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John      Piper
“Taken as a whole, the story of Ruth is one of those signs. It was written to give us encouragement and hope that all the perplexing turns in our lives are going somewhere good. They do not lead off a cliff. In all the setbacks of our lives as believers, God is plotting for our joy.”
John Piper, A Sweet and Bitter Providence: Sex, Race, and the Sovereignty of God
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Anne McCaffrey
“If he isn't clean now, I don't know what clean is!”
Anne McCaffrey

Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov
“The central fact of biblical history, the birth of the Messiah, more than any other, presupposes the design of Providence in the selecting and uniting of successive producers, and the real, paramount interest of the biblical narratives is concentrated on the various and wondrous fates, by which are arranged the births and combinations of the 'fathers of God.' But in all this complicated system of means, having determined in the order of historical phenomena the birth of the Messiah, there was no room for love in the proper meaning of the word. Love is, of course, encountered in the Bible, but only as an independent fact and not as an instrument in the process of the genealogy of Christ. The sacred book does not say that Abram took Sarai to wife by force of an ardent love, and in any case Providence must have waited until this love had grown completely cool for the centenarian progenitors to produce a child of faith, not of love. Isaac married Rebekah not for love but in accordance with an earlier formed resolution and the design of his father. Jacob loved Rachel, but this love turned out to be unnecessary for the origin of the Messiah. He was indeed to be born of a son of Jacob - Judah - but the latter was the offspring, not of Rachel but of the unloved wife, Leah. For the production in the given generation of the ancestor of the Messiah, what was necessary was the union of Jacob precisely with Leah; but to attain this union Providence did not awaken in Jacob any powerful passion of love for the future mother of the 'father of God' - Judah. Not infringing the liberty of Jacob's heartfelt feeling, the higher power permitted him to love Rachel, but for his necessary union with Leah it made use of means of quite a different kind: the mercenary cunning of a third person - devoted to his own domestic and economic interests - Laban. Judah himself, for the production of the remote ancestors of the Messiah, besides his legitimate posterity, had in his old age to marry his daughter-in-law Tamar. Seeing that such a union was not at all in the natural order of things, and indeed could not take place under ordinary conditions, that end was attained by means of an extremely strange occurrence very seductive to superficial readers of the Bible. Nor in such an occurrence could there be any talk of love. It was not love which combined the priestly harlot Rahab with the Hebrew stranger; she yielded herself to him at first in the course of her profession, and afterwards the casual bond was strengthened by her faith in the power of the new God and in the desire for his patronage for herself and her family. It was not love which united David's great-grandfather, the aged Boaz, with the youthful Moabitess Ruth, and Solomon was begotten not from genuine, profound love, but only from the casual, sinful caprice of a sovereign who was growing old.”
Vladimir Solovyov, The Meaning of Love

Ruth Ozeki
“Ruth was a novelist, and novelists, Oliver asserted, should have cats and books.”
Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

Anna Freeman
“I'd become an uncertain creature in her mind, and I found I liked it; she couldn't fathom what else I might be doing when her eyes weren't on me.”
Anna Freeman, The Fair Fight

Julie Kagawa
“Ruth's mouth dropped open, her delicate face contorting in outrage.
'Steal? How dare you! I don't steal!'
'That's good,' I went on, smirking at her. 'Because, sometimes I kill things in my sleep. Particularly if they come poking around my tent unannounced in the middle of the day. Comes with living in a vampire city - stab first, ask questions later.”
Julie Kagawa, The Immortal Rules

Anna Freeman
“I'd no room left in me for thinking of trifling things. I could feel fear start up and try to take down my rage, but I'd not give it up.”
Anna Freeman, The Fair Fight

Michael Ben Zehabe
“The book of Ruth is all about husbandry, in the form of numeric patterns, word play, scribal irregularities, and Bible codes. At the very least, this short story will teach you that marriage covenants are sacred gifts—even in strained marriages. (Ru 2:12) Michael Ben Zehabe, Ruth: a woman’s guide to husband material, Introduction”
Michael Ben Zehabe, Ruth: A Woman's Guide to Husband Material

Michael Ben Zehabe
“Regardless of our assessment of Elimelech, Naomi lost her husband. On the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, loss of a spouse is the worst event on the human suffering scale. Combine that with a widow’s already declining health and diminishing senses, Naomi’s state of mind must have been a personal cataclysm. Michael Ben Zehabe, Ruth: a woman’s guide to husband material, pg 8”
Michael Ben Zehabe, Ruth: A Woman's Guide to Husband Material

Michael Ben Zehabe
“Consider Ruth’s evening walk from the barley fields to town. That difficult walk home must have reminded her how alone she was; not because she was new in Bethlehem, but because she was tired, carrying a heavy bag of grain, with no husband to help her.
Michael Ben Zehabe, Ruth: a woman’s guide to husband material, pg 71”
Michael Ben Zehabe, Ruth: A Woman's Guide to Husband Material

Carlos Malvar
“First of all, I would like to thank the judge for that question, and I would like to thank this pageant for the opportunity to answer, and I would like to thank God for giving me the wisdom to answer the question, and I would like to thank my parents for giving me the confidence in answering the question with the answer which God gave me in order to answer the question given by the judge of this pageant. Thank you.”
Carlos Malvar, Wakasang Wasak

Shannon L. Alder
“Pour God's love out of you in pitcher fulls, not thimbles.”
Shannon L. Alder

“Las oportunidades de hoy borran los fracasos del ayer.”
Ruth Mery

Carlos Malvar
“Lam mo naman dito sa probinsya, obligadong maglasing mga lalake.”
Carlos Malvar, Wakasang Wasak

V.C. Lancaster
“Had she been kidnapped? If she had, they'd been very efficient, but why take her damn coffee? That was just cruel.”
V.C. Lancaster, Ruth's Bonded

Tina Samples
“When we've lost someone close to us and choose to move forward, there is fear in the unknown. We get to choose to run toward something healthy or unhealthy. There are roadblocks to hurdle, challenges to conquer, and painful emotions to sort through. But God, in His tenderness, waits for us. He tries to settle our hearts and when we are ready, He steps with us.”
Tina Samples, Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts

Forrest Gander
“The break-hard
determination to
be a good person,
what happened
to that? How
is it true
I have to
go now? She's lost
my name, but the
occasion of my
presence begs
more. Who is my
mother now I am
unspoken for?”
Forrest Gander, Be With