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Renée Ahdieh

I've failed you several times. But there was one moment I failed you beyond measure. It was the day we met. The moment I took your hand and you looked at me, with the glory of hate in your eyes. I should have sent you home to your family. But I didn't. There was honesty in your hatred.Fearlessness in your pain.In your honesty, I saw a reflection of myself.Or rather, of the man I longed to be. So I failed you. I didn't stay away.Then later, I thought if I had answers, it would be enough. I would no longer care. You would not matter. So I continued failing you. Continued wanting more. And now I can't find the words to say what must be said. To convey to you the least of what I owe. When I think of you, I can't find the air to breathe. And now, though you are gone, there is no pain or fear. All I am left with is gratitude.
When I was a boy, my mother would tell me that one of the best things in life is the knowledge that your story isn't over yet. Our story may have come to a close, but your story is still yet to be told. Make it a story worthy of you.
I failed you in one last thing. Here is my chance to rectify it. It was never because I didn't feel it. It was because I swore I would never say it, and a man is nothing if he can't keep his promises.
So I write it in the sky-
I love you, a thousand times over. And I will never apologize for it.
Renee Ahdieh, The Wrath and the Dawn

“You're really great. I like you...Or in other words, I fancy you, I love you, I want you, I can't leave you, I whatever you.”
墨香铜臭, 魔道祖師 四 [Mo Dao Zu Shi Vol. 4]

Madeleine Urban
“I like being able to wake up with you. I like knowing you'll be there if I need you," he continued, obviously uncomfortable with what he was saying but refusing to be deterred now that he'd begun. "I like being with you, Zane. And I'd like to keep that up now that you're here," he admitted shakily. He met Zane's eyes determinedly. "I want you.”
Madeleine Urban, Sticks & Stones

Lisa Kleypas
“I love you," she said wretchedly. “And if I were well, no power on earth could keep me away from you. If I were well, I would take you to my bed, and I would show you as much passion as any woman could.”
Lisa Kleypas, Seduce Me at Sunrise

Lisa Kleypas
“It was the curse of my life to be sent to this estate. From the moment I first saw you, I felt the connection between us- a connection that should never have existed, and never should have lasted. I tried to admire you from a distance... just as I saw the stars in the sky and knew I could never touch them. But we were too young, and I was with you too often, to preserve that distance. You were my friend, my companion... and later I came to love you as deeply as any man has ever loved a woman. That never changed for me, although I've lied to myself for years." He paused and took a long breath. "No matter how I want to deny it, I will always love you.”
Lisa Kleypas, Again the Magic

Sonali Dev
“Happiness seeps into me when you're around, Rico. Without invitation, without notice, joy finds me. Being around you is being alive, it's breathing, it's home.”
Sonali Dev, Recipe for Persuasion

Elizabeth Hoyt
“This?" He thrust short and hard into her, the impact sending jolts of pleasure through her body. "Yes, that," he murmured to himself as if pleased, and did it again.
And again.
Until the heat between them combusted. Until she felt hot liquid wash over her limbs. Until she looked up and wondered why she'd ever thought his gray eyes emotionless.
He was watching her with passion. With lust.
With so much love.
She felt tears in her eyes.
He groaned above her, his hips jerking without rhythm, but all the while he watched her with those eyes.
And when he at last stilled and rested his sweaty forehead against hers, he whispered, "I love you.”
Elizabeth Hoyt, Duke of Desire

Lisa Kleypas
“I've been thinking," he said huskily.
A tremulous smile curved her lips. "About what?"
"Trust. When I told you I couldn't count on someone loving me..."
"Yes, I remember."
"I realized that before I can have trust... actually feel it... I'll have to start doing it. Trusting blindly. I'll have to learn how. It's... difficult."
Her beautiful eyes shimmered. "I know, darling," she whispered.
"But if I'm ever going to try it with anyone, it has to be you."
Phoebe inched closer to him. Her eyes were so bright, they were like bottled lightning. "I've been thinking, too."
"About surprises. You see, there was no way of knowing how much time Henry and I would have together before his decline started. As it turned out, it was even less time than we'd expected. But it was worth it. I would do it again. I wasn't afraid of his illness, and I'm not afraid of your past, or whatever might leap out at us. That's the chance everyone takes, isn't it? The only ironclad guarantee is that we'll love each other." Her voice thickened with emotion. "And I do, West. I love you so very much.”
Lisa Kleypas, Devil's Daughter

