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Shannon L. Alder
“Words don’t have the power to hurt you, unless that person meant more to you than you are willing to confess.”
Shannon L. Alder

Shannon L. Alder
“The number of chances you give someone doesn't tell the world how loving you are without telling them how desperate you are to believe they care as much as you. True love resides in the first chance, stupidity in the second, opportunists in the third and scoundrels in the fourth.”
Shannon L. Alder

Shannon L. Alder
“The moment you have to recruit people to put another person down, in order to convince someone of your value is the day you dishonor your children, your parents and your God. If someone doesn't see your worth the problem is them, not people outside your relationship.”
Shannon L. Alder

Jess C. Scott
“It's weird, marriage. It's like this license that gives a person the legal right to control their spouse / their 'other half.”
Jess C. Scott, Blind Leading Another

Suzanne Finnamore
“The whole world seems tilted, my inner ear displaced by a hole where my spouse used to be.”
Suzanne Finnamore, Split: A Memoir of Divorce

Julie Powell
“If there's a sexier sound on this planet than the person you're in love with cooing over the crepes you made for him, I don't know what it is.”
Julie Powell, Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen

Lauren Groff
“WIDOW. The word consumes itself, said Sylvia Plath, who consumed herself.”
Lauren Groff, Fates and Furies

Lily Burana
“Soon I was weeping---for the reservists who put their entire lives on hold when called to duty, for the military mothers who had to keep their families together all alone, for the parents, spouses, sons, and daughters who were beset with worry, for Mike, and for the soldiers who would never come home. I only meant to buy a shower curtain, and now, quite unexpectedly, right when I least wanted it, months of pent-up loneliness, fear, and frustration were pouring out in an endless churn of hot, silent tears.”
Lily Burana, I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles

Rabindranath Tagore
“His love for me seemed to overflow my limits by its flood of wealth and service. But my necessity was more for giving than foe receiving; for love is a vagabond, who can make his flowers bloom in the wayside dust, better than in the crystal jars kept in the drawing-room.”
Rabindranath Tagore, The Home and the World

Jenny Offill
“There is a husband who requires mileage receipts, another who wants sex at three a.m. One who forbids short haircuts, another who refuses to feed the pets. I would never put up with that, all the other wives think. Never.

But my agent has a theory. She says every marriage is jerry-rigged. Even the ones that look reasonable from the outside are held together with chewing gum and wire and string.”
Jenny Offill, Dept. of Speculation

Catherynne M. Valente
“We treat our stone wives with much more care than they treat their warm ones, anyway. I personally dust mine once a week, and I know Khaamil gives them presents when I am not looking. These are yours - they are in your care, and you must be faithful.”
Catherynne M. Valente, In the Cities of Coin and Spice

“How are you?
I'm shattered, thanks, how are you? I walk aimlessly through the rooms of my house, what have you been up to? I have woken up in the middle of the last 240 nights in a heart-pounding sweat, what's new with you? I sometimes wish I would never wake up, have you been on vacation this year? I ache for the arms of my sweetheart to hold me tight, how's your family? I feel barren and useless and creepy and mundane, seen any good movies lately? I'm terrified that I'll feel this way forever, I like that sweater you're wearing. I keep seeing his body on the hospital gurney, don't you love this weather. My broken heart is in my throat, let's do lunch. I'm so completely and utterly tired of being sad, thanks, how are you?”
Christine Silverstein

John Scalzi
“Simply put, she was the one who had to put up with me. That she did so with love and patience and encouragement instead of strangling me, throwing my remains into a wood chipper, and then pretending she had never been married to me at all is a testament to the fact that she is, in fact, the single best person I know.”
John Scalzi, Lock In

“I love you.
I want to know what you are going through, if not now, then some day I want to sit with you and hear it. My imagination is not big enough to comprehend the emotions you are having. How small and insignificant all of this worldly stuff must seem to you. Can you talk? You must miss him intensely. You must think about him in every moment. Which is harder for you, being alone or being in the world of people? Life must feel surreal to you.”
Christine Silverstein

