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Holly Black
“All power is cursed,” I say. “The most terrible among us will do anything to get it, and those who’d wield power best don’t want it thrust upon them. But that doesn’t mean they can avoid their responsibilities forever.”
Holly Black, The Queen of Nothing

H.M. Ward
“There’s something eternal about love and once it starts, it doesn’t stop. There is no controlling it—love does what it wants when it wants.”
H.M. Ward, Cursed

Toba Beta
“Witchcraft had once been widely used before cursed by the society.
I see today the society presumes technology will have a different treatment.”
Toba Beta [Betelgeuse Incident], Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

Hayao Miyazaki
“These days, there are angry ghosts all around us, dead from wars, sickness, starvation--and nobody cares. So you say you're under a curse? Well, so what? So's the whole damned world.”
Hayao Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke Film Comic, Vol. 1

H.M. Ward
“You can’t keep it no matter how much you beg. Dragons are not pets, Ivy.” He laughed.”
H.M. Ward, Cursed


Whenever you stand up
For your conscience,
Be prepared to be hated
By the wicked.
But never, ever,
Let that scare you;
For whenever you
Stand up for God,
By him,
You are loved.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Making God a man is the consolation prize that our forefathers gave themselves for not being the ones who were each blessed with a vagina.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“To some believers, being on the pill or using a condom is a nonverbal way of telling God to go to hell.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Use and Misuse of Children

Mehmet Murat ildan
“When you do something different, you are either blessed or cursed!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Cassandra Clare
“My father was cursed," James said from the darkness. "Whereas I? I'm damned.”
Cassandra Clare, The Bane Chronicles

Sakshi Narula
“This longing is my curse
and your burden
to carry till the end
One has to pay a price
for breaking something
and staying broken”
Sakshi Narula, Loveish

Mehmet Murat ildan
“If you don’t hear the crows of the roosters in the mornings, you are one cursed city fellow!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Merrie Haskell
“Are you suggesting we eat cursed fruit? Vicious fruit? Attacking fruit?”
Merrie Haskell, The Castle Behind Thorns

“My loves have always been seared with this singing, this singing written by death, the way some lands have always been crippled by war.”
Hannah Lillith Assadi, Sonora

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Failure is blessing wrapped in the clothing of curse.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Love means corrosion, love means curse.”
Sajal Ahmed

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some people would not be dead if they have not gotten the things or people they had prayed for.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Mehmet Murat ildan
“He who knows everything about the future must surely be a cursed person! Because life is beautiful if you do not know what life will bring you!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“We are all cursed. We live in the era of the curse. A world that cannot be fixed. The best thing would be an alien ship. Another planet. One with three moons. But you, I saw you in my dreams. I saw you coming. You came to heal my broken heart. That's why I named you Ahlam.”
Hannah Lillith Assadi, Sonora

“What if we love the black hole in the center of all things? What if we are people like that? People who love to be cursed?”
Hannah Lillith Assadi, Sonora

Mehmet Murat ildan
“There is only one curse that really exists and that is to believe naively that curses really exist!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Alexander Rybak
“I'm in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts. 'Cause I don`t care if I lose my mind; Im already cursed.”
Alexander Rybak

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some people see their blessings as curses. Some see their curses as blessings.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Is it giving up if you give what you have
& the universe still fucks you”
Emily Skaja, Brute: Poems

Iris Murdoch
“Suddenly, as if by the fiat of a wicked fairy, he had been utterly dispossessed.”
Iris Murdoch, The Sacred and Profane Love Machine

Stewart Stafford
“It's fun searching for the supernatural. If the supernatural comes looking for you, it's anything but fun. It's terrifying and disturbing. Keep it out of your life at all costs.”
Stewart Stafford

Conor Knighton
“In letter after letter, misfortunes great and small are blamed on the wood. "I don't know how much I buy that," Matt [Smith] said.."If you're the kinda person who would take something from a national park, maybe you just have poor judgement skills.”
Conor Knighton, Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park

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