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Neal Stephenson
“Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.”
Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

Philip K. Dick
“Certainly it constitutes bad news when the people who agree with you are buggier than batshit.”
Philip K. Dick

Amanda Hocking
“And I told you that one night wan't enough."
Loki leaned down, kissing me deeply and pressing me to him. I didn't even attempt to resist. I wrapped my arms around his neck. It wasn't the we had kissed before, not as hungry or fevered. This was something different, nicer.
We were holding onto each other, knowing this might be the last time we could. It felt sweet and hopeful and tragic all at once.
When he stopped kissing me he rested his forehead against mine. He breathed as if struggling to catch his breath. i reached up and touched his face, his skin smooth and cool beneath my hand.
Loki lifted his head so he could look me in the eyes, and I saw something in them, something I'd never seen before. Something pure and unadulterated, and my heart seemed to grow with the warmth of my love for him.
I didn't know how it happened or when it had, but I knew it with complete certainty. I had fallen in love with Loki, more intensely than anything I had felt for anyone before.”
Amanda Hocking, Ascend

Terry Pratchett
“Were you proposing to shoot these people in cold blood, sergeant?"
"Nossir. Just a warning shot inna head, sir.”
Terry Pratchett, Jingo

Betty White
“Trolls suck.”
Betty White

Terry Pratchett
“[Rincewind] drew his sword and, with a smooth overarm throw, completely failed to hit the troll.”
Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic

Terry Pratchett
“You were safe on a troll. Anyone wanting to mug a troll would have to use a building on a stick.”
Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals

Kenya Wright
“If you’re not good, I’ll burn your—”
“Yeah, I know.” MeShack strolled to his bedroom. “You’ll burn my balls off.”
Kenya Wright, Fire Baptized

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“When people are doing their utmost to upset you, it's probably best to just laugh at them.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

Edith Pattou
“Neither Rose nor Charles liked to talk much of their adventures with the trolls, but some of the so-called "softskins" whom they had brought out of Niflheim, as well as the crew of the ship Soren had hired to go north to find Rose, must have spread the story, because for many years afterward, there were tales of a race of trolls living on top of the world.
Only Rose and her white bear know the whole truth of it.”
Edith Pattou, East

Jaron Lanier
“Some of the fantasy objects arising from cybernetic totalism (like the noosphere, which is a supposed global brain formed by the sum of all the human brains connected through the
internet) happen to motivate infelicitous technological designs.
For instance, designs that celebrate the noosphere tend to energize the inner troll, or bad actor, within humans.”
Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

T.H. White
“You know that eye-to-eye recognition, when two people look deeply into each other's pupils, and burrow to the soul? It usually comes before love. I mean the clear, deep, milk-eyed recognition expressed by the poet Donne. Their eyebeams twisted and did thread their eyes upon a double string. My father recognized that the Professor was a Troll, and the Professor recognized my father's recognition. Both of them knew that the Professor had eaten his wife. - The Troll”
T.H. White

Colleen Houck
“All I ask,” the doctor said, “is that you keep in mind that all creations, all advances, all inventions, come with a price. They can be used for good or they can be used for evil. But in my philosophy, mine is not to determine politics or to decide if a certain advance should be created. Mine is to determine if it could be created. There’s no use in debating the morals when I don’t even know if something will work.”
Colleen Houck, The Lantern's Ember

Colleen Houck
“Ember had never imagined a kiss to be so innocent and so wanton at the same time. Her whole body trembled, and she felt as if she stood on the cusp of something wonderful. That if she was just brave enough to step over the edge, she’d experience the most exhilarating moment of her life.”
Colleen Houck, The Lantern's Ember

“When a troll tries to piss on your leg online, simply reply with: "Does your mom know she raised a little asshole?" It attacks him on so many different levels at once, he won't know how to respond.”
Oliver Markus Malloy, Inside The Mind of an Introvert

Hank Green
“There was one that was very clearly creepier than the rest of the normal creepiness. It is amazing how disconcerting a single vile, manipulative person can be even if you have never and (hopefully) will never see them. The power that each of us has over complete strangers to make them feel terrible and frightened and weak is amazing. This was not the first time someone had made me feel this way, but it was the first time it had happened through the internet, and it was enough to make me want to withdraw from the whole thing for a moment.”
Hank Green, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Peter Pomerantsev
“Some of the farm's work reached a level of granularity that stunned Lyudmilla. Two trolls would go on the comments sections of small' provincial newspapers and start chatting about the street they lived in, the weather, then caually recommend a piece about the nefarious West attacking Russia.