“Feel sorry for yourself.
Sure, your tiny steel-ribbed mother told you never to do that,
But who the hell is going to do it for you?
"Piangi, piangi," the old man in the opera tells Violetta.
"Cry, honey, cry." Do it right.
Do it yourself.”
Lise Menn

“I became very good at protecting all who would ask.
How are you?
I'm all right. I'm fine. I'm hanging in there. I'm feeling OK. Thanks for asking. I'm good. I'm doing well. I'm a little tired. I'm handling things. I'm fine, thanks to all of you. I'm getting better. I'm keeping busy. I'm making progress. Fine, better, well, good and thank you for asking.”
Christine Silverstein

“Days are not the way they were when he was alive.”
Christine Thiele

“Each day for me is filled with things that I used to look forward to in the morning. Now they feel empty and stressful. Handling my life by myself is sad for me. I liked being part of a team. I liked having someone else to share my day with every night.”
Christine Thiele

“I know how you feel. I hope you're keeping busy. You look good. You will see the gift in this tragedy. Time will heal. The holidays will be tough. It will get easier. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. You're a strong person. Have you gone away at all? How are the kids? How's his mother doing? Call me if you need anything, anything at all.”
Christine Silverstein

“I love you.
How many times have you been asked, "How are you" today? It's a dreadful question. It's an absurd question. Knowing you and seeing what has happened in your life makes me stop in my tracks and catch myself before I ask anyone that question again. How the hell can you answer that question in the aisle of a supermarket? Come back to the house, you say. Bring your toothbrush and call your boss. You will need a week to hear the complete answer. And you will never be the same if you listen. It's the question that the entire human race reduces itself to each and every day, in each and every encounter, and without the intention of ever truly hearing the answer.”
Christine Silverstein

“I love you.
I'm probably going to fail you. My life is full of distractions and I need to live my life. You understand this about me and everyone else, more than I can ever imagine. We need to live our lives. And so I fear that I am not there for you. And my own guilt about that is hard to face. Being with you scares me and makes me uneasy. It's hard to be around truth manifest. I'm not strong enough to hear your truth, know what you know and try to give you what you need. If I tell you this fear, will you still love me? I just want to sit with you, walk with you, hear your voice, hold your hand, be in your home, look at your face, watch you pet the cat, and beg you to trust me.”
Christine Silverstein

Donna Hilbert
“Interregnum of old life and new.
Angry with you
for this dislocation.
I loved you in my other life.”
Donna Hilbert

“How much she's learned through love
about everything, including that quadrant of self
visible only to others but exceptionally
accessed through the one who knows her best.”
Natasha Sajé

“Some things you have to do for yourself if you want them done right.
Ironing your favorite dress with the tricky collar,
Making hot chocolate the way you like it.
Feeling sorry for you.
Nobody else can do it properly.”
Lise Menn

“Look, it's like falling out of a twenty-story building.
All your good friends,
they try to puff themselves up for you as soft as possible,
But they're still only couch pillows.
They may save your life when you hit them,
But you're still gonna break every bone in your body.”
Lise Menn

“You think you've stopped crying
And then the blues come back,
You wonder what brought them:
The red pen?
The wind in the yard?
The plaid shirt in the bank?

Your buried grief seeps to the surface,
Like oil under tar sands.

Let it go. It's the rich black residue of the past,
Dead life becomes this stuff that sticks to the soles of your feet,
Welling up when it damned well pleases.
Let it go.”
Lise Menn

“I have yet to meet one widow who hasn't changed in monumental ways as she has coped with her loss. Most of us have gotten to the point where we are not the "pleasers" we once were. We say what we think, we realize that life is precious, and we don't have time to be anything less than who we really are.”
Catherine Tidd

Zora Neale Hurston
“If dat wuz mah wife," said Walter Thomas, "Ah'd kill her cemetery dead.”
Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

“Earning a long standing and loving position in the hearts and minds of your favorite woman/man, friends or spouses is a treasure and very valuable than any material possession.”
nick catricala

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