I Topaz and the Evil Wizard & Part II Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone

Stacy Schiff
“When a woman teams up with a snake a moral storm threatens somewhere.”
Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life

F.T. McKinstry
“The older a wizard grows, the more silent he becomes, like a woody vine growing over time to choke a garden path, deep and full of moss and snakes, running everywhere, impenetrable.”
F.T. McKinstry, Crowharrow

Diane Ackerman
“One morning as I closed the cyclone-fence gate / to begin a slow drift / down to the cookhouse on foot / (because my truck wheels were glued / in deep mud once again), / I walked straight into / the waiting non-arms of a snake, / its tan beaded-bag skin / studded with black diamonds.

Up it coiled to speak to me a eye level. / Imagine! that sleek finger / rising out of the land's palm / and coiling faster than a Hindu rope. / The thrill of a bull snake / startled in the morning / when the mesas lie pooled / in a custard of light / kept me bright than ball lightning all day.

Praise leapt first to mind / before flight or danger, / praise that knows no half-truth, and pardons all.”
Diane Ackerman, I Praise My Destroyer: Poems

Charles Baudelaire
Le serpent qui danse

Que j'aime voir, chère indolente,
De ton corps si beau,
Comme une étoffe vacillante,
Miroiter la peau!

Sur ta chevelure profonde
Aux acres parfums,
Mer odorante et vagabonde
Aux flots bleus et bruns,

Comme un navire qui s'éveille
Au vent du matin,
Mon âme rêveuse appareille
Pour un ciel lointain.

Tes yeux où rien ne se révèle
De doux ni d'amer,
Sont deux bijoux froids où se mêlent
L’or avec le fer.

A te voir marcher en cadence,
Belle d'abandon,
On dirait un serpent qui danse
Au bout d'un bâton.

Sous le fardeau de ta paresse
Ta tête d'enfant
Se balance avec la mollesse
D’un jeune éléphant,

Et ton corps se penche et s'allonge
Comme un fin vaisseau
Qui roule bord sur bord et plonge
Ses vergues dans l'eau.

Comme un flot grossi par la fonte
Des glaciers grondants,
Quand l'eau de ta bouche remonte
Au bord de tes dents,

Je crois boire un vin de bohême,
Amer et vainqueur,
Un ciel liquide qui parsème
D’étoiles mon coeur!”
Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal

E.B. White
“I am working on a new book about a boa constrictor and a litter of hyenas. The boa constrictor swallows the babies one by one, and the mother hyena dies laughing.”
E.B. White

“Tell people how it is, be real and be honest.
If you see something wrong make sure you speak up.
Being this way will naturally eliminate the snakes and fakes.”
John Maiorana (oohGiovanni)

“Make sure the lions you roll with aren’t snakes in disguise.”
Genereux Philip

Amanda Bouchet
“I love you like a man insane.”
Amanda Bouchet, Breath of Fire

Aldous Huxley
“Round and round they went with their snakes, snakily...”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World
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“I am surprised you didn’t whack your head on an overhanging branch back there. I have never seen anyone leap straight up off the ground the way you did when you saw that snake! It would make a good move for our next dance. Do you think you could teach the others? The snake jump?”
Jennifer Frick-Ruppert, Spirit Quest

“Tell people how it is, be real and be honest.
If you see something wrong make sure you speak up.
Being this way will naturally eliminate the snakes and fakes.”
John Maiorana (Giovanni)

Amanda Downum
“A dozen cobras moved as one, shattering their bottles. Wine and glass sprayed the room. The snakes sprang for Isyllt's attacker with fangs unfolded. He screamed high and sharp as they uncoiled, long slick bodies whipping through the air. She wasn't sure if their venom could survive death and pickling, but it didn't seem to matter. After several bites, he curled on the floor, weeping and trying to bat the undead snakes away.”
Amanda Downum, Kingdoms of Dust

Chinua Achebe
“A snake was never called by its name at night, because it would hear. It was called a string.”
Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

Amanda Bouchet
“I don’t know why it’s not universally acknowledged that looking back is a terrible idea. It only makes going forward that much harder.”
Amanda Bouchet, Breath of Fire

Carlos Wallace
“If I doubt your intentions I will never trust your actions.”
Carlos Wallace

Amanda Bouchet
“We were friends before.” Sort of. We never tried to kill each other.”
Amanda Bouchet, Breath of Fire

Madeline Miller
“He was a poison snake, and I was another, and on such terms we pleased ourselves.”
Madeline Miller, Circe

Amanda Bouchet
“I turn back to Griffin. His expression is stony and unreadable, although if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say it was tending toward ominous.”
Amanda Bouchet, Breath of Fire

Amanda Bouchet
“Who’s arguing now?”
I smile innocently. It’s hard not to laugh. “Yes, Your Growliness?”
He growls.”
Amanda Bouchet, Breath of Fire

“We don't see snakes because they wear suits, but we see butterflies because they wear pyjamas.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Rachel Caine
“There once was a kindly farmer who found a viper freezing on the ground in the snow. Please help me, the poor creature said, for I am too cold to live. The farmer took the viper and put it inside of his shirt, and the viper began to warm itself and come alive again. But upon coming alive, it bit the farmer most wretchedly, and as the farmer died, he asked the viper, but why? Why when I was so trusting of you?

Because I am a viper, the snake replied. And one cannot expect kindness from evil.”
Rachel Caine, Viper and the Farmer

Firoozeh Dumas
“Regarding Girl Scout Camp survival skills: "For instance, if I see a snake, I should stand still or walk backwards slowly, never run. I am one hundred percent sure I will not do that. But now, while running as fast as I can, I will be thinking, I shouldn't be running.”
Firoozeh Dumas, It Ain't So Awful, Falafel

“It's no use hiding in the bushes when you know there are snakes about.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Mandy Ashcraft
“Please stop redirecting my calls!" Kelvin screamed into the receiver, the cord wrapped and strangling his left arm and right foot like a boa constrictor that only vaguely understood how it's supposed to catch prey.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit


Crickets chirp,
Birds sing,
Dogs howl,
It's their own thing.
Cats purr,
Mice squeak,
Cows moo,
It's not what you think.
Whales whistle,
Dolphins click,
Snakes hiss,
So listen to this.
Sheep baa,
Rabbits twitch,
If you can't speak,
It's only a glitch.
A body speaks,
Their hands do wave,
They're all speaking together,
Now don't be so naïve.
It's all a language,
Which we don't hear,
b\Because it's not our own,
What do we care!”
Anthony T. Hincks

Margaret George
“Snakes. How fitting. Not only are they sacred to Egypt, but associated with the power of the underworld and with fertility. Perhaps I did you a favor by refusing more conventional poisons.”
Margaret George, The Memoirs of Cleopatra

Hannah Mary Rothschild
“The one area that Winkleman avoided was dealing in contemporary art, which Memling described as "shooting poisonous snakes with a water pistol.”
Hannah Mary Rothschild, The Improbability of Love

Amanda Bouchet
“It’s just you always…”
“Run,” I finish for him…
I gaze up at him. Soft light plays over his striking features – the hard planes of his cheekbones, his strong jaw, the slight hook in his nose. “I’ll still run, Griffin. The difference now is that I’ll run to you.”
He looks at me for a long time, his gray eyes inscrutable. “You’d better.”
I arch an eyebrow. “Or you’ll spank me?”
Amanda Bouchet, Breath of Fire

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