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Edith Wharton
“...but these backwaters of existence sometimes breed, in their sluggish depths, strange acuities of emotion... ("Afterward")”
Edith Wharton, American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the Pulps

S.J. Perelman
“A farm is an irregular patch of nettles bounded by short-term notes, containing a fool and his wife who didn’t know enough to stay in the city.”
S.J. Perelman

Alexander Pushkin
“I was born for the peaceful life,
for rural quiet:
the lyre's voice in the wild is more resounding,
creative dreams are more alive.
To harmless leisures consecrated,
I wander by a wasteful lake
and far niente is my rule.
By every morn I am awakened
unto sweet mollitude and freedom;
little I read, a lot I sleep,
fugitive fame do not pursue.
Was it not thus in former years,
that I spent in inaction, in the shade,
my happiest days?”
Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin

“… in these new days and in these new pages a philosophical tradition of the spontaneity of speculation kind has been rekindled on the sacred isle of Éire, regardless of its creative custodian never having been taught how to freely speculate, how to profoundly question, and how to playfully define.

Spontaneity of speculation being synonymous with the philosophical-poetic, the philosophical-poetic with the rural philosopher-poet, and by roundelay the rural philosopher-poet thee with the spontaneity of speculation be.

And by the way of the rural what may we say?
A philosopher-poet of illimitable space we say.

Iohannes Scottus Ériugena the metaphor of old salutes you; salutes your lyrical ear and your skilful strumming of the rippling harp.

(Source: Hearing in the Write, Canto 19, Ivy-muffled)”
Richard Mc Sweeney, Hearing in the Write

Sol Luckman
“Finally, we entered Chetaube County, my imaginary birthplace, where the names of the little winding roads and minuscule mountain communities never failed to inspire me: Yardscrabble, Big Log, Upper, Middle and Lower Pigsty, Chicken Scratch, Cooterville, Felchville, Dust Rag, Dough Bag, Uranus Ridge, Big Bottom, Hooter Holler, Quickskillet, Buck Wallow, Possum Strut ... We always say a picture speaks a thousand words, but isn’t the opposite equally true?”
Sol Luckman, Beginner's Luke

Jan  Reid
“Hush now, ‘tis time to sleep and dream secrets of long ago.”
Jan Reid, Deep Water Tears

Fennel Hudson
“The world grows ever complex. More urban. Less peaceful.”
Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life - Fennel's Journal - No. 1

Jeanette Winterson
“I keep forgetting that if you live in a big city only mad people talk to themselves.”
Jeanette Winterson, Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days

Thomas  Harris
“Sometimes at night I would leave the lights on in my little house and walk across the flat fields. When I looked back from a distance, the house looked like a boat at sea. And all around me the vast Delta night.”
Thomas Harris, Red Dragon

“People in the city are poor because they are oppressed, discriminated against and alienated; people in the country are poor because they're too stupid to realize they ought to be living in the city.”
Garret Keizer, No Place But Here: A Teacher's Vocation in Rural Community

Carolyn Chute
“If it ran, a Bean would eat it. If it fell, a Bean would eat it.”
Carolyn Chute

Carolyn Chute
“If it ran, a Bean would shoot it. If it fell, a Bean would eat it.”
Carolyn Chute

“In addition, when they talked as if city people lived by different values, they were not emphasizing abortion, or gay marriage, or the things that are typically pointed to as the cultural issues that divide lower-income whites from the Democratic Party. Instead, the values they talked about were intertwined with economic concerns.”
Katherine J. Cramer, The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker

Ian Pisarcik
“The town of North Falls consisted of twenty-eight square miles positioned on a high plateau in the southern region of the Green Mountain range. It had the highest altitude of any village in the state, which meant the snow came early and it came often. It also meant that the first thing anybody noticed about the town was the church steeple. The rotting whitewashed wood and the slatted oval window and the copper spire all connected to the simple wood framing. It was the highest point in the state, and people liked to say that it was closer to God than anywhere else in Vermont. Not that it did the town much good.”
Ian Pisarcik, Before Familiar Woods

Sergio del Molino
“No es nuevo que los pueblos miren con desprecio, miedo y odio a unas ciudades que, cuanto más crecen, más desprecio, miedo y odio inspiran.”
Sergio del Molino, La España vacía: Viaje por un país que nunca fue

