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Walt Whitman
“God is a mean-spirited, pugnacious bully bent on revenge against His children for failing to live up to his impossible standards.”
Walt Whitman

Criss Jami
“A young outcast will often feel that there is something wrong with himself, but as he gets older, grows more confident in who he is, he will adapt, he will begin to feel that there is something wrong with everyone else.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Penelope Douglas
“Experience is the best teacher.”
Penelope Douglas, Bully

Thomas M. Cirignano
“Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained.”
Thomas M. Cirignano, The Constant Outsider

Theodore Roosevelt
“We despise and abhor the bully, the brawler, the oppressor, whether in private or public life, but we despise no less the coward and the voluptuary. No man is worth calling a man who will not fight rather than submit to infamy or see those that are dear to him suffer wrong.”
Theodore Roosevelt

James Patterson
“It gets so tiring, this strong-picking-on-the-weak stuff. It was the story of my life -literally- and it seemed to be a big part of the outside world too. I was sick of it, sick of guys like these, stupid and bullying.”
James Patterson, The Angel Experiment

Tamora Pierce
“A bully fights people littler and weaker than he is because he thinks it's fun.”
Tamora Pierce, Alanna: The First Adventure
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Jodi Picoult
“The first question she was asked was What do you do? as if that were enough to define you. Nobody ever asked you who you really were, because that changed. You might be a judge or a mother or a dreamer. You might be a loner or a visionary or a pessimist. You might be the victim, and you might be the bully. You could be the parent, and also the child. You might wond one day and heal the next.”
Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

Dan Pearce
“If bullies actually believe that somebody loves them and believes in them, they will love themselves, they will become better people, and many will even become saviors to the bullied.”
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Rebecca McNutt
“Mandy would much rather have imaginary friends who were real than real friends who were imaginary.”
Rebecca McNutt, Smog City

Rachelle Friedman
“I don't care what people say about how I look or even their opinion on my relationship. But the moment you judge my character is when we have a problem.”
Rachelle Friedman

Frank Portman
“Maybe they notice me wincing whenever I hear them say it, but I don't know: there are all sorts of reasons I could be wincing. Life is a wince-a-thon.”
Frank Portman, King Dork

Tamora Pierce
“Ralon didn't make anyone else put his tack away?" Alex wanted to know. "You didn't see anything strange?"
Alanna didn't look up. "No." It wasn't strange , she excused her lie mentally. Ralon does things like that all the time.
Tamora Pierce, Alanna: The First Adventure

William G. Bentrim
“Physical size can not measure the ferocity and compassion of the heart, spirit and soul. Truly in the measure of a person, short or tall doesn’t matter at all.”
William G. Bentrim, Short or Tall Doesn't Matter at All

N.K. Jemisin
“Fear of a bully, fear of a volcano; the power within you does not distinguish. It does not recognize degree.”
N.K. Jemisin, The Fifth Season

Yuna Kagesaki
“I want to be bullied.
But in again and you'll pay."

"She... wants to be bullied...?”
Yuna Kagesaki, AiON Volume 1

Aishabella Sheikh
“I caught him by the collar and dumped him into the nearest bin.
"That's where people like YOU belong!" I spat at him as his legs wiggled in the air. "In the garbage!" - Chapter 2: Miserable Torture”
Aishabella Sheikh, Lavinia

“Be the person that always has your back. When all are against you, don’t join the crowd. Be there for yourself.”
Avina Celeste

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“Interesting how the selfish, the ignorant, and the constantly angry all tend to be the same person.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

“The worst bully in your life is your own mind. Be kind to yourself and to others. Be gentle. Don’t beat yourself up for trying your best because, after all, you are trying your best.”
Avina Celeste

Shaun David Hutchinson
“In this bubble of time, I wasn't a freak and he wasn't a bully, and we could be friends without anyone knowing, and at least for now, that was enough.”
Shaun David Hutchinson, The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza

“Your mom shoulda told you she was just the diseased old slit all the local hobos used as a cum dumpster when they drank away their money and couldn't afford new porno mags.”
Matthew Rosenberg, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Kate Bornstein
“If someone is telling a lie, whether it's about you or anything else, you've got every right to call it a lie. You don't have to believe in or repeat any lies that you've been told. And just because the president of the United States mispronounces nuclear, it doesn't mean you have to. Claiming your own voice and language can be your best line of defence against any bully culture and any government that practices a politic of domination and exclusion. You are entitled to live bully-free and in a healthier political climate than that. It's possible.”
Kate Bornstein, Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws

Danielle Bennett
“You're nothing more than a common bully,' he whispered, voice trembling. I'd shaken him for good now, and it was deeper than just the physical side, my knuckles bruising his throat and his back arching for all his so-called defiance.
'I don't care what I am, so long as you're afraid of me.”
Danielle Bennett, Havemercy

Courtney Milan
“...what started with those simple requirements -- make her notice me, but guarantee that nobody understood how I felt -- turned into the cruelest thing I have ever done to another human.”
Courtney Milan, Unlocked

Stephen King
“Guys like this Henry always pushed even the most unfunny joke two steps too far...then looked wounded and misunderstood when someone yelled at them. And it was always Wassa matter? and it was Can'tcha take a joke? and it was Why don'cha lighten up a little?”
Stephen King, The Waste Lands

“You don't need to be a bully to be a man.
You just need to be compassionate, and understanding,
That's all.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Steven Magee
“Sweets or the beats was a bullying problem when I went to school.”
Steven Magee

Deborah Bravandt
“Bullying has its root cause in the need for adoration. If adoration is not fulfilled, the bully seeks to control a group through deceit and punishment of the individual who is perceived as being Non-Conforming. Adoration is a form of comfort. Take away the comfort, you dis-empower the bully.”
Deborah Bravandt

“Intimidation is an art form.”
Anthony T. Hincks.

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