Lisa Kleypas
“I want you too badly, love. I want you the way dry earth soaks up rain. There may have been a time in my life when I could have seen you like this and still had some hope of self-control. Although I doubt it. I've never seen anything as beautiful as you.”
Lisa Kleypas, Devil's Daughter

Natasha Pulley
“I don't tolerate you. I can't breathe when you're not here, I can't think, I can't write music properly, I spend my whole bloody life waiting for the post.”
Natasha Pulley, The Lost Future of Pepperharrow

Priyanka   Agarwal
“What’s the use of all these assortments of apps if you cannot share your feelings with someone?”
Priyanka Agarwal, PiKu & ViRu

S. Jae-Jones
“We don't say anything and I feel myself drifting to sleep, an inevitable, inexorable descent into dreams. But just before I fade from consciousness, I hear four words that are my undoing.
"I love you, Elisabeth."
I hold him tighter to me, even as my heart unravels.
"By God, I love you so.”
S. Jae-Jones, Wintersong

Lisa Kleypas
“You're not a possession," he said raggedly. "You can't be passed from one man to another like a painting or an antique vase."
Her voice was faint. "That's not how it is."
"Has he told you he wants you?"
"Not the way you mean. He... he's a gentleman..."
"I want you with my entire body." West dragged his mouth over hers, shaping her lips before settling in for a rough and ardent kiss. He hitched her up against him until her toes barely touched the floor. "You're all I think about. You're all I see. You're the center of a star, and the force of gravity keeps pulling me closer, and I don't give a damn that I'm about to be incinerated." He rested his forehead against hers, panting. "That's what he should tell you.”
Lisa Kleypas, Devil's Daughter

Elizabeth Hoyt
“And then he saw her burning eyes. They gazed at him calmly and he saw in them benediction.
He fell to his knees before her, pressing his face to her purple-velvet-clad-belly. "Séraphine, Séraphine, Séraphine. O most beloved of women, most fiery of saints, never leave me, please. I'll erect columns of white marble to you, build gardens of delight for you, cause ships to sail and warriors to rise for you, if you'll only remain by my side."
She smiled down at him and cupped his cheeks. "Valentine, do you love me?"
Ah, God, it was like a shot to the gut.
He squeezed tight his eyes. To come so close and lose her because of this. "If I were able I would love you as no man has ever loved a woman since the beginning of time."
She knelt then to face him and whispered, "But you are able."
He clutched her. He wouldn't let her go, no, not even when she realized... "Séraphine, my darling, burning one, do you not remember? I told you, so long ago now, that I lacked that part. I cannot-"
"But you can, Valentine." She touched a finger to his cheek and then showed it to him.
He blinked.
Her finger was wet. His eyes were wet.
She smiled at him, his burning Séraphine, and it was as if the night sky were ablaze. "You love me."
"I love you," he said in wonder, and felt his chest fill with warmth. "I love you."
"And I love you," she whispered, her hands cupping his face.
So he kissed her until she was limp and pliable and so very hot against him, and then he purred into her ear, "Does that mean you'll become my duchess, darling Bridget Crumb?"
And when she sighed back, "Oh, yes, Val," he picked her up and carried her off to have his wicked, wicked way with her.
Because he might have a heart now but some things weren't ever going to change.”
Elizabeth Hoyt, Duke of Sin

Rosanna Chiofalo
“Don't you see, Rosalia? I wouldn't mind giving up Paris for you. That's why I can think about staying here or even asking you to come with me to Paris. I can't envision being without you. Before, you said I was being kind to you when I told you how it makes me sad when you're sad, and happy when you're happy. But I'm not being kind. I'm falling in love with you. Can't you see that? I'm crazy about you, and it's tearing me up on the inside. You're all I think about when I wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night. You're in my dreams. Even when I'm struggling over how to make a better pastry better, you pop up into my mind! I wonder what you would add to make it better. Then again, whom are we fooling? Your desserts are always better than mine!"
Rosalia lowered her eyes and said softly, "That's not true. You've won a few of the contests we've had. Madre Carmela wouldn't lie."
"She's getting old. Her palate is changing. I've heard the other workers who have tried your pastries express how good yours are and how they're often better than everyone else's."
Rosalia folded her hands in her lap. He is falling in love with me. He'd said it! Though she was frightened to hear this, she couldn't deny that she was also elated.
Antonio came back to the bed and sat down next to her. This time, he closed the space between them. He pushed her hair back behind her ear, and then took her face in both of his hands. She had no choice but to look at him.
"I love you, Rosalia. I know you say we haven't known each other long, and we need to just think about today, but I'm tired of keeping how I feel about you inside of me. I love you. And nothing is going to change that. I'll wait for you. Whenever you are ready, I will be here, and I promise you my feelings won't change. Do you hear me?”
Rosanna Chiofalo, Rosalia's Bittersweet Pastry Shop

