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Shel Silverstein
Sandra’s seen a leprechaun,
Eddie touched a troll,
Laurie danced with witches once,
Charlie found some goblins gold.
Donald heard a mermaid sing,
Susy spied an elf,
But all the magic I have known
I've had to make myself.”
Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

Amanda Hocking
“I don't care where I come from or who you are. I can make you happy, and you make me happy. We could have a happily ever after.”
Amanda Hocking, Torn

Pat Frayne
“Favorite Quotations.
I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue.
The worth of a book is measured by what you carry away from it.
It's not over till it's over.
Imagination is everything.
All life is an experiment.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.”
Pat Frayne, Tales of Topaz the Conjure Cat: Part I Topaz and the Evil Wizard & Part II Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone

“He who searches for evil, must first look at his own reflection.”

Belle Malory
“In some darkened corner, an evil troll named Karma was rolling on the floor laughing, hysterically.”
Belle Malory, The Twelfth Keeper

“Give a man a mask, and he'll tell you deeper and darker truths. But he'll also be more abusive, unaccountable, and demonic.”
Cory Duchesne

T.H. White
“He did not himself believe in the supernatural, but the thing happened, and he proposed to tell it as simply as possible. It was stupid of him to say that it shook his faith in mundane affairs, for it was just as mundane as anything else. Indeed the really frightening part about it was the horribly tangible atmosphere in which it took place. None of the outlines wavered in the least. The creature would have been less remarkable if it had been less natural. It seemed to overcome the usual laws without being immune to them. ("The Troll")”
T.H. White, Ghostly, Grim and Gruesome

T.H. White
“My father always used to tell one of his dreams, because it somehow seemed of a piece with what was to follow. He believed that it was a consequence of the thing's presence in the next room. My father dreamed of blood.

It was the vividness of the dreams that was impressive, their minute detail and horrible reality. The blood came through the keyhole of a locked door which communicated with the next room. I suppose the two rooms had originally been designed en suite. It ran down the door panel with a viscous ripple, like the artificial one created in the conduit of Trumpingdon Street. But it was heavy, and smelled. The slow welling of it sopped the carpet and reached the bed. It was warm and sticky. My father woke up with the impression that it was all over his hands. He was rubbing his first two fingers together, trying to rid them of the greasy adhesion where the fingers joined." ("The Troll")”
T.H. White, Ghostly, Grim and Gruesome

Paul    Graham
“If you disagree with something, it's easier to say 'you suck' than to figure out and explain exactly what you disagree with. You're also safe that way from refutation. In this respect trolling is a lot like graffiti. Graffiti happens at the intersection of ambition and incompetence: people want to make their mark on the world, but have no other way to do it than literally making a mark on the world.”
Paul Graham

Red Tash
“There were lots of things in this lifetime that I'd doubted, precious little I'd known for sure. But in that moment, I knew I would save her, or die trying.”
Red Tash, Troll Or Derby

Will Advise
“Everything is like a wall.
Said a scholar to the troll.
Bang your head to go on through.
Then you'll see, there is no queue.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Eoin Colfer
“No one's ever really ready for a troll.”
Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl

Red Tash
“I envisioned him tied in a chair, an iron arrow pointed at his brow. Ah, the power of positive thinking.”
Red Tash, Troll Or Derby

David Chiles
“Stay cool is the netiquette rule, if flamed. Responding is for a fool.”
David Chiles, The Principles Of Netiquette

Aysha Taryam
“I have come to realise that the most critical of the social media accounts are the least verbal in real life and I can assure you that most social media trolls have no physical troll land to dwell.”
Aysha Taryam

“theres actualy more cells in our brains than there are brains in our entire body”
Ken M

Jaron Lanier
“Each of us has an inner troll.”
Jaron Lanier, Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now
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Angie Thomas
“But I promise you this,” he says, “no matter what happens, it’s gonna be okay. Your almighty, all-knowing big brother will make sure of that.” “I didn’t know I had another big brother.”
Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give

Jen Calonita
“She played with one of her braids. Three years feels so far away.
"Hey." Kristoff moved closer. "Your hair."
"Oh." She was used to this question. "The white stripe? I was born with it," she explained. "That's what my parents were told. They actually adopted me when I was a baby. I dreamt that I was kissed by a troll."
Kristoff's eyes widened. "Did you say 'troll'?" He hurried after her to hear more.”
Jen Calonita, Conceal, Don't Feel

“Don’t think people are stupid, when they are good to you. They are also capable of doing bad, harmful and hurtful things more than you. They can be more bad, selfish, evil, disrespectful, psychos ,trolling,bully, toxic and meaner than you, but they choose to be good. You too can stop pressing other people’s button to test their kindness or patients to see how far can they take it. You can also choose to be good.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

Peter Pomerantsev
“Some of the farm's work reached a level of granularity that stunned Lyudmilla. Two trolls would go on the comments sections of small' provincial newspapers and start chatting about the street they lived in, the weather, then caually recommend a piece about the nefarious West attacking Russia.

No one who worked at the farm described themselves as trolls. Instead, they talked about their work in the passive voice ('a piece was written', 'a comment was made'). Most treated the farm as if it was just another job, doing the minimum required and then clocking off. Many of them seemed pleasant enough young people, with open, pretty faces, and yet they didn't blink when asked to smear, degrade, insult and humiliate their victims. The ease with which victims were attacked, the scale at which the farm operated, it all stunned Lyudmilla.”
Peter Pomerantsev, This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality

Mindy Kaling
“The point is, it only traumatized me because I had the time to be traumatized. I want to be so famous and busy that I only ever find these insults amusing, and chuckle at them good-naturedly before I get on my private jet to be a UN Ambassador to Cameroon, or wherever.”
Mindy Kaling, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

“Тролль — это в своем роде зиммелевский Чужак на границе онлайн-сообщества. Если появляются тролли, значит, это кому-то противно, непонятно — почему это он общается не как мы?

[...] Тролль — это тот, кто ставит вопрос о границах допустимого, одновременно это и сам раздражитель, и «иммунный ответ» сообщества на раздражитель.”
Полина Колозариди

Veronica Vitale
“Nella vita, ogni tanto, mi avvalgo della maturità di non rispondere.”
Veronica Vitale, Inside The Outsider

Nicole Gozdek
“Es gibt immer einen Fluchtweg und wenn du alle Gegner niederschlägst, die zwischen dir und deiner Freiheit stehen!, hatte Qrok ihr eingebläut. Aber Qrok war ein Troll von acht Fuß Körpergröße und mit gewaltigen Muskeln. Klar, dass diese Methode bei ihm funktionierte. Nur bei ihren knappen fünf Fuß wurde das etwas schwierig.”
Nicole Gozdek, Inspired - Magie der Muse

“THINK before you tweet, meme, post, tag and troll. It could ruin someone's life. Your own included.”
Shaune B. Ryder

“Social media a place where people hate what they do, when is done by others , because it is exposed. They will be bashing, shaming, naming and humiliate someone for the same act they are doing secretly. So that they can look good.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

C.A. Tedeschi
“Ale is the most civilized thing to a Dwarf, but to a Human it’s a reversal; a step back into a more primitive state.”

C.A. Tedeschi, The Knights of the Brotherhood

John Verdon
“le dio tiempo a reflexionar sobre la paradoja de Internet: el mayor almacén de conocimientos del mundo se había convertido en un megáfono para los idiotas”
John Verdon, White River Burning

“Trolling does not say anything about the person you are trolling, but it is saying a lot on what kind of a person are you. It exposes you, your personality and your life. How you are raised, what are your values, thoughts, believes and where are you in life?”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

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