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Jim Benton
“I had the great idea of using markers to gently color the ants so I could tell them apart, but I learned that this is exactly like somebody trying to gently color on you with a thirty-story building.
Without dwelling on the tragedy, I'd just like to say that I'm deeply sorry to Mr. Purple and the surviving Purple family.”
Jim Benton, Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers

Don Marquis
“it wont be long now it wont be long
man is making deserts of the earth
it wont be long now
before man will have used it up
so that nothing but ants
and centipedes and scorpions
can find a living on it
what man calls civilization
always results in deserts
men talk of money and industry
of hard times and recoveries
of finance and economics
but the ants wait and the scorpions wait
for while men talk they are making deserts all the time
getting the world ready for the conquering ant
drought and erosion and desert
because men cannot learn
it wont be long now it wont be long
till earth is barren as the moon
and sapless as a mumbled bone”
Don Marquis, Archy Does His Part

Henry David Thoreau
“One day when I went out to my wood-pile, or rather my pile of stumps, I observed two large ants, the one red, the other much larger, nearly half an inch long, and black, fiercely contending with one another. Having once got hold they never let go, but struggled and wrestled and rolled on the chips incessantly. Looking farther, I was surprised to find that the chips were covered with such combatants, that it was not a duellum, but a bellum, a war between two races of ants, the red always pitted against the black, and frequently two red ones to one black. The legions of these Myrmidons covered all the hills and vales in my wood-yard, and the ground was already strewn with the dead and dying, both red and black. It was the only battle which I have ever witnessed, the only battle-field I ever trod while the battle was raging; internecine war; the red republicans on the one hand, and the black imperialists on the other. On every side they were engaged in deadly combat, yet without any noise that I could hear, and human soldiers never fought so resolutely.”
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Neil Gaiman
“Night was spreading slowly around the spinning Earth. It should have been full of pinpricks of light. It was not.
There were five billion people down there. What was going to happen soon would make barbarism look like a picnic - hot, nasty, and eventually given over to the ants.”
Neil Gaiman

Jim Benton
“Ant 1: So, uh, do you ever worry that your itsy little neck is just going to snap under the weight of your head?
Ant 2: Stop asking me that. You ask me that, like, every five minutes.
Ant 1: Sometimes I notice my antennae out of the corner of my eye and I'm all, like: AHH! Something is on me! Get it off! Get it off!
Ant 2: Yeah, the antennae again. Listen, I just remembered, I have to go walk around aimlessly now.”
Jim Benton, Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers

Francis Bacon
“Those who have handled sciences have been either men of experiment or men of dogmas. The men of experiment are like the ant, they only collect and use; the reasoners resemble spiders, who make cobwebs out of their own substance. But the bee takes a middle course: it gathers its material from the flowers of the garden and of the field, but transforms and digests it by a power of its own. Not unlike this is the true business of philosophy; for it neither relies solely or chiefly on the powers of the mind, nor does it take the matter which it gathers from natural history and mechanical experiments and lay it up in the memory whole, as it finds it, but lays it up in the understanding altered and digested.”
Francis Bacon

H.G. Wells
“It's just men and ants. There's the ants builds their cities,live their lives, have wars, revolutions, until men want them out of the way, and then they go out of the way. That's what we are now _ just ants.”
H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds

Marv Wolfman
“I know that you are a mere flea! I know that you need only be squashed to be done away with! I know that I have fought this same battle a thousand thousand times before...but, perhaps this time I can crush you like the insect you are!”
Marv Wolfman, Fantastic Four: In Search of Galactus

Kamand Kojouri
“Why do you feel so powerless? Go spend an hour with ants. Each of those black specks you see is a life. One whole life that you can save, take, or affect in some way. You have the power to make so many lives better. It is within you. Don’t lose sight of that.”
Kamand Kojouri

Brandon McCartney
“And real talk, like, seeing these ants and studying them and respecting them, it’s like, man, they’re in their own community too. They’re trying to survive. They love. They fight. They telling themselves something. We can’t understand, but one day we will.”
Brandon McCartney
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Shaun David Hutchinson
“And I stood there and took it because I was an object. We were all objects to Marcus McCoy.”
Shaun David Hutchinson, We Are the Ants

Gabriel García Márquez
“Pierwszy z rodu jest przywiazany do drzewa, a ostatniego zjadaja mrowki.”
Gabriel García Márquez, Cien años de soledad y un homenaje/ One Hundred Years of Solitude and a tribute: Discursos de Gabriel García Márquez y Carlos Fuentes