Liz Braswell
“I guess falling in love with mermaids is pretty dangerous," he finally said.
"Did you?" Ariel asked in a small voice. "Fall for me? At all?"
Eric gave her a measured look, treating the question seriously as she had his. "I did fall for you, just not in the way I expected it would happen. And maybe not in the way you hoped. It wasn't a lightning bolt. As I got to know you, I realized you were the most... energetic, fun, enthusiastic... alive girl I had ever met." He smiled at the memory- and Ariel felt her breath catch. "You know, for a boy who's all about sailing and running around with his dog and exploring, you were just about as perfect a companion as he could ever want. And beautiful, to boot. I would have been very lucky."
He said this wistfully.
Ariel wasn't sure when she was going to start breathing again.”
Liz Braswell, Part of Your World

Liz Braswell
“No artist can create without an inspiration; no man can work so without a muse. So it is with your prince. Everything I've ever done, every piece you've ever heard, every tune I've ever scribbled in the wee hours as a Mad Prince does, they are all because of one woman, who owns me heart and soul."
This was met with awwws and cries about the power of love.
Eric looked out at the crowd, but his eyes didn't find hers. It didn't matter. Ariel knew he was speaking to her, and she felt her eyes moisten.”
Liz Braswell, Part of Your World

“You're probably right," he whispered.
"About what?"
He looked up at him and managed a brief, farewell smile. "I rather think Emma did run off with my heart," he confessed.”
Anne Stuart, To Love a Dark Lord

Amy Sandas
“Keeping his arms wrapped around her, Avenell stood and lifted her. He crossed to the bed in long strides and carefully settled them beneath the covers.
He drew her against his side. She laid her hand gently over his belly, and he covered it with his own, keeping her there. Though the sensitivity of his nerves was returning by slow but inexorable degrees, it could not disrupt his desire to hold her. To feel her heartbeat against his rib cage and the waft of her breath over his skin.
"I love you, Lily." His low-spoken words blended seamlessly with the rhythm of their breathing, but he knew she had heard him when she pressed her lips to his skin.”
Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

Amy Sandas
“I hate it that you went through that. You must have been so frightened, so hurt by your father's actions... I wish I could take all the pain away."
He took her hand in his and brought her fingertips to his lips. "You do, Lily. With every smile and every touch, you sweep it out of existence. I am sorry it took me so long to see that. I am sorry I hurt you before I understood."
She shook her head to stop him and rose up to press her lips sweetly to his. He would have allowed the kiss to deepen, but he had not finished all he wished to say. Curling his fingers around the back of her neck, he urged her to lift her head.
As her lips hovered a breath above his and her smoky gaze looked deep into his soul, he murmured, "I love you, Lily. Promise to love me forever, and I swear I will devote myself to your happiness. Marry me, Lily."
She smiled. "This promise will be far easier than the others you asked of me. Nothing would make me happier than to be your wife.”
Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

Amy Sandas
“Entering the room, Lily was struck by the changes that had been wrought since she had last been there on the night of her abduction. Though his massive four-poster bed remained, the coverings were now a mixture of midnight blue and a mysterious smoky gray. In fact, various shades of gray had been added throughout the room. The two heavy leather chairs had been beautifully reupholstered in a dove-gray damask, a plush rug in a light and misty color was laid before the fireplace, and on a delicate table between them stood a large vase of lilies, infusing the room with their delicate scent.
"Do you see?" the earl asked from behind her.
Once they entered the bedroom, he had released her hand to close the door, ensconcing them together in the private space. Lily turned to watch him walk toward one of the new chairs. He ran his fingers over the fabric.
"The color of your eyes when you are quiet and content," he stated in a low voice, then he crossed to the bed where he smoothed his palm over a velvet coverlet. "This is the darker shade your eyes become when you are aroused- with emotion or desire."
He looked at her, and Lily's world expanded on a sudden breath at what she saw in the depth of his gaze.
They both seemed rooted in place, standing in the center of his bedroom, staring at each other with their breaths coming fast and their focus locked upon each other, as though they were equally afraid the other might disappear.
"You exist in everything. You have become a part of me," he murmured thickly. "I cannot breathe without you.”
Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

