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Brandon Sanderson
“But it was important to be rational at all times, not just when calm.”
Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Insurgence and all forms of evil in a society doesn't describes her as a failure, but vividly shows a lack of love for one another.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Lemony Snicket
“In an emergency, one often learns that one's companions can be of even less help in extraordinary circumstances than they are during an average evening.”
Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

Michel Faber
“There was a red button on the wall labelled EMERGENCY, but no button labelled BEWILDERMENT.”
Michel Faber, The Book of Strange New Things

Gail Carriger
“There was no way she was staying trapped with tea at a time like this.”
Gail Carriger, Manners & Mutiny

Keri Arthur
“Though the urge to hurry was beginning to beat through my brain, I knew that was the one thing I couldn't do. Not of I wanted to save lives.”
Keri Arthur, Full Moon Rising

Rick Riordan
“I didn’t understand the purpose of the seeds, but it was comforting to know that in a dire emergency I could hit people with my ukulele while Meg planted geraniums.”
Rick Riordan, The Hidden Oracle

Daphne du Maurier
“We're safe enough now,' he thought, 'we're snug and tight, like an air-raid shelter. We can hold out. It's just the food that worries me. Food and coal for the fire. We've enough for two or three days, not more. By that time...'

No use thinking ahead as far as that. And they'd be giving directions on the wireless. People would be told what to do. And now, in the midst of many problems, he realised that it was dance music only coming over the air. Not Children's Hour, as it should have been. He glanced at the dial. Yes, they were on the Home Service all right. Dance records. He switched to the Light programme. He knew the reason. The usual programmes had been abandoned. This only happened at exceptional times. Elections, and such. He tried to remember if it had happened in the war... ("The Birds")”
Daphne du Maurier, Echoes from the Macabre: Selected Stories

Ellen Bass
“Survivors are often good at both resolving and generating crisis. While this capacity to handle crisis can make you a good emergency room worker or ambulance driver, it can also be a way for you to keep yourself from feeling. If you are addicted to intensity and drama...you may be running from yourself.”
Ellen Bass, The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

“We are racing down Main Street. Arthur is right on the tail of a blck sedan with tinted windows that won't pull over. He slams the horn.
"Arthur," I say.
The car doesn't yield.
"Arthur," I say.
He hits the horn again, still close on the car's bummper.
"Arthur, our turn was back there.”
Peter Canning

Pawan Mishra
“We have a mental emergency here. Our noble pal Sevak has just been wickedly divorced by his mind.”
Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Steven Magee
“When placing an emergency call, it is important to remember that a corrupt or incompetent cop may be on their way to you.”
Steven Magee

Israelmore Ayivor
“Your brand will be called on upon when it's needed. When it's not needed at the moment, keep it safely till it's call comes. Some brands shine occasionally!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Alena Graedon
“One single word – like EMERGENCY, or love – can revise a whole night. A whole life.”
Alena Graedon, The Word Exchange

James Baldwin
“I remembered my mother’s insistence that I always wear clean underwear because I might get knocked down by a car on the way to or from school and I and the family would be disgraced even beyond the grave, presumably, if my underwear was dirty. And I began to worry, in fact, as the doctor sniffed and prodded, about the state of the shorts I was wearing. This made me want to laugh. But I could not breathe.”
James Baldwin, Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone

Christina Engela
“Tracey hurriedly shut the door behind her to prevent the flames that had been licking hungrily at her caboose all the way down the corridor, from following her inside. Then, almost falling into one of the gravity couches, she hurriedly strapped herself into it before punching the emergency release. She hoped the escape system still worked. It did. The explosive dead-bolts fired, shaking the pod loose, dislodging it from the rapidly disintegrating wreck, just about shaking the crap out of her on its bone-jarring way into the great wide open.”
Christina Engela, Prodigal Sun

Steven Magee
“I saw a guy faint at the W. M. Keck Observatory, he stepped out from the tour group and said to me "I'm feeling sick" and then his eyes rolled back and his knees gave way! The group caught him on his way to the ground and he got free emergency medical oxygen for half an hour before being evacuated off the summit by his tour group!!! His friends stated that he was considered the healthiest person in the group while he was gasping for breaths of life on the summit of Mauna Kea! Never saw him again.”
Steven Magee

Katie Mattie
“You have to come downstairs now!" panted Alice.
"What's wrong?"
"Everything! Izzy's floating, Melanie ran into the wall, my hand made a silver ball and Colleen smashed my keys though the wall!" Alice huffed.
"Wait, what? Slow down, I didn't catch a word you said," said Jenn.
"Come on!”
Katie Mattie, M.A.J.I.C. and the Oracle at Delphi

Christina Engela
“Now he sat alone; on a disabled starship about fifty years from anywhere on conversion drive – assuming he still had that. Insurance was a good thing – a very good thing - but it wasn’t going to help him much out here. The highlight of his afternoon was going to be staring at the blinking bridge instrumentation – which just happened to be running on the emergency batteries and actually blinking, like for real. Moreover, since his mutinous crew had made off with the Short Shit, the ships only shuttle, he was facing quite a problem”
Christina Engela, Blachart

Shannon Wiersbitzky
“A fire hydrant is not something you want to lose, especially in an emergency.”
Shannon Wiersbitzky, What Flowers Remember

Nana Awere Damoah
“A worker sent a form for salary advance to his manager who refused to sign it based on the reason given. The manager said the situation the worker had stated as an emergency wasn’t plausible.

The worker had written that he needed the money for a family emergency: his wife had given birth.

“It is not an emergency,” the boss insisted, “you had a nine-month notice.”
Nana Awere Damoah, Sebitically Speaking

Jeff VanderMeer
“In an emergency, save the scientists.”
Jeff VanderMeer, Authority

James A. Owen
“That's a shame," said Bert, "to run out of crackers before you've run out of emergency.”
James A. Owen, The Indigo King

Steven Magee
“It is my expectation when I call 911 to my residence that I will be protected by the attending police officer and not blatantly harassed.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Blatant harassment by the attending law enforcement officer has been the outcome of calling 911 for protection in the past.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“It is unfortunate that calling 911 may result in an incompetent or corrupt police officer being sent to you.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Once you have realized that law enforcement are not going to uphold your legal rights, you should recognize that making a emergency phone call is a hazardous activity to engage in.”
Steven Magee

Jason Medina
“Many businesses had closed down due to the emergency situation that went on in the city. People were strongly advised to remain in their homes, until the situation could be contained.”
Jason Medina, The Manhattanville Incident: An Undead Novel

Theodore Sturgeon
“I have seen a lot of ugly things as a trainee and as a nurse, but they don't bother me very much. It's not that the familiarity hardens one; it is rather that one learns the knack of channelling one's emotions around the ugly thing.”
Theodore Sturgeon, The Perfect Host

Kimberly Davis Basso
“Panicking never helps.”
Kimberly Davis Basso, I'm a Little Brain Dead

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