Aravind Adiga
“I am talking of a place in India, at least a third of the country, a fertile place, full of rice fields and wheat fields and ponds in the middle of those fields choked with lotuses and water lilies, and water buffaloes wading through the ponds and chewing on the lotuses and lilies. Those who live in this place call it the Darkness. Please understand, Your Excellency, that India is two countries in one: an India of Light, and an India of Darkness. The ocean brings light to my country. Every place on the map of India near the ocean is well off. But the river brings darkness to India—the black river.”
Aravind Adiga

Fennel Hudson
“Rural and traditional escapism. That’s my angle. Places and events where we are free to relax and be ourselves, where nobody tells us to hurry along or conform or grow up. Somewhere we can properly live.”
Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life - Fennel's Journal - No. 1

Fennel Hudson
“It was a country life, a precious existence.”
Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life - Fennel's Journal - No. 1

“Il vino buono si beve solo d'estate, quando si deve fare molto lavoro: si porta sul campo per pranzo o quando si ha bisogno di energia. (la dieta di un contadino mantovano nel 1870)”
Gabriele Pallotti, Che storia! La storia italiana raccontata in modo semplice e chiaro

Jason    Miller
“At last, we arrived home. Indian Vale. The house my father had built that had become mine and that one day would be my daughter’s, if she chose to stay in the area. She wouldn’t, though. Why should she? The young people here moved somewhere else as fast as they could, and the old folks withered away and died. The factories vanished and the mines and mills sank into the ground, and in their places were erected fast food joints and furniture rental places and pawnshops. Sometimes I hear places like where I live called “Real America,” and I know it rankles some folks—city folks, mostly—something awful, and I wish I could tell them it’s only done out of politeness. That it’s only people saying nice things about the dying.”
Jason Miller, Red Dog

Xosé Neira Vilas
“Balbino. Un rapaz da aldea. Coma quen di, un ninguén. E ademais, pobre.”
Xosé Neira Vilas

Cristina García
“Frustrated, El Líder went home, rested his pitching arm, and started a revolution in the mountains.”
Cristina García, Dreaming in Cuban

Svetlana Alexievich
“Quiero contarle cómo se despidió mi abuela de nuestra casa. Le pidió a papá que sacara del desván un saco de grano y lo esparció por el jardín: "Para los pajarillos de Dios". Recogió en un cesto los huevos y los echó al patio: "Para nuestro gato y para el perro". Les cortó unos trozos de tocinoo. De todos los saquitos echó las simientes: de zanahoria, de calabaza, de pepinos, de cebollas. De diferentes flores. Y las esparció por el huerto: "Que vivan en la tierra". Luego le hizo una reverencia a la casa. Se inclinó ante el cobertizo. Recorrió los manzanos y los saludó a cada uno. Y el abuelo se quitó el gorro cuando nos marchamos.”
Svetlana Alexievich, Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster

Steven Magee
“It is known to the medical profession that a natural diet and a rural outdoor lifestyle can treat many health conditions far better than prescription drugs.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Those with common sense will live in the rural tropics during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Steven Magee

Sergio del Molino
“Ningún dictador ha maltratado tanto y tan persistentemente la España rural como Franco.”
Sergio del Molino, La España vacía: Viaje por un país que nunca fue

United Nations
“17 per cent jump in gender-based violence cases, with urban areas witnessing a particular spike.”
United Nations

Steven Magee
“As a radiation researcher, I knew it was wise to live in a rural area away from man-made radiation. My social responsibilities kept me in the radiation toxic city where I was able to develop radiation resistance health techniques.”
Steven Magee

Carlos Sisí
“esas cosas pueden ayudar a sobrellevar mejor el día a día; volver a la naturaleza, escapar del sarcófago de cemento que era ahora la ciudad”
Carlos Sisí, Necrópolis

Arlene Stafford-Wilson
“Around the time of the summer solstice, when the sun shines brightest on our little corner of the world, field after field of hay is cut, baled and carted away in a non-stop parade of wagons, up and down the rural routes.”
Arlene Stafford-Wilson, Lanark County Comfort

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