“J'ai l'audace de croire que nous nous sommes suffisamment rapprochés pour que vous puissiez envisager de me pardonner un jour.

A très vite.

Mon coeur vous sera bientôt confié, plein et sans artifice, vous seule en aurez la clé.”
Livia Cruz

Joanne Harris
“Her favorite chocolates are mendiants; her favorite color is bright red. Her favorite scent is mimosa. She can swim like a fish. She hates black shoes. She loves the sea. She's got a scar on her left hip from when she fell out of a Polish goods train. She doesn't like having curly hair, even though it's gorgeous. She likes the Beatles, but not the Stones. She used to steal menus from restaurants because she could never afford to eat there herself. She's the best mother I've ever met-" He paused. "And she doesn't need your charity. As for Rosette..." He picked her up and held her so that her face was almost touching his own. "She's my little girl. And she's perfect.”
Joanne Harris, The Girl with No Shadow

Lynne Ewing
“I never thought I would feel what it's like to be in love again."
She looked up at him, startled. Had he said in love? She couldn't control the foolish smile spreading across her cheeks.
"Maybe we can be together someday," he whispered.
"Someday?" she whispered.
"You don't stay in this form forever," he said. "And if the Atrox is defeated..." He didn't complete the sentence. He leaned forward and started to press his lips against hers.
"If the Atrox defeated what?" she asked, her lips brushing the words against his mouth.
"Then we can be together." He started to press against her but pulled back suddenly. "You're too young to understand how much you mean to me."
"Well, I'm not centuries old yet," she added defensively.
"Not yet," he chuckled and pulled her close against him.
He felt like flesh and bone. She opened her eyes. His skin looked young. His eyes were bright and clear.
"Have you finished checking?" he asked, his breath caressing her cheeks.
She closed her eyes and he kissed her. She parted her lips and felt his tongue brush lightly against hers. She leaned against him, forgetting all her problems and let herself feel the comfort of his arms around her. Maybe everything would turn out all right.”
Lynne Ewing, The Secret Scroll

Lisa Kleypas
“I never wanted to live so much as I did right then, hanging onto that rotting timber," Nick said. "I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing you again. All I want is time with you. To spend the rest of my life with you. I don't care about anything else."
Murmuring her love to him, Lottie kissed the hard silken skin of his shoulder.
"Remember when I told you once that I needed to be a runner?" he asked.
Lottie nodded. "You said that you were addicted to the challenge and the danger."
"I'm not any longer," he said vehemently.
"Thank God for that," Lottie said with a smile, lifting herself up on one elbow. "Because I have become rather addicted to you."
Nick traced the moonlit curve of her back with his fingers. "And I finally know what to wish for."
Puzzled, she gazed down at him while the long locks of her hair trailed over his chest and shoulders. "What?"
"The wishing well," he reminded her.
"Oh, yes..." Lottie lowered her face to his chest and nuzzled the soft fur, recalling that morning in the forest. "You wouldn't make a wish."
"Because I didn't know what I wanted. And now I do."
"What do you want?" she asked tenderly.
His hand slipped behind her head, pulling her mouth down to his. "To love you forever," he whispered just before their lips met.”
Lisa Kleypas, Worth Any Price