Arundhati Roy
“Red ants that had a sour farty smell when they were squashed.”
Arundhati Roy
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“Love is like a picnic without ants, pleasant for a while, but sooner or later something's definitely getting squashed.”
Frances Winkler

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Ants are successful creatures; they are successful because they know very well that the mind of the team is superior to the mind of the individual!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“Gabrielle opened the fridge, which was held shut with a strip of gaff tape, and pulled out sliced white bread, margarine and plastic cheese. It was the only time Lenny had seen ants running out of a fridge.”
Caroline Shaw, Eye to Eye
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“Ants always eat sweet food ... but none of them haven't diabetes ?”
Ali Ghasaby

H.G. Wells
“That's what we are now—just ants. Only——"
"Yes," I said.
"We're eatable ants.”
H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds

Steven Pinker
“Perhaps we should rejoice that people’s emotions aren’t designed for the good of the group. Often the best way to benefit one’s group is to displace, subjugate, or annihilate the group next door. Ants in a colony are closely related, and each is a paragon of unselfishness. That’s why ants are one of the few kinds of animal that wage war and take slaves. When human leaders have manipulated or coerced people into submerging their interests into the group’s, the outcomes are some of the history’s worst atrocities.”
Steven Pinker, How the Mind Works

Pega Rose
“Ants are terrifying, having survived for 130 million years, evolving into a monarchical society of soldiers with bizarre levels of self sacrifice. Ants keep slaves. I don’t crush them, it’s pointless, they outnumber humans tenfold by body mass.”
Pega Rose, The Someday List
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“It didn’t seem like they were here to find food. Nor did they have the patience to bite anyone. Left to themselves, they’d quickly haul to particles of mud and built nests here and there in the house. You could try scuttling them with a broom, but they’d get into a mad frenzy and climb up the broom and on to your arm. Before you knew it, they’d be all over you, even under your clothes. For days on end there would be a terrific invasion, and then one day you would wake up to find them gone. There was no telling why they came, where they went. I sometimes saw them racing in lines along the window sills in the front room, where there was nothing to eat. Perhaps they were on a mission of some sort, only passing through our house in self-important columns. But not once did I see the trail of a column, an ant that had no other ants behind it.”
Vivek Shanbhag, Ghachar Ghochar

“We had no compunction toward our enemies [the ants] and took to increasingly desperate and violent means of dealing with them. If we noticed they'd laid siege to a snack, we might trap them in a circle drawn with water and take away whatever they were eating, then watch them scurry about in confusion before wiping them off the floor with a wet cloth. I took pleasure in seeing them shrivel into black points when burning coals were rolled over them. When they attacked an unwashed pan or cup they'd soon be mercilessly drowned. I suppose initially each of us did these things only when we were alone, but in time, we began to be openly cruel. We came around to Amma's view of them as demons come to swallow our home and became a family that took pleasure in their destruction. We might have changed houses since, but habits are harder to change.”
Vivek Shanbhag, Ghachar Ghochar

Munia Khan
“Learn from the ants- how a tiny heart is big enough to love, help and care about another living existence.”
Munia Khan

Winston Groom
“One day we found them. They must of been holding a gook convention or something, cause it seem like the same sort of deal as when you step on a anthill and they all come swarming around.”
Winston Groom, Forrest Gump

Elizabeth Kolbert
“Only in a place where the rules of the game remain fixed is there time for butterflies to evolve to feed on the shit of birds that evolved to follow ants.”
Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

“Never let an anteater find your nest!”
Anthony T.Hincks

“When you're as tall as me, ants still look like ants.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Terry Pratchett
“Perhaps more importantly, the ants used all the sugar lumps they could steal to build a small sugar pyramid in one of the hollow halls, in which, with great ceremony, they entombed the mummified body of a dead queen. On the wall of one tiny hidden chamber they inscribed, in insect hyeroglyps, the true secret of longevity.
They got it absolutely right and it would probably have important implications for the universe if it hadn't, next time the University flooded, been completely washed away.”
Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites

“If you look down on people, eventually you will be nothing but an ant to those people that you looked down upon.”
Anthony T.Hincks

“It's when ants mate with tadpoles that something is really screwed up with the life cycles in nature.”
Anthony T. Hincks

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