No one who worked at the farm described themselves as trolls. Instead, they talked about their work in the passive voice ('a piece was written', 'a comment was made'). Most treated the farm as if it was just another job, doing the minimum required and then clocking off. Many of them seemed pleasant enough young people, with open, pretty faces, and yet they didn't blink when asked to smear, degrade, insult and humiliate their victims. The ease with which victims were attacked, the scale at which the farm operated, it all stunned Lyudmilla.”
Peter Pomerantsev, This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality

“Next time a little edgelord comments "OK boomer" to troll you, just troll him right back and reply with "I bet you like chicken nuggets." All small children like chicken nuggets.”
Oliver Markus Malloy, Inside The Mind of an Introvert

Amanda Marcotte
“The sad truth is that Trump owes his victory to a very dark turn in American conservatism. Unlike right wing ideologues of old, who at least tried to portray themselves as stabilizing and constructive, the right in the era of Trump is a movement of annihilation. They are bigoted, sexist, and mean, and often don;t even try to dress these destructive impulses up in the garb of tradition or religion.

They delight in cruelty for its own sake. Building something positive has no real value in this new right wing. Pissing off perceived enemies, such as feminists and liberals, is the only real political goal worth fighting for.

They are, in other words, a nation of trolls.”
Amanda Marcotte, Troll Nation: How the American Right Devolved Into a Clubhouse of Haters

Kailin Gow
“There is a saturation of books on Amazon due to a sudden get-rich-quick surge in "everyone can be authors" seminars similar to the house flipping ones in the early 2000s which led to the housing bubble and an economic slowdown in the U.S. To distinguish quality books from those get-rich-quick ones, look at the author's track record - worldwide recognition as books that garnered credible awards, authors who speak at book industry events, authors who speak at schools, authors whose books are reference materials and reading sources at school and libraries. Get-rich books have a system to get over 500 reviews quickly, manipulates the Kindle Unlimited algorithm, and encourage collusion in the marketplace to knock out rivals. Be wary of trolls who are utilized to knock down the rankings of rival's books too. Once people have heard there is money to be made as a self-published author, just like house flipping, a cottage industry has risen to take advantage of it and turn book publishing into a get rich scheme, which is a shame for all the book publishers and authors, like me, who had published for the love of books, to write to help society, and for the love of literature. Kailin Gow, Parents and Books”
Kailin Gow

Scaylen Renvac
“Trolls are not entirely a bad thing. They are a contrast to your own ideations, letting you see the shadows caused by their still rough edges. Without them, everything would just be a flat greyness. Not to say their methods are acceptable. They aim to hurt because they themselves fear seeing flaws in their own thoughts, or they are unwilling to accept that different does not mean wrong. Conflict is not something that needs to be avoided, and there are many ways to find the ideal. - The Malwatch”
Scaylen Renvac

Jim   Lowe
“The white birds gorged on the swarm of dead bluebottles that had carpeted the ground. The cold had killed them the moment they left the heat of the chimney. The birds grew fatter before Tatum’s eyes and their features grew hideously distorted, but they continued their gluttony.

The Nurse said, ‘They can’t help themselves - the poison is irresistible to them.’

The white birds devoured every bluebottle, and the heavily laden flock ascended slowly into the air and then went in search of their next feast.”
Jim Lowe, New Reform

Scaylen Renvac
“The Milieu has lots of trolls. They are also quite literal trolls. We don't let them hide their minds in pretty forms. - The Malwatch”
Scaylen Renvac

Jon Ronson
“The flaws of some people lead to horrors inflicted on to others. And then there are the more human flaws that, when you shine a light on to them, de-demonise people that might otherwise be seen as ogres.”
Jon Ronson, So You've Been Publicly Shamed

“People are always ready to hate. They have lot of things in their lives that are going wrong and they are looking for someone to blame for their failure.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

Jia Tolentino
“Incidents like Gamergate are partly a response to these conditions of hyper-visibility. The rise of trolling, and its ethos of disrespect and anonymity, has been so forceful in part because the internet's insistence on consistent, approval-worthy identity is so strong. In particular, the misogyny embedded in trolling reflects the way women—who, as John Berger wrote, have always been required to maintain an external awareness of their own identity—often navigate these online conditions so profitably. It's the self-calibration that I learned as a girl, as a woman, that has helped me capitalize on "having" to be online. My only experience of the world has been one in which personal appeal is paramount and self-exposure is encouraged; this legitimately unfortunate paradigm, inhabited first by women and now generalized to the entire internet is what trolls loathe and actively repudiate. They destabilize an internet built on transparency and likability. They pull back toward the chaotic and the unknown.”
Jia Tolentino, Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion

Peter Pomerantsev
“The display, which was called 'Can Democracy Survive the Internet?' was dedicated to a 'global election management' company called Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have gathered 5,000 data points on every American voter online: what you liked and what you shared on social media; how and where you shopped; who your friends were... They claimed to be able to take this imprint of your online self, use it to understand your deepest drives and desires, and then draw on that analysis to change your voting behaviour. The boast seemed to be backed up by success: Cambridge Analytica had worked on the victorious American presidential campaign of Donald Trump; it had also run successful campaigns for US Senator Ted Cruz (twice); and others all across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America.”
Peter Pomerantsev, This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality

Kailin Gow
“Rumors and lies about a person can be fabricated by anyone. But what matters is the truth between you and God. - Kailin Gow”
Kailin Gow

“People who can't Roll Infront of Me, Troll Me from Behind”
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

Brajesh Kumar Singh
Brajesh Kumar Singh

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