Lisa Kleypas
“I fell in love with you, and I knew I could never have you. I couldn't pretend to be Pru any longer. I loved you so much, and I couldn't-"
Her words were abruptly smothered.
He was kissing her, she realized dazedly. What did it mean? What did he want? What... but her thoughts dissolved, and she stopped trying to make sense of anything.
His arms had closed around her, one hand gripping the back of her neck. Shaken to her soul, she molded against him. Taking her sobs into his mouth, he licked deep, his kiss strong and savage. It had to be a dream, and yet her senses insisted it was real, the scent and warmth and toughness of him engulfing her. He pulled her even more tightly against him, making it difficult to breathe. She didn't care. The pleasure of the kiss suffused her, drugged her, and when he pulled his head back, she protested with a bewildered moan.
Christopher forced her to look back at him. "Loved?" he asked hoarsely. "Past tense?"
"Present tense," she managed to say.
"You told me to find you."
"I didn't mean to send you that note."
"But you did. You wanted me."
"Yes." More tears escaped her stinging eyes. He bent and pressed his mouth to them, tasting the salt of grief.
Those gray eyes looked into hers, no longer bright as hellfrost, but soft as smoke. "I love you, Beatrix."
Maybe she was capable of swooning after all.
It certainly felt like a swoon, her knees giving way, her head lolling against his shoulder as he lowered them both to the threadbare carpet. Fitting his arm beneath her neck, Christopher covered her mouth with his again. Beatrix answered helplessly, unable to withhold anything. Their legs tangled, and he let his thigh nuzzle between hers.”
Lisa Kleypas, Love in the Afternoon

Elin Hilderbrand
“I love you, too," he said. "I've loved you since the first second I saw you."
Adrienne tried to speak but the noise she made sounded like water trying to pass through a clogged drain. What was he saying?
Finally, she managed a whisper. "You mean, in the parking lot?"
"My heart fell on its knees in front of you. I thought maybe I could wait tables. Someone told me it was a piece of cake. Your purple jacket. Your rosy cheeks. And then you inhaled that breakfast like you hadn't eaten in three days. My heart was prostrate at your feet."
"You're kidding."
"I've loved you since that very first morning."
"I don't believe you."
"You can ask Fiona," Thatcher said. "After you left I went back into the kitchen and told Fiona that I had fallen in love with a woman named Adrienne Dealey and that everyone else would fall in love with her, too."
"You said that to Fiona?"
"I did."
Adrienne thought back to her first conversation with Fiona when Adrienne told her the Parrishes wanted her to bring their bread.
Thatcher was right about you, then.
Right about me how? I mean, what did he say
"Caren loves you. The Parrishes. Mario. Mario wanted to ask you out and I told him if he did, I would fire him. He didn't speak to me for three days.”
Elin Hilderbrand, The Blue Bistro

Lisa Kleypas
“You s-said any child of his is demon spawn."
His head jerked up, his eyes fierce. "I didn't mean you. Whatever damned evil thing I might say, it never means you."
"Every time you look at me, you'll remember that I'm half his."
"No." His hand came to the side of her face, his thumbs wiping her tears. "You're all mine." His voice was deep and shaken. "Every hair on your head. Every part of you was made to be loved by me.”
Lisa Kleypas, Marrying Winterborne

Crystal King
“There are other men who would be better suited to marrying Apicata. But I admire your gall. Give me one more reason why I should consider your petition, though it will likely not sway me."
Casca paused, his eyes glancing somewhere in the vicinity of Apicius's knees. I thought he was going to falter but then he lifted his gaze, and when he spoke I knew that if Cupid was not with him, Venus certainly was.
"Apicius, I should marry your daughter because we are meant to be. We are like rose wine and oysters, like truffles and pepper, like lentils and chestnuts or crane with turnip. We belong together like mullet and dill, milk and snails, suckling pig and silphium. You know the truth of their pairings and it is that truth I hold up to you now. Apicata and I are like spoon and plate. One is worth little without the other.”
Crystal King, Feast of Sorrow: A Novel of Ancient Rome

Lisa Kleypas
“I used to wish I'd been born a boy. I thought he might have taken an interest in me then. Or perhaps if I were prettier or cleverer."
Devon cupped the side of her face, compelling her to look at him. "You're already too pretty and clever by half, darling. And it wouldn't have mattered if you were a boy. That was never the problem. Your parents were a pair of selfish lackwits." His thumb caressed her cheek. "And whatever flaws you might have, being unlovable is not one of them."
During that last extraordinary sentence, the quiet volume of his voice fell to a near whisper.
She stared at him, transfixed.
He hadn't meant to say it, she thought. He undoubtedly regretted it.
But their shared gaze remained unbroken. Looking into his dark blue eyes was like drowning, sinking into unfathomable depths from which she might never resurface.”
Lisa Kleypas, Cold-Hearted Rake

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